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Register Your Memorable .KE Domain Name with Kenya’s Premier Registrar

Claim Your Kenyan Business Presence with a .KE Domain

Register or transfer your .KE domain name with ease! Secure your Kenyan business address online with a trusted, KENIC-accredited registrar.

Why Choose a .KE Domain Name?

A .KE domain name is the country code top-level domain for Kenya, making it the ideal choice for Kenyan businesses, organizations, or individuals looking to create a powerful online brand. By registering a .KE domain name, you:

Secure Your .KE Domain Name Today

Ready to establish your business online in Kenya? A .KE domain name is the perfect way to start. A .KE domain extension tells customers that you’re a local business they can trust while boosting your visibility in Kenyan search results.

Don’t miss out on your perfect .KE domain. Search for available domain names and register today. Our accredited domain registrar services make it easy to find, register, and manage your .KE domain name. Need help with web design or domain management? We offer those services too!

Comprehensive Web Services from Truehost Kenya

In addition to domain registration, Truehost, KENIC-accredited registrar offers a range of web services to help you succeed online:

  • Web Hosting: Reliable ke domains hosting with 24/7 customer support (Live chat included)
  • Web Design: Professional website design by experienced web designers in kenya.
  • SSL Certificates: Protect your website with robust SSL/TLS encryption
  • DNS Management: Efficient routing of your domain name to your hosting server

Affordable .KE Domain Pricing

At Truehost Kenya, we believe everyone should have access to a memorable online identity. That’s why we offer competitive ke domain pricing:

  • Register a new .KE domain name: KSh 3000
  • Transfer an existing .KE domain: KSh 0
  • Renew your .KE domain: KSh 3000

Don’t miss out on your perfect .KE domain name (ke domain name) – register it today with Kenya’s trusted domain name registration company.

Other .KE Domain Extensions (And What To Use For)

Here’s a breakdown of the most common .KE domain extensions and their typical uses:

Common .KE Domain Extensions

  • This is the most popular .KE extension, intended for commercial entities, companies, and businesses operating in Kenya.
  • Designed for non-profit organizations, NGOs, and charities registered in Kenya.
  • This extension is meant for network infrastructure devices and providers within Kenya.
  • Reserved for Kenyan government ministries, agencies, and departments.
  • For academic institutions in Kenya, including universities, colleges, and tertiary institutions.
  • Designed for primary and secondary schools located in Kenya.

Less Common, But Available Extensions

  • For personal websites, blogs, or individual portfolios.
  • Optimized for mobile-friendly websites.
  • Intended for informational websites or resource hubs.


  • Restrictions: Extensions like,, and require supporting documentation during registration to prove eligibility.
  • KENIC: The Kenya Network Information Center (KENIC) manages the .KE domain space. You’ll register your chosen domain through a KENIC-accredited registrar.

Choosing the Right Extension

The best .KE domain extension for you depends on the nature of your website:

  • Businesses: is the standard choice.
  • Non-profits: Opt for
  • Network Providers: is the correct extension.
  • Government: Use for official government websites.
  • Schools: is designated for primary and secondary schools.
  • Universities/Colleges: Choose the extension.
  • Individuals: is a good fit for personal sites.

How to register a .ke domain in Kenya

Registering a domain in Kenya is a fast and easy process. You can register your domain name in Kenya with us by following these simple steps: – 

Head over to to search for the domain.

How to register a domain in Kenya

Enter your domain name into our Domain Name Picker or type it into the search bar on our website 

How to register a domain in Kenya

Remember to include the extension and then hit SEARCH.

How to register a domain in Kenya

Click on ‘Add to Cart’ next to your chosen domain name and then Checkout.

There are other domain extensions you can explore here.

How to register a domain in Kenya

Complete our secure online checkout process.

How to register a domain in Kenya

Receive an email confirming that we have received your order and money has been debited from your account

.KE Domain FAQs

What is a .KE domain name?

A .KE domain name is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) representing Kenya, used by individuals or businesses to establish an online presence specific to the Kenyan market.

How can I register a .KE domain name with Webhost Kenya?

You can register a .KE domain name with Truehost Kenya by visiting their website, searching for the desired domain name, checking its availability, and following the registration process as guided on their platform. Here’s a guide.

What are the benefits of registering a .KE domain name for my website?

Registering a .KE domain name can boost your website’s credibility among Kenyan internet users, improve your local search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, and establish a unique online identity associated with Kenya.

Can I purchase a .KE domain name forever?

While you cannot buy a domain name forever, you can register a .KE domain name for a certain period, usually annually, and renew the registration before it expires to continue using the domain name.

What is the role of Kenic in the .KE domain registration process?

Kenic is the registry for .KE domain names, overseeing the management and administration of .KE domain extensions, while Webhost Kenya acts as a registrar providing domain registration services to customers.

Do I need an SSL certificate for my .KE domain name?

Yes, having an SSL certificate is essential for securing the data transmitted between your website and its visitors, ensuring a safe browsing experience on your .KE domain.

What should I consider when choosing a .KE domain name?

When selecting a .KE domain name, remember that it cannot start with specific terms like “mobi” and should be a unique name that identifies your website effectively, while also reflecting your brand or content.

What happens if my .KE domain name is deleted?

If your .KE domain name is deleted due to non-renewal or other reasons, it becomes available for registration by other users, and you might lose associated services and online presence tied to that domain.

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