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The Best Easy Guide For Wix in Kenya

Getting started with Wix in Kenya is easy. This post is a guide for Wix and website builders in general.

Websites today do a lot for everyone. To some, they are sources of income, and for businesses, they grow their reach.

Starting a website is easy, as one can be done in less than 20 minutes. You don’t need to spend a dime to have your site up.

Simple tools such as a website builder like Wix will help you do that. 

Why use Wix in Kenya

Designing with Wix is easy; user-friendly, so you don’t need skills. Everyone can be a developer. Wix has gained popularity, and over time, it has built an excellent reputation. 

Their clients are all over the globe, and their numbers keep growing. Here are some of the features you should consider for Wix!

  • Mobile optimized sites- every site created on Wix looks amazing on any device. 
  • Ease of use- everyone can create a website instantly with their drag-and-drop tool.
  • Powerful tools- Wix helps everyone create stunning sites and make edits instantly with more available tools.
  • Many themed designs- with over 500 themes, create any site easily!

Wix has prided itself in being the best service provider for everyone. They have given a chance to ensure one creates an online presence.


  • Simple interface- you can make your website look amazing with the mouse. The drag-and-drop tool is easy to use.
  • Professional designs- their website themes are customizable. Sites created will look amazing and reliable for use on any device.
  • Built-in SEO- Wix ensures that your sites are visible on search engines. It offers you an opportunity to increase your reach.
  • Many integrations- have your site perform and provide all your clients’ needs. Connect important features and create smooth transactions.
  • Good support- they offer quality help with their 24/7 online support and also an informative blog.


  • Ads on the free plan- display their name on your site. It makes your site unprofessional, especially for a competitive company!
  • The affordable plan without ads goes for $8.50 monthly (Kshs. 1060.38). It’s quite expensive compared to other builders.
  • Can’t change templates when your site is live- once you’ve chosen a theme and added content, that’s it unless you unpublish and start all over.
  • Limited plans- Wix doesn’t offer unlimited storage, and some plans also have limited bandwidth. You have to pay extra to get what you need for your site.

Step-By-Step Guide for Wix

Getting started on Wix is instant; let’s go!

1. Visit their homepage

Look at how their page is simple; click on Get Started, and it takes us to the Login page.

Wix in Kenya: Homepage

2. Register your new account.

Here is where you create your Wix account afresh. You can do this in three ways:

Sign Up page for Wix
  • Fill in your correct details manually; your name, email, and password, and proceed to sign up.
  • Continue with Google- use your Gmail account to create your Wix account. No need to remember your passwords, as you’ll be using Gmail to sign in.
  • Alternatively, use Facebook- you’ll allow Wix to borrow details from your Facebook account and create a profile.

Now you have an account, let’s proceed to my sites. Here you can choose to create a folder or proceed to create a new site.

Let’s proceed with creating a new site.

a. Choose the website type.

Use the given examples or search your own. Alternatively, you can skip this process, but let’s use the online store.

Website type choosing for Wix

Proceed by filling in your store name: Make it unique, as it’s what people will see when they visit your store.

Website naming for Wix in Kenya

b. Add features to your website.

These are the extensions for your site. They change the design and help you make it more stunning and reliable.

Addons for your  website

Choose all that you need. However, you can add some features later. For this tutorial, we’ll use the highlighted ones.

Choose your design method. Choose a custom-built site, and Wix will choose a design for you! Your site creation will be easy and instant.

Creating a Wix design

c. Review your information

Add more details about your website, including the logo, email, and other information. Once done, proceed to the next.

Editing your website content

It takes you to themes, where you choose the best fit for your business site. Wait for Wix, as it creates a design for you.

d. Choose a homepage theme.

It’s how your website will look; 

Wix homepage

Once done, click next to add pages to your site. Select all your site needs to have; since it’s a startup, choose the most important ones.

Wix designs

3. Edit site

You make your site more appealing by adding images, text, videos, and other graphics.

 site editing

Replace the image by choosing to upload a new image. It’s an easy process, and images update instantly. Remember to change the alt text and give a brief description of it.

a. Add your products

It will display what is in stock for your business. It’s easy; you must upload photos and add descriptions to your product.

