Elastic cloud hosting in Kenya

How To Get Elastic Cloud Hosting in Kenya (Best Providers)

Looking for Elastic cloud hosting in Kenya?

Elastic cloud hosting is the ability of cloud services to change depending on the changing needs; it is variable not fixed can change depending on the changing needs to cater to the changing needs.

Cloud elasticity is mostly associated with pay-as-you-use services or pay-as-you-grow services that ability to grow or shrink infrastructure resources.

The elasticity of these resources depends on: processing power, storage, and bandwidth. The elasticity feature allows the resources to be expanded to fit the increasing loads.

Benefits of elastic cloud hosting

Having sufficient storage is addressed by elastic cloud hosting because the servers can be auto-scaled to the changing demands. They can be expanded when traffic increases and collapsed when the traffic reduces.

You only pay for the resources that you have used; computing, networking, and storage resources. It saves for cost because you do not pay for the idle resources.

Users have a guarantee of fast downloads and fast page processing despite the number of browsers visiting simultaneously.

Convenience and continuous availability as elasticity allow for easier access to shared documents with a view and modify choice.

The process of backup and recovery of data is easy as data is in the cloud. The services of backing up and restoration are provided by the various cloud providers reliably and flexibly.

Disadvantages of elastic cloud hosting

Security and confidentiality is a major issue when having your data online due to the increased cybercrimes; it is therefore up to the cloud provider to ensure that they protect your data and keep it confidential.

You have limited control over the hardware and the software because the services are managed by your cloud provider.

Sometimes transferring your cloud computing from one vendor to another is difficult because of your dependency on your provider therefore when choosing your vendor you should be very careful.

The leading elastic server platform includes Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure. If you are looking for Elastic cloud hosting in Kenya, check those sites

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