7 Reasons why Kenyans Should Choose .KE for their Websites

Our world in Truehost is about domain names. We have hundred of domain names that we offer all over the world, but our serial advice to Kenyans is that they should use .KE domains. The .KE domains is the ccTLD for Kenya, meaning that it is the Kenyan Passport as far as the online world is concerned. Of you are a Kenyan individual, business, brand or even a spirit, here are seven reasons you should choose a .KE domain over other domain names such as .COM.

Good .KE domains are not yet taken

Are you looking for a unique domain name that will perfectly describe your brand or business? Goodluck if you want a .COM domain. In most cases, .COM names are always taken. However, .KE domains are available. Try searching for any .KE domain and chances are that you will find it. You can search for a .KE domain below.


You do not have to change your already registered domain name because you cannot find a .COM domain. .KE has many option which means your preferred unique name will always be found. Remember that domain names are universal, that is why websites like nation.co.ke is popular not only in Kenya but almost all over the world.

There are different .KE extensions available

.KE domains come in various extensions based on your need. Here are the options available.


 for Companies


 for Not for Profit Making Organizations or NGO’s


 for Network Devices


 for Government Entities


 for Institutions of Higher Educations


 for Lower and Middle Institutes of Learning.


 for Personal names


 for Mobile content


 for Information


With all those options, you can opt for a .me.ke for your personal blog or personal branding, or .or.ke if you are an organizations. The options are endless.

Brand Protection

With a .KE, your brand is safe and secured. In case of any dispute, KeNIC will come to your aid if you are the legal owner or your rights are being infringed. With other domain extensions, you have no one to turn to and you have to literally face the music.

With .KE domains, the risk of phishing is also minimal. This is because KeNIC actively monitors phishing domains and knows the registrants. Anybody found to be running a scam using a .KE domain will be prosecuted under the Kenyan law. For other extensions, it is hard to identify the owner of a domain, and therefore harder to block phishing scams.


.KE gives you more credibility as a Kenyan

.KE is the unique identity of the Kenya internet. If you are based in Kenya or targeting users in Kenya, the .KE domain gives your websites visitors a good level of assurances that you are a Kenya, and not a Nigerian somewhere in Lagos. Besides that, the .KE domain gives your website a higher SEO ranking for users who are in Kenya or looking for Kenyan websites.


.KE price is very Kenyan

We love good things; great things, but we also love them to be affordable as Kenyans. While the cost of domain names can be high, not so for .KE domain names. There are tens of .KE domain registrars who give you the .KE domains at amazingly affordable prices. Did you know that you can get a .CO.KE for only KES 499?

Kenyans are Shopping and Searching things online

We are no longer in the year 1992. Kenyans are online doing a number of things, including online shopping. If you think you can ignore the internet, you might as well start sending smoke signals alongside your mixed signals. Kenyans are online and any institution needs an online presence in order to be found.

Whether it is a business, a shop, a blog or even a hobby, you better share it online so that people can find it. The best place to start is by getting a website.

.KE registrars will support you 24/7/365

The beauty of .KE domain registrars is that they can be reached anytime you need them. There are over one hundred of these registrars in Kenya, such as Truehost Cloud, Kenya Website Experts, Sasahost and DeepAfrica. You could even walk to their offices if you needed to (that’s so 1927).

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