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9 Tips On How To Use Shopify In Kenya

Well, today we’ll be talking about how to use Shopify in Kenya. Everything is turning to be online based; from classes to shopping, business, and more.

The online platform has open doors for many to grow. It’s allowing people to reach out, showcase skills, products, and services all over the world easily.

Speaking of platforms here is Shopify in Kenya.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an ecommerce built platform that allows people to sell, buy, and also market products online. It connects buyers to sellers.

how to use Shopify in Kenya

Makes it easy for anyone to start a business online. Gives you the necessary tools to brand, grow and reach out to many.

It also ensures that your transactions are safe. Shopify also helps you create an online store easily where you have control over design.

They also allow you to have a 14-day trial, no credit card. Build your store for free. Reach out to many easily, securely, and fast.

What does Shopify provide?

They offer one platform to build an ecommerce store. They have a free store builder that allows you to create a stunning store with no need for a developer.

Shopify also provides:

  • Hosting
  • Marketing & SEO
  • Mobile commerce
  • Support
  • And more.

It’s the best tool to use to start your business online.

Does Shopify accept Mpesa?

Yes, Shopify is integrated with many payment options. However, one has to configure this by putting a till number which you register with Safaricom.

Alternatively, one can do this by integrating Mpesa to your Shopify store using Safaricom Daraja API which is a bit complex. One will need some help from a developer.

It’s easy to use Shopify in Kenya. One needs to have the right plans for their business. Besides, it’s flexible and anyone can use it.

The pros and cons of Shopify


  • Simplicity- their designs are simple, the ecommerce store is also simple to manage.
  • Vast themes- create any design you need fast and stand out easily.
  • Support- they have a dedicated 24/7 team ready to assist you on issues you face.
  • Marketing is easy- they provide the necessary tools to grow your SEO rankings and make your business successful.
  • Payment options- one is not limited to one payment method. Customers can easily transact with you.


  • Expensive- their plans are higher as compared to many other platforms.
  • Customizing a theme is a bit challenging.

How To Use Shopify In Kenya

Shopify is a platform where you can create eCommerce sites and also market them on the internet. It is one of the best platforms in this niche. 

It’s because of its amazing features like allowing selling, buying, store creation, and more. One can use a Facebook account for login, unlike other platforms that need you to create an additional account and go through the normal process before you can start selling.

There are sites that use Shopify but they are mostly located in foreign countries like Canada, the US, UK, and more. However, there is a way for you to use it in Kenya too.

You don’t have to leave this platform just because it is made for foreign countries, you can join and start selling.

So if you want to use Shopify in Kenya, then here are the steps;

You need a domain name that is available on Shopify but getting it may be difficult because they have their TOS to follow. The best way is to have an already established business and get it from them when applying for your store.

If you don’t have any of those things mentioned above then you need a web hosting company that has nameservers set up for Shopify. This is whenever someone wants to visit your site, it redirects them automatically to Shopify’s servers instead of yours.

Get a hosting account from your chosen web host as Shopify requires at least 200GB of disk space, 256MB RAM, and 100MB monthly bandwidth for each store. (these are the minimum requirements).

Once you have all necessary accounts ready, log in to Shopify using your credentials since you will be creating everything online without having to install any software on your computer. After you are done with the design and images uploaded, it’s time to start building your e-commerce empire.

Do this by promoting it on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram which will get you traffic for free. Be smart enough not to promote more than one at a time so that you are always aware of what is going on in all digital platforms.

When you have sufficient amounts of traffic coming into your store, focus on them because as much as they attract customers, they also bring in money hence if you give them bigger bonuses, they will keep coming back again and again.

In order to ensure that there is a high customer retention rate make sure that you have good customer service staff. They are responsible for answering questions for your customers and solving their problems.

When listing your products on these platforms, make sure that they are unique and also show pictures of the product. Clarity is crucial for the customer.

Tips for using Shopify in Kenya

1. Be patient

Take time before your efforts start showing results hence be ready for those long hours at work. It all depends on how serious you are in growing your business given that you do it right in the first place.

2. Ensure that your products are of good quality and also affordable

This will help boost sales and also reduce instances where clients may change their minds after buying from you. It will also keep them coming back.

Customers love to have value for their money. A quality product also sells your business. People love sharing and when they get a good product they will show their friends and family where to.

This means that your numbers keep growing and so does your business. Offer to provide the best and value for their money.

3. Do not be afraid to get feedback from your customers

It’s a vital tool in helping you know what can be done better. You get to know what items should be dropped while others should still be offered to make your business grow.

Feedback helps you know the performance of your business. It also helps you to know how people perceive your business.

With that one can know how best to improve and grow the business. 

4. Get an affiliate program

By doing this, you will find that most people will start promoting your business. This is because they will receive a commission when they sell something on your behalf.

Get more people to come to your online shop by giving out referral codes; the more referrals you get, the higher will be your sales if people order through those links.

Besides, they will participate and encourage others since they are getting something out of it. Earning is important, money is scarce. 

5. Stand out from the competition

Offer services for free or get lower prices for some items. This attracts clients and also places you at an advantage compared to other competitors who may be charging more than what you are.

It is a good strategy to attract new clients. However, one needs to have a plan. Have a strategy that will cover the freebies you offered.

6. Update all products frequently

This makes clients keep coming back to see what’s new. Once in a while offer discounts to those who will buy multiple products in one order.

Ensure that the pictures are appealing and show off your merchandise. Share on social media so that they can be updated about new products.

7. Be flexible

When it comes to shipping costs, most people find it a bit annoying when they have to pay for delivery costs especially in larger orders, including express delivery options. 

Offer free shipping whenever you can afford to. Everyone loves freebies which is why most people who get an opportunity don’t let go and end up coming back again hence increasing sales.

8. Do marketing

Use creative marketing approaches to create hype around your products. The more people are talking about your brand (in a positive way), the higher will be your conversions and revenue.

Use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter among others to promote your products. Also, introduce yourself so people can know who they’re dealing with.

Ensure that the online image of your shop is eye-pleasing. It should have enough information but not too much, making shopping on-site easy for clients. 

9. Be friendly 

All online shoppers need to feel warm transacting with you. Also, make sure to follow them up with regular updates as well as send them newsletters if possible.

When we feel safe it’s easy to transact. Businesses should be open; clients should be able to approach you easily without fear.

Alternatives to Shopify in Kenya

1. WIX

It’s an ecommerce store builder and also a free site builder. WIX just like Shopify has a 14-day trial where one can use it without payments.

WIX: How To Use Shopify In Kenya

WIX offers you the best tools to make it online. It allows you to create from scratch and take your business to the next level.

2. BigCommerce

It’s another platform that allows everyone to make it online. It ensures that your idea doesn’t die young. Gives you an opportunity to reach out to many easily.

BigCommerce alternative to Shopify in Kenya

Make your business successful by launching online. Reach out to many and offer services flexibly and securely.

The future is online. Shopify in Kenya gives you a wide reach and a market to grow your business. There are others like:

  • WooCommerce.
  • Volusion.
  • LemonStand.
  • 3dcart.
  • BigCartel.
  • And more.

Don’t be left behind as we advance with technology. Grow your business and increase reach online by using the right platforms.


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