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Web Design: The Best Understanding Of The Basics

Web design is a popular terminology used by most today. In today’s post, we’ll talk about understanding the basics of web design. We’ll dive into web design, basics, and how to choose your blueprint. Web design is simply the process of creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites.  It combines various design principles, technical skills, and …

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15 Website Monitoring Tools For Uptime And Performance

In today’s competitive digital landscape, having a well-performing website is essential for any business to succeed.  Considering the first five seconds of page-load time is imperative as it dramatically impacts conversion rates (Portent 2019).  To ensure that your website performs at its best, it is vital to use a reliable website monitoring tool. 1). SolarWinds …

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A Beginner’s Guide To Using Git For Version Control

Git is a powerful tool that can help make version control easier and more efficient.  Whether you are a web developer, software engineer, or data analyst in Kenya, understanding Git and how to use it can be incredibly beneficial.  This article provides an introduction to Git and explains the basics of how to use it …

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How To Find The Right Web Development And Design Team

In today’s competitive business world, properly designing and developing a website is more important than ever.  As technology advances, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to ensure their websites are modern and up-to-date.  And it is not enough to have just another website. Check this out…Google prioritizes websites with a responsive web design, as …

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Why Local SEO Relies on Google My Business

Are you wondering why Google My Business(GMB) is so important to Local SEO? Am here to answer your question. First and foremost, I hope you are already using Google My Business for local SEO. If not, you are losing out on a crucial opportunity to make your company stand out in your area. Every company …

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