Best Business Voice Solution in Kenya by Truehost Cloud

Are you looking for the best business voice solution in Kenya?

Having a reliable business voice service in your company could be the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

Such a service can help you streamline communication with your clients by providing an efficient way to manage calls, chats as well as video conferencing.

In this article, we will discuss how Truehost has made this possible by leveraging an award-winning cloud technology to provide businesses in Kenya a smooth way to make calls, text, and even host conferences through the web.

Why do you need a business voice solution in Kenya?

It’s typical to find most companies adding phone numbers on their websites and counting on it to facilitate communication with customers.

However, such phone numbers depict an unprofessional image, and most importantly, it does not offer a surefire way to communicate.


On the other hand, adding a proper business voice solution allows you to achieve the following:

  • Allows you to easily keep track of important aspects of calls such as duration, wait times, hold times, as well as overall usage
  • Our business voice solution comes with services such as call forwarding, caller ID, call routing, and more
  • You can make and receive calls directly from your mobile phone, computer, or desk phone
  • A business voice solution gives you the capability of transmitting voice over the internet (VoIP). Consequently, you can make or receive business calls anywhere you are provided there’s a reliable internet connection

If you are running an online business or any other type of business in Kenya, then installing such a business voice service is a huge step in the right direction. For one thing, you can use it to build close customer relations by offering customer support through the phone.

With that in mind, let’s look at factors you need to consider when choosing business voice service in Kenya.

  1. The number of calls you handle daily

It goes without saying, business operations can be uncertain: some days you receive thousands of calls especially during holiday seasons, while on the other, the calls trickle in. This is where the flexibility of cloud-based voice service comes in handy.

Instead of bringing in additional hardware to handle the huge number of calls (as in traditional voice systems), cloud-based voice service allows you to subscribe to what you need when you need it.

  1. The money you are willing to invest

Traditionally, you had to break your bank to afford the initial set up costs and pray that it never breaks down. But with a Cloud-based business voice solution, there are no initial costs or even maintenance costs. The only thing required of you is the subscription fee and we take care of the rest.

  1. Reliable internet connection

Remember we mentioned earlier that with this business voice solution enables, you can transmit voice data through the internet. Consequently, you need a reliable internet connection to reap all the benefits of a cloud-based voice service.

What to do next

You have seen why business voice solution is the perfect fit for your business. A ton of opportunities awaits you on the other side.

Visit this page to browse through our affordable voice plans tailored to your needs.

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