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How To Get Free SSL Certificate in Kenya Now

Last updated on October 31st, 2022 at 01:39 pm

Learn how to get Free SSL certificate in Kenya

Free Credible SSL certificate in Kenya is only available at Truehost. While other web hosting companies provide Cpanel generated free SSL certificate at Truehost Cloud we issue a variety of credible free SSL certificate.

Currently, we offer the following free SSL certificates

  • Comodo 90 days free SSL certificate
  • Let’s Encrypt Free SSL certificate

Comodo 90 days free SSL Certificate

Issue by the largest Certification Authority Comodo Group.

The Comodo 90 days free SSL certificate is not renewable and is issued once to a certain domain name.

This certificate gives the website owner time to acquire a paid-up SSL certificate to cover the rest of the year.

It’s available for any domain that has not used or applied for it in the past.

Apply Comodo 90 days free SSL certificate for your domain name today Truehost Cloud.

Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificate

This is an entirely free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt Certification Authority.

It is renewable every 3 months.

Truehost cloud has integrated with Cpanel to allow account owners to conveniently install and manage their let’s encrypt SSL certificate.

Check out for the Lets Encrypt SSL icon on your Cpanel under security application and install Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for free.

Special features with let’s encrypt free SSL certificate include:

  • It allows wild card domain SSL certificate installation especially to all the subdomains that you may be having
  • It’s completely free
  • It’s very secure

No strings attached – just renew after expiry. Ideal, web hosting in Kenya, and SSL certificate goes hand in hand. In fact, Truehost offers it for free.

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