Cheap Dedicated Server in Kenya

How To Get Cheap Dedicated Server in Kenya

Looking for a Cheap Dedicated Server in Kenya? You are in the right place.

A dedicated server is a server leased by a client to serve their needs only, the server resources are not shared with other clients they are only used for the needs of that particular client. It is called dedicated because the server and its resources are only dedicated to one client no sharing of resources.

Dedicated servers are leased by those big businesses that experience a lot of traffic and have a large number of transactions and operations running on their website. Such businesses would need a dedicated server to ensure that their operations are not interrupted by other websites that could be using the same resources of the server.

Dedicated servers also give room for maximum utilization of resources to serve the needs of the business and those of the users.

Benefits of Dedicated Servers in Kenya

  • Increases level of server security at any time.
  • Enhances reliability and uptime of the server.
  • Ensures better technical support in managing the servers
  • Reduce the chances of downtime due to reduced traffics
  • Enhances a conducive bandwidth and space for your website
  • Ensures easy upgrade as the website grows and ensure that other businesses do not crash you.

Dedicated servers come with great responsibility because the client is in charge of management and administration of the server therefore they must have the required technical knowledge on how to maintain and operate the server.

Cost of a dedicated server in Kenya

The cost of leasing the server is also a high price compared to the shared hosting, however for any large organization that deeply depends on the database to fetch and present information many times for transactions then they have nothing to lose.

If the server is used to enhance the rate of getting data for transactions so as to increase the sales of the business then it is the perfect plan for the business.

A cheap dedicated server in Kenya is important for a business as it allows saving on costs of renting the dedicated server.

You will agree with me that every business wants simple and cost-effective products for easy budgeting and helps reduce the cash load on business resources.

The cheap dedicated server in Kenya should also have good features and functions to help operate properly and respond effectively to the needs of the business.

Truehost Dedicated Servers

Truehost offers the best dedicated servers powerful and most reliable.

Get your cloud dedicated server for applications, websites, Business Emails in KE, cloud storage and for all businesses with the best prices, simplified and made affordable.

This link https://www.truehostcloud.com/cloud-servers-pricing/ will allow you to view the dedicated servers offered at Truehost and their prices. You will also be able to order your dedicated server immediately on that page, log into it now a secure your perfect dedicated server suitable for your business.

All the Truehost managed dedicated servers come with added features which include: Free centos 7 OS installation with root access; free firewalls and IP table configurations;

  • Free WHM/Cpanel software installation;
  • Security scripts installation;
  • Apache webserver;
  • My SQL PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, PureFTP,
  • 24/7 server monitoring;
  • Optimal configurations.

Get more about us at www.truehost.co.ke to order our hosting services.

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