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How To Choose A Domain Name [#9 Must-Do]

Are you trying to figure out how to choose a domain name? Well, today’s article will guide you on how to choose the best name.

A domain name is crucial for the website’s success. A domain name also serves as a  business name. The wrong name can bring down the business.

What is a domain?

This is the name people type on search bars of browsers to access a certain site. It is also the name used instead of an IP address.

A domain name helps one get to a site easily. For this reason, all domains are unique. It is not possible to share a domain.

So why is this domain name important?

  • It identifies your brand- it creates an idea of what the website is about.
  • Helps in SEO ranking- well a good name with keywords easily ranks your site whenever people search it, they find it easily.
  • Creates impression- it is what people see, a good domain name will bring customers and keep them while a bad name will chase them away.
  • To build credibility on the web and a feeling of professionalism- when you use subdomains your website looks a bit amateur.

These are more reasons why one should consider a good domain name. However, through the article, we will discuss how to choose a domain name that is perfect for your site.

Are domain names case sensitive?

No, as a matter of fact when you register like; anyone can find it easily through typing

However, what comes after the domain name is case-sensitive. Here are the parts of a domain:

Consider an URL like

The https is the protocol that shows that the site is secure with a Secure Socket Layer.

On the www, this is the subdomain. This helps users access different sites from their browsers at ease.

The truehost is the domain name. It is the name that one types on the search bar of a web browser. is the domain extension. Which shows it is a Kenyan domain for all businesses.

When to buy a domain name?

The time is now and here is why:

  • The domain age determines ranking on Google- an older domain ranks faster than a recently registered domain. One can register a domain and keep it active up to when they develop a website and use it.
  • Registering a domain makes sure the name is secured- no one else can be able to use your domain name as their own.
  • You can use it as an investment- yes, you can buy it now and later sell it at a good price different from the purchase price.

Domains help one a lot. Having a good name is key for any type of website one wants to create or upgrade.

Consider this guide to help you buy a domain and go live instantly.

Here is how to choose a domain name:

1. Research

This is the most important first step. Besides, it’s from research that one finds out what works and what doesn’t.

Research is key also because one gets to know what governs different domains. It also helps one to know what a certain domain package costs.

Having clear information helps one plan for what to choose and how much to spend on. Make sure to conduct good research.

2. Use a keyword

These a commonly searched words. They are short words that describe what the content is concerning.

Every day people search on Google and many other search engines. Having a keyword will help your site rank and make it easy to find.

Make sure to use a relevant keyword that describes what your site is about. One that attracts as well as informs people.

3. Make it short and memorable

Short makes it easy to remember. It also makes it stand out and easy to type. It makes it easy for people to find too.

A good name should be within a range of 6-14 characters. A long domain is prone to typos when a user tries to find your site.

Keep it short, the shorter the better.

4. Avoid hyphens and numbers

One can easily forget a hyphen or a number when searching for your site. People also can associate the domain with scams.

It is easy to lose customers to competitors whenever one forgets to add the hyphen. It is best to avoid it.

Numbers also lower the credibility of your site and the business ends up incurring a loss. Best to avoid them too.

5. Make it easy to spell or pronounce

People love conversing. Having an easy name to pronounce makes it easy for customers to sell your brand as they converse.

Word of mouth is the marketing platform. However, if the name is hard to spell or pronounce the marketing plan might not work.

Make sure the name is easy to spell and pronounce. Make it easy that when one mentions it others get what you mean fast.

6. Avoid trademark infringement

Don’t use the name of another brand. Conduct thorough research on Google, social media, and many other platforms and make sure the name is not registered anywhere.

Trademark infringement can land you in serious trouble. Not only will your business fall but also one ends up paying fines and also lawsuits follow.

Find a name that doesn’t infringe any trademarks. A name that is not registered under any entity thus careful research is crucial.

7. Make it unique

Being unique guarantees standing out. It also eliminates the chances of trademark infringement and creates trust.

Being unique also guarantees a name to be brandable. Being brandable makes it easy for customers to know what your site is about.

Unique creates an identity. Make sure to keep the name unique and brandable.

8. Make it intuitive 

This is the best way to attract and keep your clients. A good name makes customers feel safe and makes them want to interact with your site.

This also builds trust; customers find whatever they search for easy. Add intuition to the name and watch your site grow.

9. Avoid double letters

Typos are easy to occur with double letters. One may often forget that there should be a double letter.

One ought to find a name that is simple and easy. It makes it easy for customers to find your site fast and easy.

The above 9 are strategies to use when choosing a domain name. A good domain name ensures that the site continues to grow.

Well now you have a concept on how to choose a domain name, so where do you register a domain?  Well, that’s easy; at Truehost, one can get any domain fast, easy, and securely.

Consider reading this informative guide to buying your domain. A domain name is what sells your site.

Well also get insights on the cheap domain names one can use for a start-up. Well, a domain name is key and should be bringing more customers to your site.


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