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No. 1 Guide on How to Sell on Etsy From Kenya

Etsy is one of the world’s largest online markets. It has the potential to develop from a side project to a full-time business with over five million merchants serving about ninety million active consumers. It provides a platform for small business owners to connect with potential customers. Millions of consumers with credit cards in hand …

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Is Shopify Available in Kenya? Yes! Here’s How To Use It

In Kenya, creating a digital infrastructure for online physical product sales is akin to creating a physical store.  An online store is required to offer your stuff online. You’ll also need a way to accept payments, such as a supermarket’s POS interface that accepts M-Pesa and credit card payments. Combining all of this may be …

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Top 8 Best Platforms To Sell Online in Kenya (FREE)

Want to sell a bunch of stuff you have lying around your house that you do not need?  An online selling platform is a guaranteed way to get rid of old stuff and make extra money.  Regardless of whether they are kitchen appliances, antique apparel, or a collection of designer jewelry.  You may simply find …

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Can I Sell on Amazon From Kenya? Yes! And Here’s How

Amazon is a dependable provider of a wide range of items, and its platform is used by a significant number of merchants. These vendors are held to the same demanding standards as other commodities on the website, since they must adhere to Amazon’s requirements.  Amazon, in addition to providing excellent customer service, usually has things …

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Discover How to Host a Website in Kenya

In the modern era of digital marketing, web hosting companies in Kenya play an important role in providing a service that assists businesses to grow. You or your company can publish your website or web applications online by learning how to host a website in Kenya The files for the website are stored on a …

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