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How To Get Cheapest VPS in Kenya (Best Provider)

Last updated on July 12th, 2023 at 07:47 am

Cheapest VPS in Kenya:

Virtual Private servers or Cloud Servers in Kenya i.e. by Kenyan Companies in Kenyan Datacenter or in International data center will be explored in this article.

We start on Cheapest VPS in Kenya in a Kenyan IDCA certified data center by cloud services provider in kenya; the author choice is

Cloudpap KL1

  • 1 Core Processor
  • 512MB RAM RAM
  • 10GB HDD Disk
  • Unlimited Local Transfer
  • 1 IP4 IP Address
  • Linux OS
  • Kenya Data Center
  • Available at $7.99 or KES 800 a month
  • 97% Uptime
  • Set up time – under 2 hours

$7.99 / KES 800/= isn’t bad for this small virtual machine.

Disk Space is upgradeable to large disk so no worries for your small growing application. Elsewhere an equivalent VPS may go for $3 so in that sense Cloudpap KL1 isn’t a bargain, but by the prices for other VPS and cloud servers in Africa, this is a real bargain.

Cheapest VPS in Kenya

Cheapest Cloud server in Kenya as available from any data center by cloud providers in Kenya – author’s choice is

Cloudpap 1

  • 1 Core Processor
  • 4 GHz Speed
  • 10GB SSD Disk
  • Local RAID 10
  • Openstack KVM
  • Unlimited – 100Mbps Bandwidth
  • 1 IP4 IP Address
  • Allow up to 15 extra IP Address
  • Anti-DDoS Pro Protection
  • RESTful API
  • 97% SLA
  • Datacenter location – Canada, USA, Germany, France.
  • $7.99

This is a bargain – see the 2GB RAM, Openstack powered and SSD Disk, and 100Mbps Link in one of the best datacenters in the world.

Set up time is 30 minutes or less.- how about that..?

Get one today just to have a feel of real computing power.

Consider this as the cheapest Cloud server in the World for its qualities. Kindly note the 24/07 support that comes with servers at Any young developer needs this, it gets crazy at times and therefore 24/07 technical support counts a lot.

This makes up one of the affordable VPS hosting in Kenya.

If you are looking for such, then this is it.

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