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Web Hosting Prices In Kenya: What You Need To Know

Last updated on September 21st, 2021 at 08:03 am

Every online store website requires hosting. Today’s article is about web hosting prices in Kenya. Websites are the most flexible stores.

With a website, one can transact fast and securely. A while ago these services we were doing online were not possible. Thanks to web hosting companies now we can do it easily.

Starting a business is everyone’s dream. Having another source of income is crucial and helps a lot. Well, hosting too is a business. One can do reseller hosting which also is very profitable.

Before we get to web hosting prices in Kenya, let’s first get more on hosting.

What is web hosting?

This is the service that allows your website, domain, and other online services to run smoothly. It’s the home of a website. 

This home allows your website to be accessible to the whole world easily. As a service, it allows easy publishing of content online. It also comes at different plans and prices.

Well, one can also get free hosting. It all depends on how good your budget is. Another good thing with hosting is it’s upgradable.

You can always start free which is limited but later upgrade to a plan that accommodates all.

The three common hosting plans:

There are other hosting plans like colocation, cloud, clustered, and grid hosting. All these allow one to host their sites easily.

However, it also depends on one’s budget that will allow them to pick the best hosting for their sites.

Can you transfer web hosting?

Yes, it’s possible and easy. Well, some companies offer to do it for you for free. Others however at a price. Well, transferring to Truehost is free. Yes, no cost at all. 

Choosing a web hosting plan


Site speed is crucial. It’s one that keeps clients coming to visit your website. The best hosting is fast. No one loves accessing a site that is slow. It’s crucial to have your site with the best performance.

Speed increases rankings and also builds trust among users and visitors. Besides, it makes it easy to access and share with many.


As an online service, errors are bound to happen. Choosing a host with the best support will help you a lot.

Good support means the best performance for your website. It also means that whenever you run into issues they can be easily solved.

This means that your clients and visitors will always be happy. You will get to retain your website insights.

Website needs

Well, this is crucial… Different websites require different needs. However, as starting up one might not have a lot of visitors.

Content also isn’t much. As the site grows one should make plans of expanding to accommodate all changes.

Having an idea of all these allows one to plan ahead. Know what best suits their websites.

Customer reviews

Customers are the best to find out more about a product. From the reviews, it’s easy to know what services are best.

Reading reviews also get you insight into what to use. In case you are undecided, the reviews can come in handy. It’s a good source of information for your unknown information.


This is the ability to expand. Does your hosting allow an upgrade? To what extent can one upgrade?

Well, there are many other concerns one has in mind before choosing a plan. A good plan should accommodate all and allow for upgrades.


This is a major concern when it comes to the online world. Every day millions of dollars are paid to exploits for manipulating systems.

It’s crucial for everyone to consider taking this issue very seriously. Security will help save one from a lot. Safety for you and your clients is the first priority. Find the best hosting that ensures that your data is safe.

Where to get web hosting in Kenya?


This is a web hosting service provider and domain registration company registered under Kenic. Founded in 2020 by Web Hosting and Cloud Engineers it has grown to be the greatest and reliable service provider.

HostKing offers:

  • Web hosting services
  • Domain registration
  • SSL Certificates
  • Cloud licenses such as cPanel
  • VPS and Dedicated servers

HostKing is best for both business and personal hosting. Besides, it has partnered with other cloud platforms such as cPanel and Cloudlinux to provide the best.


It’s the best web hosting service provider in Kenya. It is secure and reliable with 24/7 support. They have the best and cheapest domains as well as hosting packages. 

Truehost web hosting prices go for as low as 0$. They help everyone; individuals, startups, and even established businesses to expand and continue reaching more people.

Truehost offers:

  • Web hosting services
  • Domain registration
  • SSL Certificates
  • Servers and VPS
  • And more.  

Webhost Kenya

It is a premium web hosting company that provides; Hosting, websites, domains, ecommerce, and many more.

They have crafted their web services by providing other services like free domain names, 24/7 technical support, 99.9% uptime, and many more.

They also provide:

  • Web hosting services
  • Domain registration
  • SSL Certificate
  • And more.


It is a telecommunication company. They also have upgraded and are providing web services. They haven’t picked up as compared to other businesses. 

Their web hosting prices are affordable and can be used by all.

Web hosting is competitive. Here is what Safaricom also offers:

  • Web hosting
  • Domain registration
  • Email hosting
  • And much more.

Web hosting prices in Kenya

The below table will talk about the most common purchased plan, and what it offers.

CompanyHostingPriceWhat you get
HostKingSilver CloudKsh.216.40/monthUnlimited Bandwidth30 GB Disk SpaceFree SSL CertificateUnlimited Email Account
TruehostGoldKsh. 3,499/year 50GB storageUnlimited Bandwidth30 sites
WebHostGoldKsh. 2,900/year 50GB storageUnlimited Subdomains, emails, and Mysql Databases250GB Monthly Bandwidth
Safaricom GoldKsh. 5,300/year 10 GB storage 100 Email Accounts 100 Sub Domains 20 FTP Accounts

The above are a few web hosting prices in Kenya. Web hosts are common these days and there is much competition for the best service provider.

When it comes to web hosting you need to know what you need. It’s not easy to choose the best host since there are plenty of companies.

Currently, there are thousands upon thousands of hosts available to you: Everything from free services and established companies like Google.

There are some very big players in this field with more customers than you’d be able to count. There are the established players, but you won’t be able to just log onto their website and get your hosting.

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