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How to Drive Traffic To A Shopify Store in Kenya

How do you drive traffic to your Shopify store in Kenya? 

You don’t. It’s the wrong question. 

The right question is “How do I get people to come and visit my website?” 

If you’re running a Shopify store in Kenya, then the answer to that question is simple: you need more visitors, and it’s up to YOU to bring them in! 

It doesn’t matter if you have the best products on earth – without visitors, your shop will be dead within weeks. 

So how can we make sure our stores are getting enough traffic? 

Let’s explore some ideas… 

1) Share Your Store on Social Media 

This is a no-brainer. Advertising your store on social media sites in Kenya like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will bring you, new visitors, every day! 

You just need to find the right hashtags for your industry so that people are able to see it in their feeds when they’re browsing through posts related to what you sell.

For example;

If I make clothing then “#fashion” would be one of my keywords because there’s an endless amount of content being posted with this hashtag – it could span from fashion blogs, celebrity style stories, or even influencer pages who share their outfits every day. 

The more specific you can get without going overboard with tags (#musthaves #bloggers #ootd) the better chance you have of your post being seen and people following you. 

You should also try to keep at it – even if you’re not getting any likes or comments on the photos that are a few days old, just don’t give up! 

It might take some time for people to see them, but eventually, they will (usually). 

2) Start a Blog

If you have a Shopify store in Kenya and don’t want to worry about posting on social media every day, then starting your own blog in Kenya is the answer. 

It is free (unless you pay for hosting) and will keep people coming back to see what new content has been posted!

It’s a lot of work to start and maintain though, so if you’re not ready for this right now I would go with the first method. 

To start a blog in Kenya, you need a domain name and hosting space (if you want something sustainable).

Otherwise, use tools like OLITT to create a website for free in Kenya.

3). Build an email list

This is a great idea for people who want to build their own eCommerce business in Kenya but don’t have the time or energy (yet) to set up a blog. 

The process involves you creating one email list and adding customers as they come in through your site – when it’s high enough, send them emails with discount codes for products that are on sale! 

It is easy and doesn’t require much work on your end because it all happens automatically. 

You can also use this strategy without opening an account by using MailChimp or ConvertKit, which will allow you to create campaigns whenever you feel like it instead of waiting until someone has signed up first.

Once you have the list, send out email newsletters every week highlighting your product lines as well as some other great deals or offers that are happening – even doing it once a month will make sure people know about what you have available. 

4). SEO

For those who are interested in learning about eCommerce SEO in Kenya, it’s a great idea to invest some time into the basics. 

Once you have got the hang of things and know how your site is structured (here are some tips), then start adding keywords for your products/services, do blog posts on related topics that will attract more visitors from search engines, etc. 

The important thing when using SEO tactics is knowing what you’re doing – if not, stick with one or two of these methods instead! 

You don’t want to confuse people and do something wrong so they leave right away because there was nothing they were looking for on your site.

5). Social media ads

For a quick boost in traffic, Facebook Ads and Instagram ads in Kenya are perfect! 

You can choose your target audience by age group (e.g., 18-34), location, gender etc., set up the campaign to last for as many days or weeks that you want it to go on, and get them coming into your store in Kenya quickly. 

Just like with social media posts though – if they are not getting any likes/comments right away don’t give up! 

Give people time to see what is posted before giving up altogether… chances are high that more people will eventually come looking for what you sell once they know about it.

6). Contests

Another way of driving traffic to a Shopify store in Kenya is by running contests for your followers! 

If you are an artist or sell something that can be personalized to the customer’s needs then this strategy will work best. 

You will need to find a prize (something small like stickers, pins, etc., but also something big and exciting like vacations) and advertise it in advance as well.

When people come back they might see themselves on your site more often than usual because they won’t want to miss out on what kind of prizes are available next time! 

You could even set up different kinds of contests so customers have some variety – maybe one week there would be giveaways where everyone who follows gets involved while other weeks showcase products instead? 

It all depends on what niche/industry you’re in and what drives the best results.

7). Influencers in Kenya

This may be the most time-consuming but can also have a huge payoff in terms of traffic to a Shopify store in Kenya

It involves reaching out to influencers in Kenya who might post about your store on their social media profiles (I’m not talking celebrities here – just people with smaller followings). 

If you are lucky enough for them to say yes then this is great because they will share something that’s worthwhile and will give it more attention than if you did it yourself! 

It takes some work upfront though – reaching out to influencers, convincing them why they should help advertise your products, etc., so make sure what you offer as payment is worth their while before moving forward.

Final thoughts on driving traffic to a Shopify store in Kenya

The most important thing to remember when driving traffic to a Shopify store in Kenya is that there are many different ways you can do it. 

Whether your budget is tight and you need something quick, or if you have a little more time on your hands to put some thought into it – all of these strategies will work! 

Try out one now and see how well it performs for you in the future. 

After reading this blog post with tips from industry experts, what’s next? 

Let us know by commenting below which specific strategy resonated with YOU the most 🙂

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