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9 Best Ways To Make Money Online in Kenya Through MPESA 2023

Last updated on August 13th, 2023 at 02:25 pm

In today’s day and age, many people are looking to make money from home in Kenya. You can do this by starting your own online business! There are a few things you will need to know before you start though. In this blog post, we will go over what it takes to succeed at making money online in Kenya through MPESA. 

We will talk about the different ways that people make money in Kenya, as well as some of the common mistakes that people make when they first try to build their online business!

1). Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing in Kenya is basically selling other people’s products. You can do this through websites like Jumia and Travelstart Affiliate Program. 

Next,  you can get started with affiliate marketing. There are several types of affiliate programs that you can choose from, but it is important to remember that each one will require different skills and strategies in order for you to be successful.

To succeed as an affiliate marketer, you will need to be able to drive traffic to your website

This can be done through various methods such as SEO, social media marketing, and paid advertising. 

Once you have a steady flow of traffic coming to your site, it is important that you provide valuable content and offers that will entice your visitors to take action. If you are able to do this, then you will be well on your way to making money with affiliate marketing!

2). Join Online Surveys

Another great way to make money online in Kenya through MPESA from home is by joining online surveys. 

This is a great option for people who are looking for a side hustle, as it does not require a lot of time or effort. There are several reputable survey companies that you can join, and most of them will pay you in cash or gift cards. 

To maximize your earnings from online surveys, it is important to sign up for as many panels as possible. 

You should also make sure to complete all of the surveys that you qualify for, as this will increase your chances of getting paid more often. In addition, be sure to check your email regularly for new survey opportunities!

Consider the following best online survey sites in Kenya that pay through MPESA

  • Paid Surveys Kenya. 
  • Opinion Space. 
  • PaidViewPoint.
  • iPoll.
  • GlobalTestMarket.

3). Start an online store in Kenya

Another great way to make money online in Kenya through MPESA is by starting an e-commerce store. 

There are several options for people who want to do this, whether you have a lot of experience or not! 

If you already have some knowledge about running your own business, then opening up an actual brick-and-mortar store might be the best option for you. 

However, if that isn’t the case, there are other ways to start making money with your website as well!

One effective method is through affiliate marketing again – however instead of promoting someone else’s product on your site, why not sell something yourself? 

This will take more work than simply joining affiliate programs though since it requires creating products from scratch. 

To help get started with building out your website today sign up for a free WEBSITE on OLITT

There is no credit card required to start, and you can cancel anytime during this trial if you decide it’s not for you!

4). Sell Digital Products

If affiliate marketing in Kenya isn’t your thing, then why not sell digital products instead and make money online in Kenya through MPESA? 

You could create ebooks or videos that teach people how to do something – anything really! 

Then once someone buys one of these items from your website, you get paid every time they make another purchase through the site in future months. 

This is known as an “affiliate program”, but there are also other options where sellers pay commission directly into their MPESA account each month which don’t require affiliates at all. 

These types of programs come with lower fees than traditional affiliate programs since customers will be buying products directly from you rather than an affiliate. 

5). Ranking and selling websites in Kenya

If you are good at online marketing in Kenya, then another great way to make money is by selling websites. 

There are several different types of sites out there that have potential but just need a little bit of work! 

For example, someone might be able to create an e-commerce store or blog with your help – or perhaps they want to grow their Facebook page more before starting an advertising campaign. 

Either way, if you’re skilled enough in digital marketing and website development then this could be your ticket to financial freedom!

6). Resell web hosting services

If you know how to build websites, then another great way to make money online in Kenya through MPESA is by reselling web hosting services. 

This might seem like an odd area of expertise to have at first sight – but it’s actually quite simple! 

If you already own a website or blog that gets thousands of visitors per month (like this one!) then all you need do is offer shared hosting packages for people who are just starting out. 

You can usually charge around KES 500/month for these kinds of services and keep 100% of the profits too once your client has grown their site enough.

Check out our reseller web hosting packages in Kenya.

7). Become an Instagram Influencer

If you’re good at taking pictures and have a large following on Instagram, then another great way to make money online in Kenya through MPESA is by becoming an influencer. 

This simply means that companies will pay you to post about their products or services on your account! 

There are several different ways that you can go about this, but the most common method is through sponsored posts. 

These are posts where the company pays you to feature their product in a specific way – for example, by giving it away for free or telling your followers how much you love it. 

8). Social Media Management

As social media becomes more and more popular, businesses are beginning to realize just how important it is to have a strong online presence. 

However, many of them don’t have the time or resources to manage all of their accounts themselves! 

This is where you come in – as a social media manager in Kenya.

All you need to do is create attractive posts for each account, interact with followers, and occasionally run marketing campaigns. 

You can usually charge around 1K/hour for this service, and some businesses will even pay you monthly retainers too. 

Truth is, there are plenty of other ways to make money online in Kenya through MPESA as well – these are just a few of the most common ones. 

So whatever your skillset may be, there’s definitely something out there.

To make money online in Kenya you will need to know how to promote your business and services effectively, as well as have the right mindset! 

There are many different factors that go into making sure you succeed at running your own home-based business! 

If any of these points interest you then keep reading our blog for more information on what it takes to be successful at making money from home in Kenya.

I hope all of this has been helpful in teaching you about some of the most common ways people make money online in Kenya through smartphones.

9. Start a successful YouTube Channel

If you’re looking to earn some extra cash online in Kenya, starting your own YouTube channel can be a fantastic way to go.

To kick things off, dive into topics that really catch people’s attention. Craft videos that are not only entertaining but also super informative – that’s the magic recipe!

Don’t forget to give your videos catchy titles and descriptions so they pop up when people search.

Be a consistent uploader to keep your audience hooked and coming back for more.

As your fanbase grows, you can make money through ads, teaming up with brands, and even suggesting products you love.

And here’s a pro-tip: mingle with your viewers, stay in the loop with trends, and join forces with other cool creators to really skyrocket your online presence.

It takes time, but boy, is it rewarding!

In conclusion, there are many different ways that you can make money online in Kenya through MPESA. 

It is important that you choose the method that best suits your skills and interests. If you are willing to put in the hard work required, then you can definitely achieve success with any of these methods!

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