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Top 8 Best Platforms To Sell Online in Kenya (FREE)

Last updated on January 16th, 2024 at 10:24 am

Want to sell a bunch of stuff you have lying around your house that you do not need? 

An online selling platform is a guaranteed way to get rid of old stuff and make extra money. 

Regardless of whether they are kitchen appliances, antique apparel, or a collection of designer jewelry. 

You may simply find buyers for apparel that your children have outgrown on an online selling platform.

Kenya is one of the most challenging e-commerce countries. Why? It has a relatively sized yet readily accessible market. 

However, E-commerce has developed substantially in Kenya in recent years. This is particularly true among small and medium-sized businesses. 

Additionally, while the market is still expanding, the use of apps in e-commerce has taken off swiftly and is critical to the growth of online purchasing. 

This means that customers are increasingly using online platforms to purchase goods and services. 

They include food, clothing, automobiles, real estate, and transportation. It is also important to note that Kenya is providing a strong digital space for some domestic players using online platforms to sell.

However, because many Kenyans are skeptical about online purchasing, there hasn’t been much research on online payment methods for e-commerce, and most transactions are done in cash or with M-pesa. 

Choosing the right online shop can be difficult since some have made it a routine to supply products you never ordered and others make unfulfilled promises. 

In this article, we will guide you on the online selling platform leaders in Kenya. This will provide you with a better picture of the amount of market competition in the country’s e-commerce ecosystem. 

What is an Online Selling Platform?

This is an app or digital platform that brings buyers and sellers together in one spot to simplify quick transactions.

It is also known as an online marketplace for commerce since it allows individuals and businesses to sell things online for free.

On Kenyan internet marketplaces, you may make money by selling anything beneficial to a pre-existing customer base. Using these online platforms allows you to transact from the comfort of your own home without having to move one inch. 

Nonetheless, selling on online platforms can only accept your offers. After conducting your homework and employing reasonable terms, choose just those who can make the most money off of your things. 

That said, below is a list of local and international online platforms you can employ to sell:

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Facebook Marketplace

If you want to sell your stuff and make some extra money, the Facebook Marketplace is the most convenient public location. 

Sellers can show their things in a variety of categories and subcategories based on the site’s e-commerce regulations. 

First and foremost, if you’re just starting, create a listing that displays on all Facebook platforms and includes a product profile. 

This is how it Works: 

  • Examine Facebook Marketplace.
  • Choose the “sell” icon.
  • Create a new listing with the products you want to sell.
  • Wait for the first bids from buyers.

Remember that not all items are available for purchase on Facebook Marketplace. As a result, study the website’s guidelines to decide what you may and cannot sell.

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Jumia is one of Kenya’s most popular and dynamic online marketplaces. Every year, the number of vendors and purchasers increases. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and begin selling on Jumia. 

You will first register as a trader on the platform and submit complete product specifications. 

Other information you must offer before selling your items is:

  • Clear images of the items you wish to sell
  • Select your desired mode of payment.
  • Accepting the terms and conditions of the platform

Jumia has a delivery option that allows you to have your things delivered directly to your door or picked up from a Jumia pickup station.

Jumia’s online selling platform makes it simple and convenient for merchants to sell their products.

Jumia has achieved a lot since its inception. These achievements may be credited to its ability to supply clients with high-quality items at low prices, allowing them to purchase needs without breaking the bank.

Additionally, Jumia has millions of visits every month. As a result, it is the ideal online selling platform for Kenyans to begin using right away.

Look out for the Jumia Anniversary discounts for some incredible deals. 

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Jiji, a popular Kenyan e-commerce site, has a cutting-edge security mechanism that allows users to submit free ads and locate buyers more rapidly.

On this online classified site, users may buy and sell phones, autos, shoes, bags, furniture, clothing, and a variety of other products. 

Users who wish to sell their items faster can purchase premium services, which are frequently free but allow your ads to appear at the top of the page.

Jiji is another popular online selling platform where you can earn money by selling your items to actual people. 

