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7 Online Business Ideas in Kenya with No Initial Registration Fee

Looking for online business ideas in Kenya with no registration fee? You are in the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss 7 of the best.

No matter what your business is, there are many benefits to starting it online. For starters, you can start an online business without having to worry about any initial registration fees! 

That’s right – you don’t need to find a physical location or pay for expensive materials like tables and chairs. 

You also won’t have the overhead costs of renting out commercial space with high-priced utilities. 

If this sounds too good to be true, read on for more information about how you can get started today!

1). DropShipping in Kenya 

Dropshipping is one of the best ways to start an online business because you can sell products without having any inventory.

To do this, first, find a supplier that will drop ship for you. 

After getting your wholesale price list from them, go ahead and create product listings on Jumia or Kilimall. 

When someone buys something through your listing, PayPal automatically sends payment to your supplier – so after selling some items there’s no need to worry about fulfillment! 

Plus it doesn’t cost anything upfront since they handle all the orders directly with customers. You just have to focus on bringing in more sales by finding new buyers each time someone makes a purchase!

With drop shipping, you don’t even need your own website at all.

There are lots of places where you can list your products, from eBay to Shopify. 

The best part is that you’ll never have to worry about expensive inventory or overstocking supplies.

To learn more about drop shipping and how it works, check out this article: How Drop Shipping Works 

2). Affiliate Marketing 

If you have a website or blog online, affiliate marketing in Kenya is another great online business ideas in Kenya with no initial registration fee.

The best part about this type of eCommerce model is that it is completely free to start! 

With affiliate marketing, all you need are links and ads on your site pointing back at product listings. 

When someone clicks through one of these links and makes a purchase, then you will get a commission for the sale! 

It doesn’t matter if they buy something else later too – as long as they came in from an ad on your page, you are still getting paid when they check out!

Affiliate marketing in Kenya can help build up extra income over time by simply posting ads around the web with little effort required after setup.

You could even create simple landing pages specifically for promoting products, or just keep it simple with links in the sidebar of your blog in Kenya.

Your list of available affiliate programs in Kenya will vary depending on what type of site you’re running – for example, a travel blogger might choose to promote hotels and tours while an eCommerce store owner could offer Jumia items instead. 

You can also get creative by adding ads into your videos, building flash games that link out to product pages, or using pop-up windows when someone visits certain parts of your website. 

There are tons of ways to earn money through this business model – all you have to do is find some high-paying offers!

3). Freelance writing

If you love writing, don’t let the time commitment of a traditional job stop you from earning money.

In fact, there are many websites out there that will actually pay for unique articles written by freelance writers! 

The only catch is they are looking for original content – so simply re-writing an existing post won’t work. 

To get paid to write online in Kenya, start your own personal blog or website and publish informative posts on topics in your area of expertise. 

For example, if you want to be a travel writer then create detailed guides about destinations around the world along with any other helpful information people would need before traveling (like how much cash they should bring).

As long as it’s relevant to what readers care about and offers real value, anyone can make money writing online!

Once you have some posts published on your website, simply submit them to places like InfoBarrel or Listverse. 

These websites are always looking for fresh content and will pay writers a small fee in exchange for submissions. 

You can also find work through Craigslist, UpWork (formerly oDesk), Freelancer, Guru, People Per Hour, Elance…the list goes on with all the options out there nowadays! Simply create an account and start submitting proposals – it’s as simple as that.

These days people want everything instantly so it pays to be able to relocate if necessary wherever business takes you. 

With self-employment being more accessible than ever before from home-based businesses to freelancing gigs off of sites like Fiverr.

To learn more about this one of the great online business ideas in Kenya with no initial registration fee, read our guide: The Roadmap to Freelancing in Kenya: How To Get Started.

4). Building websites

With the rise of blogging in Kenya, now anyone can create their own website online to share with others! 

All you need is a domain name and hosting plan from an internet service provider (ISP) – then it is as simple as uploading web content using FTP software. 

If you have no idea how all these works don’t fret – there are plenty of free tutorials on YouTube or Google for building websites. 

Just choose a topic that interests you and start learning everything about it so your site will be successful. 

Once your blog is up and running, just sit back and watch the money come pouring in overtime!

To learn more about starting a blog check out our article: Blogging For Beginners In Kenya: 3 Steps To Get Started in 2022

5). Social Media Influencer in Kenya

Another one of the online business ideas in Kenya with no initial registration fee.

Today, there are so many people sharing their life and opinions on social media that it only makes sense to join in the fun. 

The easiest way is with Instagram – anyone can start posting photos of themselves or what they are doing at any given moment for others to enjoy. 

Once you gain a following (usually 30k+), brands will start approaching you with offers to promote products/services through your posts.

It is important though not to spam your followers by adding affiliate links without telling them about it first…remember quality over quantity. 

Another option would be starting an account like Pinterest, where users post different links, images, and videos to a feed. 

Then each post can be repinned by others which allows posts on your page to keep going viral. 

This is great if you are looking for exposure as any brand that sees one of your pins may want to collaborate with you on future projects!

One way brands look for influencers in Kenya on social media sites like these is through hashtags – so choose ones relevant to what you post about and start tracking how often they show up in other users’ feeds. 

If the volume seems good enough (at least 100+/day) then add them into all of your posts and watch the likes and followers increase over time! 

6). YouTube Personality/Vlogger

Many people have become internet sensations for their funny or interesting YouTube videos that are shared with millions of subscribers worldwide. 

It may seem easy but you’d be surprised at the amount of work and dedication required to make it big on this platform. 

So if you are willing to put in the time and effort, all we can say is good luck!

The first step would be creating a channel (or repurposing an old one) filled with original content based on whatever topic interests your audience most. 

Then promote yourself through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok by asking friends/family members to share as well…a great way to get started right away.

Once enough views start coming in from these initial channels, companies may start contacting you with sponsorship opportunities to make money from the videos as well.

7). Business Consultant 

One common business-related question people ask is “how do I make money online in Kenya?” which is understandable since the possibilities for this are basically endless. 

But one of the most popular ways to go about it would be through consulting with individuals or businesses that need guidance on their next step. 

Similar to affiliate marketing, you can earn commissions by recommending certain products/services based on your expertise in your respective fields. 

However, unlike affiliates, consultants in Kenya usually work directly with clients and charge an hourly rate (or per project) rather than promoting specific links within blog posts, etc.


No matter what your business idea may be, starting an online venture in Kenya without initial registration fees will save you a lot of money! 

You won’t need any special skills either since many tasks associated with running a company is automated through PayPal and MPESA transactions. 

All in all, there is nothing holding you back from getting started today! Just pick one of the ideas above and start making some cash on the internet.

Social media platforms like Facebook can be used in all sorts of ways and it isn’t just limited to blogging, video making, or influencer marketing! 

So feel free to explore any websites that interest you until finding something unique enough within one of them is possible…the possibilities are endless so take advantage while they’re still available.

If you are a student, check these business ideas.

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