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What is a Dedicated Server? Learn More in Kenya

A dedicated server is a powerful computer that can be rented hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. Its virtualized physical server is connected to a network that provides dedicated hardware components such as SSD, RAM, and CPU where operating systems, database engines, and Web servers can be installed. 

It’s also called a Dedicated Unit or Dedicated Hosting. 

They are more powerful than shared servers because they have more resources and memory. Most clients who rent dedicated servers have their web page, which lets them choose components that meet their needs. 

Who needs a dedicated server?

These servers are highly needed by large, midsize companies, system administrators, and developers to host high-traffic websites and applications, Information Technology businesses, agencies, web resellers, and any hosting where speed is of the essence. 

Your website is the most important part of your business, and you deserve to have it up. All your data, customer information, and conversions are stored on that server. 

Why do you need a dedicated server?

A Dedicated Server provides superior performance, availability, reliability, and complete control compared to shared hosting providers, where many servers are housed in the same physical location. Using a dedicated server can help protect a website from hacking and other threats to the network’s security. It’s also ideal for hosting business websites that require a quick response to maintain efficient operations and customer service.

Who provides dedicated servers?

Truehost Cloud offers remote dedicated servers with different hosting plans at very affordable prices. 

Some of the specs of the servers provided by Truehost are 16 GB RAM, 2.4GHZ, 512 GB SSD Disk, 1 Dedicated IP address, and unlimited bandwidth with free setup. 32 GB DDR3, 2 x SSD SATA 240 GB, 500 Mbps with root access to the server.  

Truehost Cloud dedicated server plans are priced based on their specs and the type of operating system the user wants. 

The prices for these servers range from as low as $75 to thousands of dollars, depending on how advanced they are, the components they house, and the features they possess. 

For information on these, click on this link

Do I need to Hire an expert to set up my Server?

You don’t have to hire a server guru. With a managed dedicated server with Truehost Cloud, you’re in safe hands; our world-class support engineers will help you set up your Dedicated Cloud Server and Deploy your site to get you going within 15 minutes once you purchase.

Truehost uses the most advanced and powerful hardware and software to ensure that your sites are always available.

Location Of our servers 

Truehost Cloud provides Powerful Dedicated Servers across different Continents Globally. Some of our servers are located in.


  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • Nairobi, Kenya  
  • Johannesburg, South Africa


  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Strasbourg, France
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Helsinki, Finland

North America

  • London, UK
  • Vint-Hill, Virginia


  • Sidney, Australia


  • Singapore

Why choose Truehost Dedicated servers?

Our high-speed, dedicated servers are the perfect solution for websites that have outgrown shared and VPS hosting.

  •  We guarantee 99.99% server uptime.
  •  Reliable & Fast Solid State Drive storage. 
  •  Secure and Fully managed by Truehost, with free installation and configuration.
  • Scalable and real-time resizing of the server without the hassle of deploying a new server 
  • 24/7/365 onsite monitoring and systems recovery team.

You can also check out our dedicated hosting plans here.

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