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Best Domain Registrar Companies in Kenya (List)

Last updated on November 3rd, 2020 at 10:05 am

Looking for Best Domain Registrar Companies in Kenya?

In this simple guide, you will learn more about what to look for when registering for a website name.

There are several domain registration companies in the world total to over a million, some being ICANN accredited but most operating as resellers.

Most domain registrar companies operate or provide other secondary services including web hosting, servers, cloud services, reseller web hosting VPS Servers in KE,  and other services that a client buying domain may require.

Such companies include:

  • Godaddy
  • Hostgator
  • Kenya Website Experts
  • TrueHost Kenya
  • CloudPap among others.

In Kenya Domain registrar with quality secondary services include Sasahost, Kenya Websites Experts, Truehost Kenya, EA directory, Kenya Web, CloudPap, Peak n Dale among others.

A few years ago domain registrar used to be ISP companies only, that is why companies like Safaricom, iWay Africa still provide domain registration services.

Currently, times have changed and more players have come in most specializing in domain registration and offering better services.

Best Domain Registrar Companies in Kenya

When choosing a domain registrar consider the following

1.Support and Technical know how

One of the most important qualities for a great domain registrar. When a buyer buys from some ISP companies, companies that do not specialize in the service, remember those companies are in most cases ill-equipped in terms of technical customer support.

Consider specialist in the industry, companies always innovating to offer more superior services, can never go wrong with Truehost Kenya.

2.Availability of other supporting services like web and Email hosting.

It can be hectic to register a domain with one company then get hosting or any other service from another company. Consider what will happen when renewing two services instead of one.

3.Pricing strategy

Be aware of domain registrars with cunning pricing strategy, they lower their domain prices in a bid to get customers but give no information on renewal fees such as Godaddy, you may buy a domain at $7 only to have its renewal fee at $18, that makes the total cost of ownership for a period of 2 years to be $25.

Consider going for domain providers with guaranteed renewal fees despite the offers; look like companies like, Kenya Websites Experts, Truehost Kenya, Sasahost, CloudPap


Take the fairest price considering all the other factors.

Follow this link to start your domain registration in Kenya.

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