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eBay Shipping To Kenya: #7 Best Options

In search of a way to send eBay purchases to Kenya? In this article, we will guide you through the process of shopping and buying on eBay from Kenya, ensuring that everything is shipped and delivered directly to your doorstep.

eBay is an online shopping platform that caters to customers worldwide. It offers a wide range of products, including electronics, clothing, computers, automotive parts, and more. Similar to Amazon, Asos, and Mark & Spencer, eBay is a prominent e-commerce website that provides customers with fantastic deals. However, the uncertainty surrounding whether these goods can be shipped beyond the borders of the United Kingdom or the United States can be disheartening.

Thankfully, there are freight forwarding services available that can assist in shipping parcels to Kenya and delivering customer orders from eBay to Kenya. These services enable customers to easily shop for personal and commercial products, with the convenience of having them delivered directly to their doorsteps.

Reasons to Consider Shopping on eBay

If you haven’t explored the world of eBay shopping, it might be worth your while. The platform offers numerous advantages that make it a compelling choice for consumers.

1. Vast Array of Products

One of the main reasons why customers in Kenya opt for eBay is the wide range of products available. This platform enables access to items that might not be easily found elsewhere. By tapping into multinational marketplaces, eBay facilitates purchasing goods from the US or UK, which can then be shipped to Kenyan customers.

2. Exceptional Customer Support and Buyer Protection

eBay is renowned for its excellent customer service and buyer protection features. These attributes, coupled with competitive pricing and a money-back guarantee, provide customers with peace of mind. Additionally, eBay boasts an extensive selection of rare, vintage, and high-quality products.

3. Second-Hand Products 

Another benefit of shopping on eBay is the ability to purchase second-hand items. This presents an opportunity to acquire unique and quality goods at affordable prices.

4. Reliable Money-Back Guarantee

With eBay’s reliable money-back guarantee, shoppers can feel confident in their purchases. If a product arrives not as described, has defects, or fails to materialize altogether, buyers can file a claim to receive a refund. This policy safeguards customers and ensures their satisfaction.

How to Purchase eBay Items 

Shopping on eBay isn’t as complicated as it may appear. 

Step 1:  Get started with eBay by either signing up on or utilizing your Facebook/Google accounts to create an account.

Step 2: Explore the vast array of products by either browsing through categories or conducting a search.

Step 3: Refine your search results by utilizing product filters, allowing you to specify criteria such as price, brand, item condition, and more.

Step 4: Make an informed decision when selecting products by thoroughly reviewing detailed information, considering the seller’s reputation, and taking into account customer reviews.

Step 5: Seal the deal by either adding your chosen item to the cart or directly opting for the “buy now” option.

Step 6: Input the applicable shipping address, and for delivery to Kenya, consider utilizing reputable shipping companies like Savo Store, Kentex Cargo, or States Duka.

Step 7: Provide your payment details through credit/debit cards, PayPal, or eBay gift cards.

Step 8: Confirm your purchase, and shortly thereafter, expect to receive an order confirmation email.

Step 9: Stay in the loop regarding your package’s delivery progress by utilizing the tracking number provided by the seller, as well as the eBay notification emails.

How to Ship from eBay to Kenya

If you don’t know how to transport items from eBay to Kenya, you’ll run into some problems. For example, you may face complications such as exaggerated shipping prices; your items may be shipped, but delivery issues may develop at the post office. Furthermore, you may not know how to shop on eBay and deliver things to Kenya.

When shipping items from eBay to Kenya, substantial research is required to identify cost-effective and trustworthy delivery alternatives.

Choosing the Right Shipping Method

Choosing the right eBay shipping method is crucial. There are various options to pick from, including air freight, sea freight, and courier services, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Understanding the distinctions between air freight, sea freight, and courier services will help you make an informed decision and have a positive shipping experience.

Air freight is often the quickest shipping method available. It’s ideal for little, lightweight packages that need to arrive quickly. Air freight provides shorter transit times and quicker delivery. However, it is important to note that air freight may be more expensive than other shipping methods.

Sea freight, on the other hand, is a more economical choice for larger and heavier cargo. While it may take longer for your delivery to arrive, sea freight provides better pricing for larger shipments. This option is appropriate for non-time-sensitive items that can tolerate lengthier travel delays.

Courier services provide a blend of speed and cost-effectiveness. They offer door-to-door delivery, making it convenient for both sellers and consumers. Courier services are frequently dependable and provide tracking services, allowing you to track the status of your shipment. However, it is necessary to examine various courier companies to choose the most acceptable alternative in terms of pricing and dependability.

