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Hosting a Website in a VPS (Virtual Private Servers) / Dedicated Server

Last updated on October 26th, 2020 at 09:46 am

Hosting a Website in a VPS: This article tries to address steps or the processes undertaken to convert a bare-metal VPS or Dedicated Servers in KE to be a web server. – Hosting ready.

Install the operating System – in this case, we recommend Centos 7 operating. To install centos 7 operating system, use the iso template as provided by the server hosting company or request the server hosting company to install 64 bit centos 7.

Install WHM/Cpanel from the script provided at the Cpanel website. We recommend Cpanel for its rich functionality, user friendliness; – Cpanel installation comes with 15 days trial.

You can also use the Plesk control panel – it’s also features –rich and user friendly.


Cpanel installs the following important software

  • Apache – web server
  • FTP Server
  • DNS server
  • Mysql Server
  • Among others

Install Postgres SQL in case you need Postgres SQL.

Install the CSF firewall and configure it for use to secure your server.

Important Plugins that you can consider installing in your server. These plugins are freely available for Cpanel.


Cpanel plugin for SEO tools. Provides important tools for submitting websites to Google and another search engine.

Generating Sitemap, checking for Google blacklist, and submitting keywords.


Cloudflare is a CDN service plugin available on Cpanel, it’s important and provides free CDN services.

Spam Assassin

Spam Assassin ensures controlled spamming for the mailing within the server.

Clam AV antivirus

Provides some antimalware technology to protect the server against malware attack.

Mod security config

Consider configuring Mod Security for additional security through the mod security ruleset.

SSH Config

You consider configuring SSH by changing a few settings including the port number.


At that point, the server is ready for Hosting a website on a VPS.

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