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How To Buy Domain In Kenya [Tutorial]

Have you recently created a website and are wondering where to get a domain? So, relax today we will discuss how to buy domain in Kenya.

The creation of websites has become easy and fast, there is software that has eased the process by providing all you need to start your website.

Besides, having a website is a great way to reach many people in different localities at once.

What is a domain?

It’s the address that people type into a browser address bar to find your website. Also, it’s an address, or location, which gives you a unique identity and brand on the Internet.

Its name is an identification string that defines and identifies websites instead of using a string of numbers(IP Address).

Why use a Domain?

  • To build credibility on the web and a feeling of professionalism- when you use subdomains your website looks a bit amateur.
  • It improves a site’s ranking in certain search engines- the more your site is visited the more it ranks.
  • To create visibility- a good domain will create awareness and attract customers to your site.
  • Creates mobility- whether you migrate to another town or country the domain will still be there. It will still hold the content of your website.
  • Provides marketability around the world- the domain isn’t limited to a certain geographical location.

Before choosing a domain name, however, you need to consider the following:

  1. Know different types of domain names- so as to make the right choices for your website.
  2. Have a short and easy to remember domain- to help people capture your site.
  3. Keyword- if you are selling phones make sure to include -phones .com.
  4. Have a name that matches your company roles.
  5. Avoid slang and pop culture- make sure that your domain is free from extreme words.
  6. Look beyond .com extension- there are other professional extensions like that look great on websites.
  7. Protect your brand- make sure you have trademarked your domain such that no one can use it and earn from it.
  8. Check competition- make sure to do enough research on different domains running different websites.


How much does a domain cost in Kenya?

Domains are not that expensive since you can own a domain for as low as Kshs. 100. Visit Truehost for more.

How to buy a domain in Kenya?

It is simply getting a domain. Follow these simple steps:

#1. Visit Truehost.

Truehost homepage

#2.  After visiting the site scroll down to domain name registration. Enter the name of the domain you want and click search.

Truehost Domain Search

The search will tell if your domain name is available and if it is already registered or not.


#3. Proceed to buy it now.

Truehost Domain Cart

Make sure to check the boxes for the management of domains.

You can also choose to change the name servers.


#4. Proceed to check out.

Choose the currency you want to use, add a promo code or even empty the cart.

Truehost Check Out

Make sure to have included your details before going through this process, as seen it is an easy 4 process procedure.

So don’t stress with the little you have, visit Truehost and go live now.

Also if you have no idea how to create a website, check this now.


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