When choosing the best shipping method, consider the size and weight of your goods, their value, and the urgency of delivery. Additionally, consider any customs laws and requirements for shipping to Kenya.

Best Shipping Method 

#1. eBay Global Shipping Program

eBay Global Shipping Program(GSP) is one of the most popular tracking services. This program manages the entire shipping process, from initial pickup to final delivery. With GSP, you can quickly track your cargo using your eBay account. Simply go to your purchase history, find the item you want, then click on the tracking number provided. This will take you to the shipping carrier’s website, where you may view the real-time status of your shipment

#2. Third-Party shipping services 

Another option for shipping things from eBay to Kenya is to use third-party shipping services. To utilize them, you must have eBay and PayPal accounts. Alternatively, you can submit links to the things you want to buy and have delivered while inquiring about shipping prices, customs taxes, and fees to your preferred third-party shipping business. However, having control over your purchases ensures that you will not regret trusting strangers with your financial information.

a). Kentex Cargo 

This specializes in weekly air shipments from the US to Kenya, as well as sea shipments to Nairobi from different locations within the US. 

The pricing structure is based on the weight of the cargo and encompasses all fees, including customs clearance charges. To receive an invoice, customers are required to email the item links to [email protected] and provide their full name and phone number. Upon receipt of the order, items are typically delivered to customers within 10-14 business days. Payment options include Mpesa or CashApp. 

Additionally, Kentex offers sea shipping services for purchasing various items from eBay, such as computers, clothes, furniture, and vehicles, with the added benefit of customizable packaging options. However, it is important to note that the company has restrictions on the delivery of specific items, including antiques, artwork, animals, and hazardous goods, to Kenya from the western regions.

b). Air Cargo Global Kenya 

This is another shipping service company you could use. Air Cargo Global Kenya, allows you to select your desired things from any online retailer in the UK and designate their UK headquarters as the delivery address. To use their services, send them an email outlining your order and requesting delivery to Kenya.

Nonetheless, access to their services requires visiting their website and entering all of the relevant product details to acquire a price estimate. The fees for their services are not publicly revealed because they vary depending on the transported item. However, Air Cargo Global Kenya prioritizes safety and security, ensures quick delivery, and provides round-the-clock client service. 

c). MyShopper

Shipping eBay items to Kenya has also become easier thanks to MyShopper. This shipping service allows you to buy goods from any UK online store and ship them to Kenya. After you have chosen the things you want to buy, submit the URLs to [email protected] and wait for the company to price the items and send you a quote to the email address you supplied when registering.

The final step is to pay via MPESA. Remember to enter your delivery address, phone number, and full name at the checkout. If you have any questions before making a purchase from the UK and delivering it to Kenya with this service, please contact the company using this link.

d). StatesDuka

This is a dependable and cost-effective shipping service that provides a secure method to send packages from eBay to Kenya. By paying a reasonable rate of $15 per kg, you can have your packages, including gifts, work supplies, school supplies, business supplies, and various other items, shipped by air. 

The delivery period is conveniently short, only taking 15 business days, unlike the lengthy 90-day timeframe of ocean or sea freight shipments from the USA to Kenya. This secure shipping option is supported by positive online reviews from numerous satisfied clients. Additionally, StatesDuka offers an online shopping service for Kenyan customers who wish to make purchases on eBay or other exceptional websites.

Things to consider when delivering things to Kenya. 

01). Customs Regulations

All overseas shipments must clear customs with the necessary documentation for the sender’s and receiver’s nations.

02). Customs Fees

Fees vary depending on the product’s value and destination country, therefore understanding international customs fee rates is critical.

03). Shipping Tariff

To ensure correct pricing, compare shipping company rates as well as any additional freight taxes.

04). Transit Time

Consider potential delays in foreign shipments, as well as customs clearance time.

05). Mode of Transportation

When deciding whether to ship by air or water, consider time, cost, and product type.

06). Restricted Items

To avoid customs limitations, check the restricted items lists for both countries before sending a shipment.


eBay Shipping to Kenya provides Kenyan buyers and sellers with access to worldwide marketplaces. Concerns regarding the logistics of importing their preferred products are alleviated, as the service ensures a smooth delivery process throughout the country. With so many options accessible, Kenyan shoppers can choose the most relevant and convenient option for their needs.

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