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How To Start Online Store Business In Kenya

Last updated on June 16th, 2023 at 11:55 am

This is the big question everyone is asking. However, today’s article will give you a guide on how to start online store business in Kenya.

Traditionationally starting any business was hard. It also involved going through many processes and often expensive. Technology has come to ease all these.

How to start online store business in Kenya

Today one just gets online and finds all the information they need. Starting an online store is fast and easy.

As the recent polls show 81% of  Kenyans are connected to the Internet. Besides, most of them own smartphones and internet-equipped devices that one can use to check online stores.

Kenyans are resourceful and creative. One doesn’t need to struggle and stress when coming up with all the ideas needed.

What should one consider when starting any business?

  • A business name- one should have a good name. One that is short, catchy as well as informative enough.
  • Budget and plans- one should have a structured way of how to operate the business. A good plan saves the business a lot.
  • Research- knowing all about the market and products people want saves one a lot like cost, time, and many others.
  • Not creating awareness- don’t start the business and say it will grow. Awareness is what will get people to your business. Establishing an online presence is the best way.

One can consider many other ways before starting a business. Check on this informative article on what to do.

How to start online store business in Kenya

An online store is much like any other business, one needs to have a strategy. One needs to have an outlined way of doing things.

Besides online stores sell anything over the internet. It is also flexible for one needs not to set-up a store which saves on cost.

There many advantages that come with online stores. However, there also risks but with risks come great rewards.

Starting a business is not easy. One has to embrace the difficulties and most of all have a good plan that will help grow the business.

Here is how to start online store in Kenya.

1. Research

Research is the key. From the research, one is able to get insights on what to offer. Research also helps in planning.

Understanding the market gives one an advantage. It also gives one an insight into when a certain product demand rises or falls.

However online stores require one to be logical. Offer products and services that are in demand; give customers what they need.

2. Decide on products and services to offer

This is another important step. Don’t just begin the store and start offering everything. This will incur the business more expenses than profits.

One needs to strategize and decide according to demands. Also one needs to be careful; don’t over promise and underdeliver.

Just because something is in high demand, don’t promise to provide when indeed the business is not able to.

3. Register your business

This is making the business recognizable. It is a good way to legalize the business and make it more trusting to the customers.

Any business requires a good name. A name that is short, easy to remember, and also very informative. So when registering the business consider having the best name.

It also paves way for the expansion of the business. Since it is recognized as legal acquiring loans is fast and easy.

Registration is very crucial for the business. Acquire the right licenses to ensure you conduct the business without any trouble from authorities.

4. Register the domain and hosting

The domain is the internet name that people use to search for different sites. It is the name one types on the search bar of a browser to search a site.

A domain also needs to be short, easy to remember, and descriptive too. Here is what to read on how to choose a domain.

Hosting is the service that allows the site to run. At Truehost, one can get all these services at a pocket-friendly price.

5. Create the online store

A good site is a good market. Here is an insight on what to consider before going live.

  • Create a shopping cart- this is what the customers will use to shop. It is an online trolley for shopping.
  • Online payment module- customers want flexibility when paying for a product or service. Integrating the site with many payment modes helps the customer transact easily.
  • Choose a good content management system- this is what manages the site’s posts. There are much available content managers such as wordpress. It’s up to you to choose what favors your business.

Well, now you have included the above in your store. The goal is to keep good customer satisfaction and provide always provide what customers need.

  • The site should have the name and contact details of the company.
  • Tweak the color scheme to suit the business needs.
  • Use social tools that will boost the business.

6. Market your business

Marketing is creating awareness. There are many platforms one can use such as social media, creating blogs, and even affiliate marketing.

It is a good strategy to keep customers informed about the business. One can use the free marketing tools or alternatively the paid one.

The power of mouth is the best tool. However, one needs loyal customers to help market the business.

7.Start the business

Once you have gathered all that you need for the business, take the step of starting it. It is not an easy step it is manageable with the right plans.

Online stores have become the best platforms to help get all they need fast and easily. Now that you have an insight on how to start online store business in Kenya; take the chance and launch now.

Planning and research are essential before starting any business. Any business requires a good structure for it to grow.

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