benefits of cloud server Kenya

#5 Benefits of Cloud Server Kenya (List)

Wondering whats are the benefits of cloud server Kenya?

In this article, learn reasons why you need such as service in under 5 minutes.

A cloud server is a virtual server running on a cloud computing environment; it is built hosted and run on a cloud computing platform via the internet. Cloud servers are located in data centers where the computing power is generated for the cloud servers. They are accessed remotely by the hosting companies where they could have multiple data centers where their cloud servers are located. The reason why cloud servers are located in the data centers is to ensure that their physical environment is at the optimal level.

A cloud server is administered and managed by your service provider.

Cloud server overview

Cloud servers include virtual private servers, dedicated servers, email servers and the shared server. All these types of servers serve for different needs of the clients.

The private servers and dedicated servers serve clients at a dedicated level. The customer who leases for the server uses its resources without sharing it with any other client.

They are for application software, hosting companies, and large enterprises with large websites that get a lot of traffic.

Email servers are dedicated servers that serve the needs of the email platform; they are only dedicated to the email sending and receiving and all the operations involving the mail system. It is separated from your overall hosting plan for your business.

Shared servers are provided for shared hosting where a number of websites share the resources of one server ads each is assigned a space in the server and also the resources on has subscribed for depending on the needs of their business and also the size of the website.

Benefits of cloud servers

  • A cloud server gives the business user stability and security because any software problems are isolated from your environment. Other cloud servers cannot impact your cloud server; if another user overloads their cloud server, there will be no impact on your cloud server which is unlike for the physical server.
  • Cloud servers are stable, fast, and secure. They avoid the hardware issues seen with physical servers, and they are likely to be the most stable option for businesses wanting to keep their IT budget down.
  • Cloud servers provide a faster service for your money. You get more resources and faster service than you would for a similar price of a physical server. A cloud-hosted website will run faster.
  • You get scalability with cloud servers. It is very easy and quick to upgrade by adding memory and disk space as well as being more affordable.

Truehost cloud servers

Truehost is the best provider of cloud servers; powerful, reliable, and secure servers to serve the needs of your business effectively they have been simplified and made cost-effective for you here at Truehost cloud.

Truehost provides you with dedicated servers which have the best prices and premium features to serve you well for the needs of your business.

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Why Truehost

All Truehost managed cloud servers offer 24/7 customer support and server monitoring, 99.999% uptime guarantee, secure servers in stable data environments in more than ten data centers in different regions and locations.

The web servers have been installed with advanced SSD technology to allow easy and fast access to data and have enhanced security for your data by installing malware and firewalls in the web servers.

Get your cloud server today at Truehost and enjoy all the good benefits that come with each of them. Truehost cloud serves you like no other could get to us today.

With such benefits of cloud server Kenya, consider getting one now.

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