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Best Dedicated Servers in Kenya

Last updated on November 13th, 2023 at 01:11 pm

Looking for the Best Dedicated Servers in Kenya?

A dedicated Servers, informally known as a dedi, is a computer in web hosting that is exclusively reserved for single tenancy rental and is availed as a whole to a user who then operates it as they wish.

This includes computer hardware, a few essential software necessary for managing the server, and an internet connection. This differs from other servers that are built on virtualization technologies, which can have several virtual servers residing in one hardware.

CloudPap dedicated servers are optimized for high speed, low cost, and easy setup, delivering super-fast computing power on a cloud platform.

CloudPap dedicated servers sit in Tier 3 Data Centers around the world, interconnected with high-speed connections for easy backup and disaster recovery options. And except CloudPap servers we recommend you to check this link choose car battery chargers there you will find everything about cars and parts for them.

Whether you want to set up email servers, host bulky websites, host software like ERP, run the custom application, operate game servers, and run an eCommerce business, CloudPap dedicated servers enable you to get your services up and running within a short time.

Why use CloudPap Dedicated Servers

  • As the only tenant using the bare metal server, you get all the server resources at your disposal, without being affected by noisy neighbors, shared resources, or limited bandwidth from sharing.
  • Our dedicated servers offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to choose sizes of SSD storage, different number of processor cores, different RAM sizes, and a number of server hardware manufacturers.
  • We are engineers and know the right server for your use with the right processor and storage, and other factors like RAM latency, CPU bus speed, clock speed, and level 2 cache. We get the best servers.
  • Latest server management tools such as WHM and Cpanel, helping manage application and server configurations. Many custom applications and OS can be used with our servers.
  • In addition, our dedicated servers boast of standard features such as Raid 1 configuration, high-speed SSD storage technologies, dedicated IPs, and DDOS protection.
  • 24/7/365 support.
  • A choice of dedicated servers located in top Data Centers in all continents of the world, and presence in all regions in Africa.

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