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A domain, or domain name, is an address for your website. It is that name you use for your business which is assigned and IP number do that when your visitors want to view your website they type the address on the URL of their browsers and they are landed to your website.

Domains operate under the rules and procedures of domain name system which is the platform in which they are formed. It is the address book of the internet that translates names into IP address and directs visitors to your website. The IP address directs and translates the place where your website resources are stored for view and utilization.

Any name registered under the domain name system (DNS) is a domain name. There are mainly three levels of domain names which include:

-Top level domain e.g. generic top-level domains (gTLDs) such as the prominent domains .com, .info, .net, .edu and .org and the country code top-level domains (ccTLDs).

-Second level domain. They commonly refer to the organization that registered the domain name with a domain name registrar.

-Third level domain. They are made with a maximum of two levels it is usually used to mention a certain server in a company.

The top level domain are mainly for all individuals, businesses and organizations internationally who do their business operations and offer goods and services internationally.

The third and second level domain names are mostly for the local usage for individuals, businesses and organizations that operate their enterprises within the country locally.

Why domain names are important

-A domain name adds credibility to your own small business. Having a domain name makes your business look professional it creates trust and credibility with your customers on the e-commerce.

-A domain name implies you are forward thinking and this might put you a head of your competitors as it shows that you are up-to-date with the emerging technologies hence part of the digital revolution.

-A domain name helps you have online mobility. Owning your own domain name helps you go with your name when you want to transfer web hosts or when you want to switch your hosting to an in-house server.

-The right domain name attracts walk-in business. You can draw traffic and leads to your website if you choose a domain that matches the concept of your business instead of getting a domain that is exactly your business name. For example you can choose a domain name with a product that you provide.

-A domain name builds your brand. A domain name can increase the awareness of your brand, if your domain name matches your company name it reinforces your brand making your customers remember and return.

Domain provider

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