Best and Top Web hosting Company in Kenya.

5 key items to consider before settling on the best web hosting company

Adequate Space.

Ensure your web host provides quality and adequate space for storing your website files. Consider at least 4GB for hosting a simple website. Most top web hosting companies provides adequate space; the first package at Truehost Kenya is 5GB in the Truehost Silver Package.

Adequate Bandwidth.

Bandwidth unlike space is calculated monthly, bandwidth refer to the total data transfer allowed for your package within a month, a busy website with hundreds of visitors daily may not exceed 30000GB of bandwidth in a month. Truehost offers 50000GB of bandwidth on its smallest package.

Unlimited Subdomains

Subdomains allow hosting of several websites or sub sites on the same domain name. Web hosting companies providing unlimited subdomain options like Truehost Kenya understand that developers occasionally run a development and a production website on the same domain as well as hosting multiple sub sites on the domain.

Unlimited Email Address

Ensure the web hosting service provider of your choice offers freedom to create as many email address accounts as you would wish. Do not incur extra just to get an extra email account, Truehost Kenya Hosting Packages offer unlimited email address account provision.


Support is usually overlooked by some while shopping for a web hosting service. Some top domain name service providers do not offer support for their web hosting services, beware of these companies. One may end up spending such more to get a website fully running, settle for companies with a reputation for comprehensive support like Truehost Kenya.

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