It is simple to begin selling items. Therefore, fill out the forms using your Facebook or Gmail accounts after visiting their website, installing the app, and making an account using their web browser. 

You must also post your profile photo and validate your email address. You may begin selling your products on Jiji as soon as you create an account. 

The first step is to click on the “post free ad” icon and then pick the sort of products you want to sell. The algorithm prompts you to provide information such as the product’s location and image.

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Kilimall is one of Kenya’s most popular online selling platforms, with almost a million Facebook followers. 

This platform allows users to search for and purchase goods and services, as well as companies offering any type of commodity or service to build a shop on Kilimall.

Kilimall is well-known for its straightforward sales methods for a wide variety of items. Furthermore, there are many customers on the internet marketplace, which may improve your sales when you publish your products.  

The first step is to register on the Kilimall website. It will take some time to enter your details. Then, by selecting the proper product category, you can add your material. Post a price for each item you sell, then monitor customer inquiries and responses. 

Kilimall is most similar to Jumia, although their items are more fairly priced. In addition, unlike Jumia, buyers in Kilimall must wait for delivery after making a payment for an item. 

Kilimall also offers items in a range of categories, including electronics, phones, clothing, and cosmetics. 

Kilimall, like the rest of internet businesses, operates flash sales, Black Friday deals, and other special offers on occasion.

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PigiaMe, a Kenyan online selling platform with thousands of vendors, is one of the most secure. You may sell your things online by registering for an account on their website or downloading the app and creating a seller account.

You may sell or respond to new buyers at any time after entering your details by logging into your account. 

To attract high-quality buyers, provide polished and arranged product photographs, detailed product descriptions, and your asking price.

After publication, the product is usually available online within minutes, so you should be prepared to address any additional queries from buyers.

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Corido Marketplace

Corido Marketplace

Corido Marketplace is the simplest and most convenient way to sell unused office or household things.

It’s an online site that acts as both an auction platform and a way to link you with a pre-buyer base to sell your used products.

This fast-increasing online selling platform offers the choice of selling individual things or huge numbers.

The website’s display of the location of both the vendor and the buyer allows you to track the selling process. 

With so many options, such as furniture, appliances, electronics, and antique household items, you’ll be able to easily find the category that best matches your item.

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Cheki Kenya (Now Autochek)

Cheki Kenya

Cheki Kenya is an online selling platform where buyers and sellers may advertise their autos, trucks, and other vehicles. They were created in 2010 with the purpose of marketing autos through their platform. 

Therefore, If you want to gain money by selling your car, tractor, van, or motorcycle, this is the place to do it. To begin, go to the Cheki website and click on the “sell car” option. 

There is a form that you must fill out completely. You may also schedule an inspection for Ksh2,500. 

To get the greatest deal, do the following: 

  • Check that your paperwork is in order. 
  • List the history of its maintenance and repairs. 
  • If possible, have a professional expert inspect it to rule out any significant mechanical faults. 
  • Please clean it well to attract customers straight away.
  • Only post gorgeous photographs of your car’s outside and inside.

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On services like BuyRentKenya, you may sell or rent that piece of land you have lying around. 

By connecting Kenyan real estate buyers, sellers, and tenants in one accessible location, this online marketplace makes all transactions secure, easy, and rapid.

To register on the website, provide your phone number or email address. After checking in, you may create a listing from a range of categories. You can also upload photographs to show potential consumers the specific commodity or item you are providing as well as your asking price.

Upcoming Online Selling Platforms

Online shopping sites make it simple to explore and compare prices on a wide range of things while relaxing at home. 

By conducting your shopping online, you may avoid traffic and save a lot of time and money. Everything from food, clothing, and electronics to wholesale online retailers in Kenya may be purchased with a single click.

However, with so many alternatives, choosing reputable online stores in Kenya may quickly become perplexing. 

When choosing the best online shop in Kenya, it is critical to consider factors such as ease of ordering and delivery, a solid return policy, and secure payment options.


