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Cloud Hosted PBX In Kenya: Everything You Need To Know?

Every business has the pressing need for controlling both the incoming and outgoing calls seamlessly void of any hitch. This function can accomplish by the use of software known as a PBX system.

PBX or Private Branch Exchange is a private phone system that connects calls to and from different phone extensions within the company. This allows your company to share a line and hence the fewer costs as compared to having multiple lines.

Often, companies purchase the PBX system; install it to be operated within their offices.

One problem though:

Such an arrangement only works if your company has the technical know-how. And some times, the PBX provider actually lends a hand in setting up the system in your office. Otherwise, it’s hectic.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Later on, I will show you the best cloud-hosted PBX system solution in Kenya and how to get it now.

Before then, let’s discuss how PBX works and the available types

How does PBX work?

Do you remember back in the day when you had to make a phone call using the switchboard?

It worked like this:

When an incoming call arrives, the board operator had to manually plug in the cable to connect the call to its intended destination.

That’s how they use to re-route calls.

Now, the PBX system runs on the same principle; connecting calls to and from within the company. Only that everything is automated. And instead of a bunch of human operators, the central computer does all the heavy lifting.

To do this, the PBX system is comprised of a telephone trunk connected to multiple phone lines that terminate at the PBX.

Others are:

  • A computer that manages the switching of the incoming and outgoing calls
  • A dashboard you can operate from

Types of PBX Systems in Kenya

  • PBX
  • IP PBX – Internet Protocol or IP is a pbx system that supports voice over IP popularly known as VoIP. This system works by converting IP calls into TDM connections (traditional circuit-switch) for the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN). With it, you can also operate both analog and digital telephones.
  • Hosted/Virtual IP PBX
  • Hosted/Virtual PBX – this is a pbx system that a company acquires as a hosted service. More about it below.

Due to rapidly changing technology, more businesses are moving away from in-house pbx towards the cloud-hosted pbx system.

And this is for a reason.

The best PBX system in Kenya

Are you looking to eliminate the costs of installing those complex business voice solutions?
Cloud-hosted pbx is your answer.

Despite being hosted PBX, you can still enjoy the following features

  • Sending and receiving fax
  • Automated switching of agents or attendants
  • Hosting conference calls
  • Call logs among other benefits.

How to acquire cloud hosted pbx in Kenya

We have a unified communication hub where you can make calls, chat, or even host web conferencing.

With our PBX system, you can manage your phone system online and have access to our support 24/7.

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