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Domain Companies in Kenya: How to Choose the Best In 2023

Last updated on January 2nd, 2023 at 10:28 am

Domain Companies in Kenya

Are you looking for domain companies in Kenya? Domain companies are organizations tasked with the job of registering and managing domain names for all websites in Kenya.

And there are so many of them, making the process of choosing the best domain registrar so hard. Besides, there are so many ways of you getting tricked.

That is what this article is here to address. I will walk you through factors you need to consider when choosing a domain registrar. Also, I will show you how to get a free domain name in Kenya.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

What is a domain name registrar?

Thought we should start with introductions.

First, what is a domain name?

Well, a domain name is the address users type into their web browsers to access a certain website.

For example: is a domain name. Whenever you want to access TrueHost website, you use it.

Now, this website name is not just found anywhere. You actually have to search for it and register. This means that there is no one else around the internet using name.


Because it has already been reserved.

The person who is in charge of making sure that you get a domain name for your business is called a domain registrar, which in most cases is a company.

A domain company in Kenya is an entity legalized by Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC) to reserve and registrar website names.

KeNIC, therefore, acts as the regulatory body overseeing domain name registration in Kenya. Think of it as the KEBS of website names.

Do you need a domain registrar?

Oh yes.

You need domain companies in Kenya to reserve your website name.

In fact, a domain name is very crucial. Without it, how you browse the internet would be cumbersome and weird.

If domain names weren’t there, you would have to type a long and strange string of numbers known as IP addresses to view a website.

As such, domain companies make it easy to navigate the whole browsing thing.


They mask the IP addresses with the website name you picked, making it easy to remember. And that is why you are always reminded to pick simple and easy to remember website name.

What do domain companies in Kenya really do?

During the domain registration process, you are asked about some information. This information is then stored in a centralized database known as the registry.

As such, a domain name is only valid if its records have been entered into this registry.

Who does all the record-keeping?

Domain companies in Kenya of course. They are given authority by KeNIC to make changes to the domain name on the database on your behalf.

Additionally, the domain registrar gives you access to tools to manage the information.

Having said that, with all the domain companies in Kenya, how do you pick the best?

Factors to consider when choosing a domain registrar

Not all domain companies in Kenya are the same.

Some have the right to sell only specific domain extensions. For example. Some companies offer domain names only.

On the flip side, other domain companies may offer additional services along with domain registration. Some registrars offer cheapest domain names while others offer free add-ons to attract customers.

So, what should you be looking for?

  1. Domain name prices and registration period


The first thing you need to check is the domain name prices in Kenya.


Some companies are offering cheap prices for the first year of registration. But then when you come later and renew the domain name, you will find the prices are higher.

Ideally, the minimum domain name registration period is 1 year. However, you may find some domain registrars in Kenya who require a minimum registration of 2 years.

Know this:

You can register a website name for up to 10 years at an instance.

As such, when buying a domain name in Kenya, we recommend, consider how long you intend to keep business. If you are going to stick with it for long, choose a longer registration period.

  1. Domain name transfer


Here is the thing:

You cannot change your domain name, but you can change domain companies in Kenya. This means that you can transfer a domain name from one registrar to another.

Well, under normal circumstances, you wouldn’t need to do so. But if the company is frustrating and making you unhappy, the option to transfer a domain name should be available.

As a rule, you cannot transfer a domain within the first 60 days after registration. After that, you can move it to any registrar of your choice.

As such, when buying a domain name, look for a registrar that has an easy and smooth domain transfer process. Because some may make it complex or worse, charge a small fee.

Also, always go through a domain transfer policy before buying a domain name in Kenya.

  1. Website name expiration policies


After a specific period (normally 1 year), your domain name will expire. And you will have to renew it, failure to which anyone can take it and register as their own.

This is bad news especially for businesses because it means that someone, like a competitor, can take over your website.

You should, therefore, renew your website name before the expiration date.

But what if you forget or your credit card expires?

There is what we call grace period.

This is an extra time given to you by domain registrar to renew the domain name after it has expired.

Here are Truehost, we give you a maximum of 90 days grace period for .CO.KE domains and 10-30 days for.COM domains.

  1. Add-on services

domain companies in Kenya

These are extra services you will receive besides domain registration.

For example identity protection, DNS management, and email forwarding among others.

Indeed, you may not need these services now, but it is good to know you can have them.

We have web hosting services, website builder, and email hosting services you can take advantage of.


At Truehost, we offer the cheapest domain names in Kenya. And you get free .CO.KE domain with our Unlimited Hosting package.

For more information on domain name pricing in Kenya, visit this page.

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