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How To Come Up With The Best Domain Name Ideas

Started a website but down have domain name ideas? Well, you are in the right place, we’ll get to know how to.

Domains are much like people’s names. They are the names that people use to be able to access your website.

Having a domain is the best thing. Why? This is because a domain simplifies the website finding process, besides it also makes it unique.

Websites are reached through I.P addresses which are strings of numbers. Remembering that is difficult that’s why a domain is essential.

Let’s dive into more information.

What is a domain?

It is a name that you type on your browser search bar to access a website. It’s the name used instead of an I.P address to access a website.

It is also the unique permanent name for your website. Unique meaning there can’t be same. Domains need registration to be active. It is a service that is renewable and expires when the time is due.

Why use a domain?

  • To add credibility- domains make a site look professional and trustworthy. 
  • Creates a trademark- once you create your domain you own it, no one else can register it. 
  • It helps in ranking- Google ranks websites as per usage, search history, and many others. A popular domain will rank fast.

A domain is an investment, having the best unique name is crucial. It is key for everyone who wants to succeed on websites.

How to create the best domain name

Domain as a service needs to choose well. One needs to have the best name which is unique and easy to remember.

So how do you come up with a domain name?

1. Research

This is the most important step you ought to take. The research will equip you with the necessary knowledge on which name is the best.

From research one also learns which names are already taken. Besides, you also get to know what applies where and when.

Also, get to learn common mistakes people make and avoid them. Get ahead and avoid all hassles by conducting good research.

2. Use keywords

Keywords are the commonly searched words. It is also a name that carries significant meaning.

Well, whenever people are looking for a product Google is the first place. They enter keywords and search.

Having a name related to keywords; will however bring the client closer to you. Choose the best niche and make it unique.

3. Make it short and easy to remember

We all love simplicity. The domain name should be short such that it’s memorable. A good name should be easy.

One shouldn’t brainstorm to get your website name. A long name is prone to typo errors and forgetting. The shorter the better. It should not surpass 14 characters.

4. Make it unique

Unique is what makes a site stand out. Tweak your name that it makes it interesting and catchy.

The goal is to attract, make them keeping visiting and transacting. You can tweak the spelling by adding or removing certain letters.

5. Avoid numbers and hyphens

It’s easy for anyone to forget or omit a number or a hyphen. They also make a site look unprofessional. People often associate the website with scammers.

Besides, it is easy to lose to competitors when someone misses the correct spelling of the domain. Create a credible and easily accessible website by avoiding numbers and hyphens on the domain name.

6. Don’t use another brands name

This infringes rights. It can cost you a fortune. It’s best to create your own name and grow it the best way you can.

As stated earlier capitalize on research, find the best name that suits your brand. Avoid copyright infringement at all costs.

7. Don’t use double letters

Double letters are spelled the same; typos are easy to occur. Keep the name short and easy. Make it easy for everyone to find your site.

Well, the above are the best domain name ideas to consider when creating a domain. Also one should keep in mind to be unique.

Well, now we have the ideas on how-to, let’s get to registration.

How to register a domain name?

Well, you have conducted research and have all that you need. So what’s next? The next thing to register your domain name.

Here is how to:

1. Visit Truehost home

From the homepage scroll down to domain name registration.

2. On the search bar enter your domain name

Use a simple name and then hit enter. The search bar then will provide the results as follows:

Truehost Domain Search

The name is available and not registered. The .net, .com, and .biz are the extensions you can choose for your domain.

Truehost Domain Availability

The next step is choosing to buy it now!.

3. Proceed to buy

Once you have clicked buy it now, it takes you to a shopping cart. The cart is where you select to add other domains, delete or add other addons.

Domain Name Ideas: Domain Addons

Select the above add-ons for your domain. After this proceed to check-out.

4. Check-out

Domain Name Ideas: Domain Checkout

The checkout offers one an opportunity to add another domain, edit current or delete. As shown also the currency is in Kenyan Shillings but can be changed.

One can choose other payment methods such as:

  •  M-Pesa, 
  • Bank Transfer
  • Airtel & Equitel
  • Mastercard & Visa, ATM, Debit & Credit Card, 
  • PayPal
  • Visa & Mastercard Debit & Credit Cards

Before checkout, however, you need to register for an account. The account will help you get updates from Truehost.

After filling all these, you will get an invoice to show your transaction. 

Now that was easy right? How about we get to those domain name ideas now. So what ideas are talking about?

Well, if you own a shoe collection; you need to implement a keyword, make a short and memorable name.

How do you do that? By being unique. Most people have specific words when searching for a shoe; official, sports, brown, black, and many others.

So how do you include all these in one name? Simple…

  1. Adopt an all-inclusive name: 
  2. Use a suggestive name:
  3. Utilize a lively name:
  4. Using a catchy phrase:

Well, the above criteria will help you get new clients to your site! Well, now you know the domain name ideas criteria. 

Transform that idea into cash now. Start transacting online now with the best domain from Truehost. 


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