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How Much Money To Start A Small Shop In Kenya

Thinking about opening a small shop but worried about how much money to start the small shop in Kenya ? It’s an exciting opportunity to be part of the retail world in this vibrant country. In this article, we’ll explore the basics of starting a small shop, focusing on what money you need to get …

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5 Tips To Build a Successful Duka Business In Kenya

If you’re thinking about starting your own business in Kenya, one idea worth exploring is the Duka business. What’s a Duka, you ask? Well, it’s a small neighborhood store that sells things people use every day. Imagine it like a little shop right around the corner from your house. Understanding the Duka Business Model A …

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7 Items To Sell In A Cosmetic Shop In Kenya

Looking for items to sell in a cosmetic shop in Kenya? In Kenya, the world of cosmetics and beauty is growing fast! More and more people are excited about looking and feeling great. If you’re thinking about starting your own cosmetic shop, you’re in the right place. Overview of the Growing Cosmetics and Beauty Industry …

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55+ Items To Sell In A Shop In Kenya

Running a shop can be super exciting! You get to decide what cool stuff to sell to people. In Kenya, where there’s so much diversity, choosing the right items for your shop can make it a special place for everyone. Let’s explore some awesome items to sell in a shop in Kenya. 1. Motor Vehicle …

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8 Email Marketing Tools To Help Grow Your Business

What are email marketing tools? These are different types of software and applications that allow a marketer to create, send out, optimize email campaigns, and keep track of them as the campaigns gain speed. Email marketing tools are used for email design, email building, sending emails, optimizing emails, measuring email metrics, and generating email reports.  …

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