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A Guide to Making Money with WordPress in Kenya

Did you know you can make money with WordPress in Kenya? If you didn’t know this then I have good news for you. WordPress is the most popular site builder and content management system in the world with more than 55% market share. Before we get into how to make money on WordPress, you need …

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How to Setup Wix in Kenya: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you ready to join the Wix revolution in Kenya?  Have you heard the buzz around town?  Everyone is talking about it, but don’t worry; we’ve covered you. This step-by-step guide will show you how to get your Wix site up and running in no time.  So buckle up, ’cause you’re about to plunge into …

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10 Best Counties To Do Business In Kenya

Location is a crucial factor when starting a business. What location will you choose for your business, and why? It’s crucial to find a location that can support the growth of your company. Also, discover the ideal business location for your particular industry. When picking a business location, whether starting a new office or shop …

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Popular Bloggers in Kenya With Most Visited Blogs in 2023

Are you aware of the vibrant blogosphere in Kenya? Over the years, blogging has become more and more popular in Kenya. The blogosphere has increased by almost 90% and is expected to grow more due to the unemployment rate in the country. For many people, blogging has developed into a rewarding career. The time when …

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How to Create a Business Website in Kenya

So you want to create a business website in Kenya? You’ve come to the right place. See, a website is a must-have tool for any meaningful engagement in the digital world.  If you don’t know already, a website is a collection of information and resources filed in an orderly way, which can be publicly accessed …

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