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Best Bloggers in Kenya: Earnings + Tips

The internet has opened up many opportunities for Kenyans to have their voices heard.

Blogging has become an influential medium for writers to share their thoughts on lifestyle, news, politics, and more.

With increasing internet penetration across Kenya, talented writers are building audiences and even earning incomes from blogging.

Who are the top bloggers in Kenya today? This is a hot debate among the country’s netizens. In this post, we profile the 10 most popular and powerful Kenyan blogger influencers you should follow:

  • Jackson Biko – The celebrated lifestyle blogger behind Bikozulu
  • Robert Alai – Controversial news and political blogger running Kahawa Tungu
  • Cyprian Nyakundi – Fearless political and news blogger
  • Martin Gicheru – Founder of top tech blog Techweez
  • Alix Grubel – Publisher of popular events and city guide KenyaBuzz
  • Silvia Njoki – Award-winning fashion and lifestyle blogger
  • Sam Wakoba – Creator of leading tech site TechMoran
  • Dikembe Disembe – Anti-establishment news and politics blogger
  • Timothy Obare – Founder of viral entertainment news site Kenyan Post
  • Raphael Mutua – Educator behind top education blog Kenyaplex

We deep dive into their backgrounds, content niche, audience reach and more.

These are the bloggers setting the digital media agenda in Kenya today.

Beyond profiling these top 10 bloggers, this post also covers:

  • Typical earnings – How much money popular bloggers make and how they monetize their audience.
  • How to become an influencer – Tips and strategies for growing your own successful blog in Kenya.
  • Key equipment – What tools and gear you need to produce engaging content.
  • Crucial skills – Writing, photography, video and abilities you need to master.

Blogging has the potential to not just be a creative outlet but also a viable career for talented writers in Kenya.

By learning from these influencers and understanding how to attract an audience and monetize your work, you too can build a prominent platform that shapes national conversations.

Top 10 Kenyan Bloggers

Here are 10 of the most popular and influential Kenyan bloggers today:

1. Jackson Biko – Bikozulu

Bio: Jackson Biko is the founder of Bikozulu, one of the most successful lifestyle blogs in Kenya.

Niche: Lifestyle, relationships, personal growth

Stats: 199.4K X Followers, 157k Facebook fans

Biko is renowned for his conversational writing style and candid perspectives on life in Kenya.

His blog receives over 100,000 page views per month.

2. Robert Alai – Kahawa Tungu

Bio: Robert Alai is a controversial blogger best known for his news and politics blog Kahawa Tungu.

Niche: News, politics

Stats: 1.9 million Twitter followers

Alai is an activist and former IT professional. His blog is a go-to source for alternative news and political commentary in Kenya.

3. Cyprian Nyakundi

Bio: Cyprian Nyakundi runs the influential blog C Nyakundi.

Niche: News, politics, exposes

Stats: 628.3K X Followers

Cyprian is renowned for his exposés and no-holds-barred approach to discussing politics and current affairs. His provocative blogging has resulted in numerous lawsuits.

4. Martin Gicheru – Techweez

Bio: Martin Gicheru is the publisher of leading Kenyan tech blog Techweez.

Niche: Technology, gadgets, reviews

Stats: 15k Twitter followers

Techweez is a go-to site for the latest tech news, reviews and opinion with a focus on the Kenyan market.

5. Alix Grubel – KenyaBuzz

Bio: Alix Grubel is the founder of KenyaBuzz, a popular event listing and lifestyle site.

Niche: Events, lifestyle, city guides

Stats: 90k Twitter followers, 50k Facebook fans

KenyaBuzz provides up-to-date listings and information on events, restaurants, nightlife, and things to do in Nairobi and other cities.

6. Silvia Njoki

Bio: Silvia Njoki is an award-winning fashion and lifestyle blogger at Silvia Njoki.

Niche: Fashion, beauty, lifestyle

Stats:modest following but very engaged audience

Silvia’s focus on African fashion, beauty and travel has earned her a loyal audience. She won Kenyan Blog of the Year in 2019.

