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Cheapest domain name registration

Domain registration is the internet service offered by the hosting companies who are licensed registrars of domain names of selling and registering domain names. A domain name is the name for your website and your business; it is the identity of your brand and you also. A domain can also be referred to as the address of your website, the domain name is the one used on the URL of the browser and then it lands you to your website.

A domain is a requirement for every business; it is the tool that every business that wants to success has to have so that they can host their website online because one cannot host their website without a domain name.

A domain name and web hosting being an important tool for any business, every business; the small and large businesses need to get cheap services for their hosting. Cheap domain name registration has been made available by many registrars worldwide.

Cheapest domain registration means cheap services and management tools, reliable, powerful and secure services. This is what defines a cheap service that can offer premium services to serve the needs of your business. Cheap services does not necessarily mean good services it is therefore important to do a research on any registrar and get to know clearly the domain services that they offer to their clients to ensure that you get the most reliable services that will not fail you.

Due to the increased demand of domain names daily, there have emerged many domain registrars offering domain name registration services.

Things to consider when choosing a domain name registrar

There should be no extra charges involved in renewals or in case of transfer of domain to another service provider.

The registration duration should be of a minimum of one year, renewals which are of a year and below are not very convenient to register.

Check on the terms and conditions given when you want to transfer your domain. Some companies make the process very simple for you without including extra charges whereas some make the process so complicated and even press charges above the normal charges involved.

The policy involved after expiry of a domain. One may lose a domain name simply because they did not renew on time may be because they forgot; consider a registrar who gives reminders before and on expiry of domain to allow the customer to renew their domain and not lose it.

The support provided by the company. Customer support is a very important aspect to consider, 24/7 support is important to help clients wherever their service cannot function properly.

Truehost domain name registrar

Truehost Cloud is one of the best domain name registrar globally for local and international domain name. It is an accredited registrar having many years of experience in domain name registration and web hosting services.

Truehost domain registration services are of very cheap prices. We provide 24/7 customer support and server monitoring, give 99.999% uptime so that your domain is always responsive on the internet. Truehost ensures that you are reminded when your domain name is about to expire to avoid loss of your domain name. Register your domain name today at and enjoy all the best services you could ever need.

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