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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Dedicated Gaming Server

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Dedicated Gaming Server

In recent years, demand for video games has skyrocketed in East and Central Africa, which can be attributed to youths who make up more than 40% of the total population.

These guys are tech-savvy; as a result, they are rapidly influencing demand for video games.

As a direct result, the need for additional resources that make this hobby worthwhile came about. Such needs include the use of dedicated servers.

And this makes sense because if you want great multiplayer gaming experience (I know gamers will agree with me), you need a server.


Multiplayer games connect players from both around the country and around the world in most cases. Because of this aspect, there’s a need for improved performance so that every player wherever they are can experience the same thing without one lagging, for instance.

And this is where the need for dedicated servers really makes sense. Let’s look at some of the reasons why this is so.

Reason #1: brings better performance

Of course, this is the #1 reason why gamers are shifting to dedicated servers; to improve their experiences while playing.

Therefore, if your game console allows the use of a dedicated server, you should use it.

Nowadays, many games have incorporated ‘peer-to-peer’ connection technology intending to improve performance.

Well, it turns out this works only in theory. This is because; you still find such games experiencing inconsistencies. Such games claim they are in search of a ‘better host.’ That always doesn’t end up being ‘better’ and the results just is a game that just sucks.

Take Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for example.

The game is out-of-this-world fun, thanks to new missions and systems. But when it connects to a poor server, the performance plummets.

Additionally, the host-advantage arises, where the one near the host is ahead in the game reflected on how they react to what’s happening.

To eliminate such nuisances, you will need a dedicated gaming server.

Reason #2: Low Lag

A dedicated gaming server brings about low latency with a ping of less than 50 ms.

Ping is the amount of time it takes for a signal to move from the source to the destination and back to the source.

As a rule of thumb:

Those who have a low ping (good) have an advantage over those with high ping. And the latter could be caused by the slow internet connection or they are far away from the gaming server.

The result?

Lagging; most dreaded word in the gaming world because it causes unpleasant gaming experience to everyone connected to the server.

Hence, running your game on a true dedicated server reduces lagging.

Reason #3: Dedicated Gaming Server Are More Reliable

Running your own dedicated game servers strengthens reliability than when using other types of game servers.

This is because the host providers like Truehost guarantee 99.99% uptime and monitoring it to make sure that everything is running optimally.

In case of any issues, Truehost has 24/7 customer support who are just mouse clicks away.

Additionally, since you are using a dedicated server, you have on your hands all the server power and not a portion of it as it would be with shared servers. This brings peace of mind when playing because you know the game will not misbehave because someone is draining the resources.

Reason #4: Your Gaming Server, Your Rules

Acquiring a dedicated games server hands you far more control than a shared one. You can make game configurations to suit your unique needs and maybe make necessary modifications (whenever that’s possible).

Equally important, you decide who gets in and who doesn’t; come in handy if you only want to play with close friends.

Likewise, as a user, you can kick out players causing problems, for example, those with high ping. We discussed above why this is a bad thing.

Reason #5: Support Anytime You Need

Do you by any chance know how to configure and run a server?

Chances are you do not.

Do worry because when you acquire a dedicated game server from Truehost, you will access to a team of experts who are ready and waiting to help you out.

What to do next

As a gamer, you already understand that you need to be competitive and keep scouring for ways to acquire that edge against the competition.

To this end, if you are a serious gamer and really care about having over-the-moon game performance, you know what to do.

With just KES 6K, you can get a dedicated gaming server in Kenya.

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