Ovostore is one of Kenya’s most innovative and promising new e-commerce sites. It provides excellent discounts on a huge variety of things at reasonable costs. 

The online store promises that you will obtain the greatest product prices when compared to other big online sellers since it has the best price match guarantee policy in place.

Saruk Digital Solutions

Saruk Digital Solutions is a reputable online gadget shop with facilities in Mombasa and Nairobi, Kenya. 

They provide a wide range of digital products from reputed brands such as Asus, Samsung, and HP, including printers, phones, iPhones, TVs, cameras, and laptops. 

They provide exceptional customer support for a variety of IT demands in Kenya’s expanding industry, thanks to superb personnel. 


MamaMikes is an innovative online selling platform that is reshaping the Kenyan e-commerce industry. 

The online store provides a range of online shopping experiences for things such as airtime, family shopping, romance parcels, and cultural artifacts, helping to bridge the gap between Kenyans living abroad and their loved ones back home. 

With the accessibility of a smartphone, you can acquire these thoughtful gifts and essentials from the internet.


AirDuka, one of Kenya’s upcoming online selling platforms, provides a diverse choice of items to fulfill your needs. 

The online shopping center, which has a user-friendly style, offers a large choice of things to satisfy any demand, all of which are easily and quickly accessible.

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Advantages of Online Selling Platforms in Kenya

Below is a list of advantages of Online selling platforms:


The option to buy anytime and from wherever makes online shopping convenient. For example, if you require clothes, you may explore a variety of online clothing purchasing sites to view the latest trends and a variety of designs. 

The only information you need to order the perfect apparel is your body dimensions and size.

Time & Money Saver 

Shopping online allows you to avoid the hassle of physically visiting stores to make purchases, saving you both money and time. 

When you shop online, you may save a lot of money by taking advantage of the numerous discounts and specials.


Online shopping helps you to avoid the disturbances and diversions produced by salesmen attempting to persuade customers to buy specific things, which may result in you spending more money than you intended.


Internet customers may obtain the privacy they seek because they do not visit physical stores. 

Online purchasers only need to select or identify the things they want, agree on payment terms, and then let the sellers handle the rest.

Variety of  Options

The majority of eCommerce websites that allow customers to buy online provide a diverse choice of goods and services. 

Buyers may thus examine different item categories and compare prices on other websites before making a final decision.

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Ways of Avoiding Scammers in Online Selling Platforms in Kenya

Even though the aforementioned online marketplaces are among the safest and most secure for both buyers and sellers, you should still proceed with care. 

There will be dishonest people and scam artists, just as there will be in any other marketplace. 

One of the principles in place on these platforms is to sell your items to a local buyer. It is simple to keep track of the entire selling process.

Additional tactics for avoiding con artists include:

  • Avoid untrustworthy payments. Reputable online marketplaces offer payment mechanisms that allow you to get paid after your things are sold. 
  • Proceed with caution if a consumer wishes to pay using a method different than the one indicated on the website. 
  • Furthermore, avoid taking mobile payments from strangers.
  • Keep your website and Google verification credentials hidden from outsiders.
  • Look attentively at buyer profiles for user feedback and freshly formed accounts. It’s possible that certain buyer accounts are being utilized to deceive other marketplace customers.

Wrapping up

Smartphones account for more than 75% of website visits, and the number of online customers and online shopping platforms is growing. Online shopping can only be enjoyable when the proper platforms are employed. 

There has recently been an increase in scam artists posing as reputable shops online; some of them develop websites that seem very identical to the genuine ones. 

When making an online purchase, especially one that requires payment before delivery and has no return/refund policy, it is your obligation as the client to do your homework.

A lot of other genuine online shopping platforms in Kenya are not listed in this article. However, It makes no difference what products you want to sell online. There will be an online selling platform that matches your needs.

You may sell practically anything, including undesirable old apparel, electronics, autos, and motorbikes, and land using these platforms.

If you own a store, you might want to consider using an online selling platform in the meantime. 

Finally, It’s a wise idea to widen your horizons and attract additional purchasers to your product.

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