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Which Types of Blogs Make Money in Kenya?

Blogging has become a popular way for Kenyans to earn money online.

But with so many types of blogs out there, how do you know which ones can actually make money?

Here is an overview of the profitable blog niches in Kenya and tips for choosing one to start.

Popular and Profitable Blog Niches in Kenya

These blog topics and niches are gaining popularity in Kenya, and have good money-making potential:

Business and Finance Blogs

Blogs focused on business, entrepreneurship, career advice, personal finance, investment tips, and related topics are very popular in Kenya.

These appeal to aspiring professionals and youth looking to succeed.

Income sources:

  • Affiliate marketing – promoting banks, payment platforms, business tools
  • Sponsored posts – partnering with brands targeting professionals
  • Digital products – ebooks, courses, seminars

Tech and Gadget Review Blogs

Technology is a fast-growing niche in Kenya. Smartphones and electronics are popular purchases.

Blogs reviewing the latest gadgets, apps, software and services attract good readership.

Income sources:

  • Affiliate commissions from online stores
  • Sponsored reviews
  • Display advertising

Travel Blogs

Both international and local travel are popular content themes.

Travel stories, reviews of destinations in Kenya, tips for backpackers and more find eager audiences.

Income sources:

  • Display ads – hotels, lodges, tour companies
  • Affiliate marketing – flight/hotel booking sites
  • Branded travel campaigns

Food and Recipe Blogs

Food content has universal appeal. Recipes, restaurant reviews, food trends all engage readers in Kenya.

Income sources:

  • Display ads – food brands, grocery stores
  • Affiliate marketing – kitchenware stores
  • Sponsored recipe posts

Beauty and Fashion Blogs

Beauty, hair, makeup, and fashion remain evergreen content themes.

Bloggers can review products, offer tips and tutorials, cover trends and events.

Income sources:

  • Affiliate programs with cosmetics brands, online clothing stores
  • Sponsored posts for specific products
  • Display advertising for beauty brands

Parenting and Family Blogs

Parenting blogs cover topics like pregnancy, raising children, family activities, parenting tips and more. Helpful for young families.

Income sources:

  • Display ads – baby food brands, diaper companies, family resorts
  • Affiliate programs – parenting book publishers, toy stores
  • Sponsored posts

How to Choose Which Blog Niche to Start in Kenya

Choosing the right blog topic involves evaluating your interests, skills, and market potential:

Consider Your Interests and Passions

A blog is an ongoing effort, so choose a niche you find genuinely interesting and enjoy writing about.

This passion will reflect in your content.

Assess Your Background and Skills

Consider your work experience, education, hobbies and identify topics and niches you have good knowledge about.

Your expertise will give you an edge.

Research the Market Size and Opportunity

Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to assess search volume and demand for topics. This helps validate the audience and revenue potential.

Evaluate the Competition

Study existing blogs in your chosen niche. If the competition is low, it may be easier to establish your blog.

If it’s high, you have to create differentiated content.

Identify Affiliate and Advertising Options

Research affiliate programs, sponsored post opportunities, and advertising options in your niche.

This will reveal the monetization pathways available.

Projected Earnings from Blogging in Kenya

The income potential for bloggers in Kenya depends on factors like niche, content quality, promotional efforts, and monetization strategy.

Here are approximate monthly earnings bloggers can expect:

Starting Out

When first launching a blog while building an audience, potential earnings are:

  • KES 5,000 – 15,000 per month on average

This assumes limited traffic starting out, mainly through organic search and social media shares.

Monetization will depend on affiliate programs and display ads.

Established Blog

With 1-2 years of solid content and promotion, potential earnings are:

  • KES 30,000 – 80,000 per month on average

The wider audience base allows access to more sponsored posts, improved advertising and affiliate income.

But earning at the higher end requires extensive expertise and promotion.

Mature Blog

For blogs with a strong following, high search rankings, and diverse income streams, potential earnings are:

  • KES 80,000 – 150,000 per month on average

At this stage, bloggers can leverage their audience to get recurring sponsorships, sell digital products, run brand campaigns, further increasing their diversified income.

But it takes time, persistence and skill to earn at this level.

Costs for Starting a Blog in Kenya

The great thing about blogging is that it’s possible to start with low investment, mainly your time. But some expenses to factor in are:

Domain and Hosting

  • Domain registration – KES 500-1,000 per year
  • Shared hosting – KES 2,000-5,000 per year

Website Design

  • Ready-made WordPress theme – KES 5,000-20,000 one-time
  • Custom designed theme – KES 20,000-50,000 one-time


  • Computer/laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Decent camera for photos/videos

Promotional Activities

  • Paid ads like Facebook/Google Ads
  • Hiring influencers for shoutouts

Ongoing costs will be for web hosting, content creation tools, software subscriptions, etc.

But the financial barrier to start remains low.

Final Thoughts

Kenya’s growing online population presents a great opportunity for bloggers in niches ranging from business and finance to parenting.

Assess your interests and skills when choosing a niche. Build high-quality content and diversify your monetization strategy.

With persistence, bloggers can earn good income, especially as the blog matures.

The startup costs are reasonable, so take the plunge to start blogging!

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