7. Sam Wakoba – TechMoran

Bio: Sam Wakoba founded the influential tech blog TechMoran.

Niche: Technology, startups, business

Stats: 12k Twitter followers

TechMoran reports on technology, innovation, startups and internet culture across Africa with a focus on Kenya.

8. Dikembe Disembe – Kenya Today

Bio: Dikembe Disembe publishes the current affairs site Kenya Today.

Niche: News, politics

Stats: 3k Twitter followers

Kenya Today provides an alternative, anti-establishment perspective on Kenyan politics and current affairs.

9. Timothy Obare – Kenyan Post

Bio: Timothy Obare is the publisher of entertainment blog Kenyan Post.

Niche: Entertainment news and gossip

Stats: 50k Twitter followers

Kenyan Post is a top source for the latest celebrity and entertainment news in Kenya. The site is known for viral content and tabloid-style reporting.

10. Raphael Mutua – Kenyaplex

Bio: Raphael Mutua runs Kenyaplex, a popular education blog.

Niche: Education, academics, resources

Stats: 1k Twitter followers

Kenyaplex focuses on providing learning resources, past papers, revision materials and more for Kenyan students and teachers.

Earnings and Income

Successful Kenyan bloggers like Jackson Biko and Robert Alai can make a full-time living from blogging earning over KES 100,000 per month. Others supplement their income with blogging generating from KES 10,000 to 50,000 monthly.

Top bloggers earn from:

  • Advertising – Display ads and affiliate marketing
  • Sponsorships – Paid partnerships with brands
  • Consulting – Paid for their expertise
  • Events – Appearance fees and branded events
  • Products – Selling own products or merchandise

Lesser known bloggers can still earn a few thousand dollars per month once they build a dedicated audience.

How to Follow in Their Footsteps

Aspiring bloggers can follow some tips from Kenya’s blogging elite:

Find Your Unique Voice

Successful bloggers in Kenya have a distinctive style that shines through. Develop your tone and perspective.

Choose a Niche and Own It

Become known as an authority in specific niches like parenting, travel or business. Deliver consistent value on those themes.

Prioritize Audience Engagement

Build personal connection with your audience through comments, social media, meetups etc. Loyal audiences drive growth.

Persist and Continuously Improve

It takes years of effort to become an influencer. Stay motivated and keep improving content and promotion.

Diversify Monetization

Leverage various income streams beyond Google Adsense. Sell affiliate offers, services, branded partnerships.

Collaborate With Other Bloggers

Guest post swaps, creative collaborations and community building help expand reach.

Key Equipment & Tools

  • Laptop – Invest in a good laptop for writing on the go.
  • Smartphone – Use your phone for photos/videos and social media.
  • Editing software – Edit photos and videos with Canva, Adobe Creative Cloud etc.
  • Accounting software – Track your blog finances and income.
  • Web hosting – Use reliable WordPress hosting like Truehost.
  • Plugins – Use SEO and analytics plugins like Yoast, Google Analytics.
  • Email list – Build an email list to engage your audience directly.

Key Skills

Some key skills and resources for effective blogging include:

Writing Skills – Exceptional writing and storytelling ability. Engaging prose.

Social Media Marketing – Master platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to grow followers.

Basic SEO – Optimize content for search visibility.

Basic Design – Functional blog design and visuals. Can use free themes.

Email Marketing – Collect emails and send newsletters. Tools like MailChimp help.

Basic Equipment – Computer, internet connection, camera/phone.

Time Commitment – 4-6 hours per week minimum. Treat blogging like a part-time job.

Cultivating these skills and dedicating the required time and effort can pave the path to becoming a successful blogger in Kenya, as influencers like Jackson Biko have shown.


Kenya has a vibrant blogging landscape with influencers in diverse niches. By focusing on a specific niche, producing high quality content consistently, and monetizing your audience effectively, you can potentially join these top bloggers and turn blogging into a career. It requires dedication and persistence, but the rewards for successful bloggers in Kenya are high.


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