Product creation on Wix

b. Add your payment methods.

Most people already have PayPal; it’s a good payment platform. Also, you can choose to add cards or bank transfers.

Don’t limit your clients!

Payment gateways

4. Publish the site

After adding all your products, text, videos, and everything about the website, this is the final step. Publishing takes it to live to the globe.

If you already bought a domain, proceed to connect the domain. Wix guides you on how to complete the simple process.

For those without a domain, publish and proceed to view your site. A simple preview of our site is done.

Completed Wix website

Also, buy domains from Truehost; they offer the best! Products and about Marcin Designs:

Completed  website design

That was a simple guide for Wix. Get started today, choose even to start from scratch, and use your creativity to build stunning sites.

If Wix doesn’t seem great for you, try these alternatives:

Wix in Kenya alternatives;

1. Weebly

A free site builder for all to get established online. Weebly offers everyone a chance to grow their reach.

In comparison to Wix in Kenya, it outperforms it by;

  • Being simpler- their design is much easier and fast to use.
  • Management is instant- you can create and manage your website from your phone.
  • Analytics- you can read your site’s analytics and know how your site performs.
  • Free tools- get free hosting, free SSL, and manage your domains also free!

On the con side, it’s a bit more expensive than Wix. The cheapest premium plan is $10 when paid annually (Kshs. 1247.50).

Weebly builder makes beginners pros and ensures they grow and compete successfully online. Why don’t you try it too?

2. GoDaddy

A popular service provider for websites. It has been around for a while, and they have crafted a name for good services.

GoDaddy website builder is the best alternative to Wix in Kenya for the following:

  • Offers more integrations- connecting with clients will be instant. They got it all for you to make your site stunning.
  • All-in-one- manage every aspect of your website in one place. No need to sign up for different websites to manage your website.
  • GoDaddy studio- they offer you a place to craft your posts. Create eye-catching content that will grow your website.
  • Backup and Restore- your content is safe! Your site backup is readily available for use if your site goes down.

GoDaddy has proven to be reliable and has transformed many. When it comes to pricing, they are more expensive than Wix. 

It costs you $9.99 (1243.76) per month. Also, on the con side, restoring your website costs you. Get started with GoDaddy and enjoy these and more!

3. WordPress

An open-source site builder. WordPress is the most used today as it has over 42% world’s websites built by it.

Standing out on WordPress is instant! They offer the best tools and stylish themes to make your online presence amazing.

It beats Wix by:

  • Many plugins- offer you the best plugins and features to ensure your site can perform best.
  • Responsiveness- creation and site visiting are instant. Also, any device can access your website without any hitch!
  • It’s affordable- get a premium site for $4 (Ksh. 498)! The free plan also offers a lot! 
  • Open-source is easy and free, and solving issues is fast.

WordPress has a lot to offer. Take the opportunity and grow your online presence.


It’s a free drag-and-drop website builder! OLITT ensures you succeed online as a newbie and get to great levels!

It has a simple design and also offers hosting services and domains. With OLITT builder, you have all you need for a website.

Features of OLITT:

  • Free features- get site security, manage your domains, and create and run your site for free!
  • Instant launch- create and launch your site in 10 minutes!
  • Ease of use- the drag and drop is easy and reliable. No use of code needed or skills is needed.

Getting started with OLITT is the best thing! Grow your online presence as you learn skills for website management.

These are just a few alternatives; there are many more to consider. However, it’s best if you conduct thorough research before choosing one.

Final thoughts on Wix in Kenya;

Wix is a great builder that everyone can use to launch their online presence. Consider using Wix and build amazing sites and grow your reach.

Join millions of users and have your place online. Get to do it by yourself and save costs and time. Also, gain skills as you do it!

Also, consider the builders mentioned above to use instead of Wix. Create your websites and get global reach instantly.

Website builders are great because they ease the build process. They also save on costs and time spent creating from scratch.

Get started today!

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