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[Tutorial] How to Register a Domain on Safaricom

Last updated on July 5th, 2022 at 02:59 pm

Today, we are looking at Safaricom domain registration. See, every business intending to have an online presence should have a domain name.  

If you are planning to start your website, you first need to understand what domain names are.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the address of your website that visitors type in the browser to check your website. It is the identity and location of a website.

You need a domain to make a website.

Why do you need a Domain name?

We said that every online store needs to have a domain, below are some of the reasons you need to invest in a domain name.

  1. Helps in building your brand

A domain name can increase the awareness of your brand. If your domain name aligns with your company name or your products or services, it is very easy for your customers to remember it. They can always return or refer other people to visit your site. A good domain name can bring traffic to your site and this result in more sales.

  1. A domain name gives your business a more professional look

If you want your customers to trust your business you need to invest in a good name. a business with a good name looks legit and professional and customers are not confident of purchasing goods from you.

  1. A domain name gives users a place to find more information about your business before contacting you.
  2. A domain name gives your business a search engine positioning.

Using the right keywords in your domain name can help your SEO ranking.

  1. A domain name gives you a competitive edge

Many customers first search for something online before purchasing. If you have the products the customers are looking at then they won’t search for it from your competitors. If you don’t invest in a good domain that your competitors have then your customers will connect with them. With a good domain, you have the chance of beating even bigger companies through SEO.

  1. Market your business online with your website. 

Every website needs a domain name. You can always promote your products and services online and make people visit your website easily.

  1. A domain name handles some of your customer service for your business

When people search your domain name in any browser, they will get more information such as your contact, product, and service information. People who visit your site can find some of the frequently asked questions which will answer them.

  1. A domain name allows you to change your email to a professional email address.

 How to choose a perfect domain name

A domain name can make or break you and therefore, it is very important to the perfect domain name for your business.

You need to do your research first. You might like and settle for a name that is already registered. This ensures that you get off to a safe start with your site.

  • Select a domain name that will rank you higher in SEO. Use the right keywords that relate to your business or website.
  • Make sure the domain name is simple to pronounce and spell
  • Make it short. Shorter domain names are easy to remember and type.
  • Avoid hyphens and numbers. These make the domain name more difficult.

Once you choose the domain name which fits your brand, the next thing is to choose a domain name suffix.

A domain suffix is an extension that follows the domain name after the dot.  There are different types of domain names. 

Types of domain name

  1. Top-level domain

These are the domain extensions that are listed at the highest level.

They include .com,.org,.net

  1. Country Code Top-level domain

These are country-specific domain names that end with the country-code extension.

For example .ke for Kenya

  1. Sponsored Top-level domain

This is a special category of the top-level domains which has a sponsor representing a specific community 

For instance .edu for education

How to choose a domain name suffix

  • Think about the audience you want to attract to your website. Do you want a global audience or those from your region?
  • Think about the purpose of your site

Domain Registration

Now that you have settled for a domain name you need to register it to prevent other people from using it. Registering a domain name gives you the ability to use it for your website.

You register a domain name for a specific period after which it expires. You can always renew it to retain ownership of it.

You can register a domain name from any authorized domain registrar. There are many of them and you must choose the right one. 

Some domain registrars offer services or benefits that others don’t. Find out which firm has the best domain registration services based on your needs.

What to consider when selecting a domain registrar

a). Price

Some firms have a fixed fee so long as you own the domain. Others have an additional charge for renewing the domain name.

b). Customer service

Always choose where customer service is available and good.

c). Speed updates

You need to choose a domain registrar which loads faster whenever you’re updating your domain.

Requirements when registering a domain name

To register a domain name, you will be required to have the following 

  • The domain name
  • Details such as contact info, email address, physical address, and billing contacts
  • Desired domain registration period
  • Payment information

Safaricom Domain Registration

Most of you know that Safaricom is the leading telecommunication service provider in Kenya. Their services include creating a website for your business using a free website builder and domain registration.

Why you need to register a domain name on Safaricom

Registering a domain name with Safaricom comes with some features and benefits such as;

  • Free website builder
  • Allow use of self-provisioning of service
  • Free email security
  • Customers can choose the auto-renewal of a service option from the self-service portal
  • Free setup
  • Guaranteed 24/7 user support
  • Easy to use and affordable
  • No hardware or software purchase is required

How to register a domain name on Safaricom (Tutorial)

#1 Go to

safaricom domain registration
safaricom domain registration

#2: Click on domains and then register a new domain

Click on the search tab to check the availability of the domain name

Choose an extension and add it to the shopping cart

Some Domains name extensions that are available:

  • .ke – Ksh.7,000
  • .com – Ksh.999
  • .net – Ksh.999
  • .org – Ksh.999
  • .biz – Ksh.999
  • .info – Ksh.999
  • – Ksh.1,300

Each domain extension is charged differently starting from Kshs.999

#3: Select a web hosting package (if you want)

There are seven plans;

  1.  Lite 

This is the cheapest package which offers 50MB space,5 Email accounts, and unlimited bandwidth

  1. Bronze

This package comes with 500 MB space, 10 Email accounts, 5 sub-domains, and unlimited bandwidth

  1. Silver

Has 2GB Space, 50 Email accounts, 50 subdomains 

  1. Gold 

This comes with 10 GB space, 100 email accounts, 20 FTP accounts

  1. Premium

The premium plan offers 20 GB space,200 email accounts,200 sub-domains

  1. Enterprise

Comes with 50 GB space,500 email accounts,400 sub-domains and 40 FTP accounts

  1. Enterprise Plus

This is the most expensive plan which comes with 100 GB space,1000 email accounts, 600 sub-domains, and 60 FTP accounts

All the seven packages offer free email security, free website builder, and unlimited bandwidth

Each web hosting package has a cost depending on the storage space, the number of email accounts, and other package features.

Remember, only pick the hosting package if you don’t have one yet.

After selecting your perfect plan add it to the cart and click on continue

Input your details, billing information, and password

How to register a domain name on Safaricom

Your password must be strong enough to continue

Click on the Accept the terms of service box to accept the terms and conditions.How to register a domain name on Safaricom

Click on Complete order

You will receive an email notification with details of your new active account.

If you purchase a domain name at Safaricom it comes with the following;

  • Business domain name
  • Free website builder
  • Storage disc space
  • Unlimited bandwidth for your website
  • From 5 business email addresses 
  • Free email security

If you already have a domain account registered from a different provider you can easily transfer it to Safaricom.

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