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Setting up Cloud Web Server for Hosting (Simple Guide)

Learn more about Setting up Cloud Web Server for Hosting. In this short article, we highlight how to use a cloudPap for hosting a website or an application by setting up a working Cloud Web Server. We will consider two approaches Feature Rich Approach Cheapest Approach Setting up Cloud Web Server for Hosting In our …

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The Number of Data Centers in Kenya (Update)

Looking for a number of data centers in Kenya? Data Centres in Kenya have become a major requirement for the environment that is rapidly embracing cloud computing. Data Centres are facilities that are used to house computers, ensuring the provision of reliable power supply and back up, high-speed internet connection with redundant links, cooling systems, …

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How To Get Cloud Servers Hosting in Kenya

Wish to learn more about cloud servers hosting in Kenya? This article will bring out the difference between web and cloud and in particular, the difference between the web server and cloud server. The world has been used to webservers which are basically dedicated server computers hosted in server rooms and data centers. They mostly …

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Cloud Computing Service Providers in Kenya

Looking for Cloud computing service providers in Kenya? Cloud computing refers to internet-based computing where resources are availed over a network. In cloud computing, computing resources are clearly set apart, that is processing power can be accessed and served separately to the storage resources. In most cases, storage resources are accessed via a network from …

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Hosting a Website in a VPS (Virtual Private Servers) / Dedicated Server

Hosting a Website in a VPS: This article tries to address steps or the processes undertaken to convert a bare-metal VPS or Dedicated Servers in KE to be a web server. – Hosting ready. Install the operating System – in this case, we recommend Centos 7 operating. To install centos 7 operating system, use the …

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