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How To Create A Unique & Beautiful WordPress Blog Design

Do you run a WordPress blog that receives little traffic or that users come briefly before leaving without reaching your content? It is upsetting especially if you put a lot of effort into producing great content that you want people to read. As a WordPress user, you must draw visitors to your website. Designing your …

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SEO Tips And Tricks For Your WordPress Blog in Kenya

The goal of any website user is to appear top of google search results. A huge number of websites use WordPress as their content management system and they all compete for first place on search engine result pages.  With such fierce competition, it might be difficult to rank well, which is why you should work …

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How To Choose The Right WordPress Theme For Your Site

WordPress powers many websites throughout the world. The main reason it is so well-liked is that there are thousands of distinct themes available.  If you are just starting, you might be asking what the heck a WordPress theme is. Well, a WordPress theme is a collection of images that controls your website’s general aesthetic.  You …

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Discover How to Host a Website in Kenya

In the modern era of digital marketing, web hosting companies in Kenya play an important role in providing a service that assists businesses to grow. You or your company can publish your website or web applications online by learning how to host a website in Kenya The files for the website are stored on a …

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How Much Does a Blog Cost in Kenya in 2022?

If you are unfamiliar with Internet tools, you may believe that starting a blog in Kenya is both expensive and complicated. This is not true. However, by 2022 and beyond, things have changed and improved significantly. It is no longer necessary to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars to create a blog or a Web …

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