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How To Get Dedicated Hosting Kenya Fast

Last updated on July 12th, 2023 at 07:45 am

dedicated hosting kenya

If you are looking for dedicated hosting Kenya, you are in the right place.

A dedicated server is a server reserved for serving the needs of a network. In Web Hosting a dedicated server is a rented service owned, operated, and managed by a backend provider and is exclusively reserved for one customer, service, or application. This means you will not be sharing the server with other sites. A user connects remotely with the dedicated server over the internet.

What Can You Do with a Dedicated Server in Kenya?

You can make your website easily accessible to web visitors. Dedicated servers provide high performance and stability to your website unlike Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting.

You can host a multiplayer game. Remember work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Using this platform, you are able to play with both local and international friends. It is advantageous to your friends because they can easily access the game in your absence.  

Hacking information by IT experts has become a major threat in Kenya. Dedicated servers through virtual private networks are useful in keeping information secure and only accessible to specific devices. This allows data to be accessed by only specific computers that are connected to the server and restrict any other computer from accessing the data.

You can upload files onto the Dedicated Hosting Kenya so that any device connected to it can access the files easily. This is called data syncing and is achieved using a cloud network. Data syncing allows data to be stored in one area for future use.

As a dedicated server owner, you are free to regulate how networked devices receive and send messages like email and other forms of communication using your website. If you own a business and do not want employees to use their work emails for personal use, a dedicated server allows you to encrypt messages and keep them away from the public.

A Dedicated Server allows full utilization of resources without having to compete for them with other websites.

Drawbacks of Dedicated Servers in Kenya

If you are starting or have a low budget for Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting is expensive for you. TrueHost Kenya has another alternative to save you the hustle.

For a small business, you can opt to use Shared Hosting where you share a server with other websites because you just need a small means to host your website. This saves you on time and cost because it is cheap and affordable.

Owning a dedicated server means managing it fully. For starters, you will need more technical skills to manage your server. If you do not have any of the skills you will have to incur the cost of hiring a team to manage it for you. TrueHost Cloud provides managed dedicated servers for you that reduce the number of technical tasks you must perform.

If you do not have the resources to store your own dedicated server, you can hire a third party like TrueHost Cloud to host it for you. TrueHost Cloud provides dedicated servers for lease applications, websites, Business Emails in KE, cloud storage, and all businesses at the best prices.

Dedicated servers in KE have a higher uptime as there are fewer hardware and software failures that may result from your site being taken down. Every managed dedicated server at TrueHost has this addition:

  1. Free Firewalls and IP Table Configurations.
  2. Security Script Installation.
  3. Free WHCM/Cpanel Installation.
  4. Optimal Configuration.
  5. Apache Web Server, MYSQL, PHP
  6. 24/7 Server Monitoring

Enjoy our reliable dedicated cloud hosting made reliable only for you.

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