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How To Make 100K Selling Domain Names in Kenya

Domain names are one of the most valuable online real estate assets today. As more businesses establish an online presence, demand for quality domain names continues to rise in Kenya.

This presents a great money-making opportunity for entrepreneurs wanting to enter the domain investing business.

In this post, I’ll provide actionable tips on how you can start buying and flipping domain names to make over 100,000 in the Kenyan market.

Domain names are your website’s address on the internet.

Just like prime real estate locations garner higher property values, short, brandable domain names can sell for thousands of dollars.

This is because they are easier to remember, allowing businesses to build strong brand recognition.

The most popular domain extension in Kenya is .ke, targeted at the Kenyan market.

Other localized extensions like and are also widely used.

If you want to capitalize on this opportunity, the first step is identifying high-value domain names available for purchase.

Services like GoDaddy Auctions allow you to search for and bid on expired domains.

You can also use a domain name broker to help source potential names.

The key is targeting short, generic domain names in growth industries that can attract the highest buyer interest.

With the right domain buying and selling strategy, you can build a portfolio of domains that can net over 100K in sales profit.

In this post, I’ll share proven tips to pick, purchase, and profit from quality names in the Kenyan namespace.

Let’s get started!

Getting Started in Domain Name Investing in Kenya

Now that you know the potential to make money selling domains in Kenya, let’s look at how to get started in domain name investing.

What Are Domain Names?

A domain name is a unique web address that identifies a website on the internet.

For example, anthro.pic is the domain name for Anthropic’s website.

Domain names consist of the second-level domain (.com, .ke, etc) and the top-level domain (the unique name like anthro or anthropic).

Together, these make up the full domain name – anthro.pic.

Domains are digital assets that can be bought and sold just like physical property.

Popular Domain Extensions in Kenya

The most registered domain extensions in Kenya are:

  • .ke – The country code top level domain for Kenya websites. Most popular extension.
  • – Used by Kenyan commercial entities. Second most registered.
  • – Targeted at Kenyan academic institutions like universities.
  • – Used by the Kenyan government.
  • – Meant for Kenyan non-profit organizations.

.ke domains are the most valuable in the resale market, which is what we’ll focus on purchasing.

Finding Available Domain Names

  • KENIC Auctions – Search for expired domains and bid on ones that catch your interest. Sort by .ke domains.
  • Domain Name Brokers – Brokers source and list domains for sale. They charge commission on sales.
  • Manual Research – Brainstorm valuable keyword terms and brand names and search if available as .ke domains.

Evaluating Domain Names

Factors that add value:

  • Length – Short, one-word domain names are ideal and sell for higher prices. Easier to remember.
  • Keywords – Domains with popular search keywords or industry terms have higher value.
  • Brandability – Made-up words that are catchy and unique make great brand names.
  • Age – Older domains that have been registered for years sell for more as they seem more established.

Considering these factors, you can pick domains likely to fetch the highest sale prices.

Making 100K+ Selling Domains in Kenya

With the right strategy, making over 100,000 selling domain names in the lucrative Kenyan market is possible.

Here are some tips to hit this level of profit.

Build a Diverse Portfolio

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Buy domains across different industries so you have multiple avenues for sales.

Some sectors that see strong domain demand in Kenya:

  • Tech –,
  • Finance –,
  • Real Estate –,
  • Healthcare –,
  • Automotive –,
  • Agriculture –,
  • Retail –,

Diversify into 5-10 sectors to reduce risk and open more exit opportunities.

Purchase Volume Matters

To make big money, you need scale. Buying just a handful of domains will not get you too far.

To make 100k+:

  • Minimum portfolio size – 50-100 domains
  • Ideal portfolio size – 300-500 domains

More domains means more chances at higher value sales. Purchase consistently each month to build up your portfolio.

Domain Buying Tips

  • Set a monthly domain budget (e.g. $2000/month).
  • Take advantage of auctions, bulk deals, promotions to lower purchase costs.
  • Be patient and don’t overpay. Domains can take months or years to sell.
  • Automate searches to find newly dropped domains quickly.

Domain Selling Tips

  • List domains on popular marketplaces like AfriNIC.
  • Promote through SEO, social media, PPC to reach buyers.
  • Price higher than expected sale price to allow room for negotiation.
  • Be prepared to hold domains for extended periods until the right buyer comes along.

Sample Domain Profits

Here are some real sales prices for .ke domains:

DomainSale Price$18,000$8,500$12,000

As you can see, premium domains can sell for big money!

With the right portfolio strategy, hitting 100k+ in profits is very achievable.

Turn Domain Selling into a Full-Time Business

Once you have a proven business model, consider expanding your operations to do domaining full time:

  • Hire an assistant to help with research and sales outreach
  • Invest more into marketing to increase sales velocity
  • Attend domain conferences and network with other investors
  • Continuously expand your domain portfolio and diversify into new markets
  • Develop ancillary income like domain parking revenue

You can scale domain flipping into a highly profitable full-time business in Kenya with focus and commitment.

The domain resale market provides a tremendous opportunity with relatively low barriers to entry.

I hope these tips provide a blueprint to get you on your way to making 100k selling domains in Kenya!

Key Takeaways

In this post, we covered a lot of ground on how to start and scale a domain flipping business to over 100k in profits in the Kenyan market.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Domain names are valuable assets – Short, brandable .ke domains can sell for thousands of dollars to businesses wanting to establish their brand online.
  • Focus on high-value domains – Target short, keyword-rich domains in growth sectors like tech, finance, real estate. Evaluate age, brand potential and other factors.
  • Build a diversified portfolio – Don’t rely on just one niche. Buy domains across different industries to mitigate risk.
  • Volume is key – Aim for 50-100+ domains in your portfolio. More domains means more potential high value sales.
  • Have a smart buying strategy – Set a monthly budget, leverage discounts and be patient to get good deals.
  • Market domains aggressively – Utilize SEO, PPC, social media and marketplaces like AfriNIC to reach motivated buyers.
  • Price higher for negotiation room – List at higher than expected sale price to allow wiggle room in negotiations.
  • Be prepared to hold domains – Domains can take months or even years to sell. Don’t get discouraged. The right buyer will come along eventually.
  • Scale up over time – Hire help, attend conferences, expand your portfolio, and invest in marketing to grow into a full-time domain business.

The domain resale market provides a great business model with relatively low start-up costs.

With the right strategy, you can realistically make 100k+ flipping domains in Kenya.

I hope this post provided a solid game plan to get you started.

We offer domain registration services to take your business to the next level.

Please get in touch here; we can help you leverage this opportunity!

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