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How To Ge SSD Cloud Server in Kenya (What You Are Missing)

Why you should move to SSD Cloud Server in Kenya by Truehost Cloud? Do you run an online business? And are you looking for a fast and reliable way to host your website? In this article, we will delve into what SSD Cloud Server is and why this is the ultimate answer to your website …

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Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Storage in Kenya (List)

Looking for the benefits of cloud storage in Kenya? In this article, understand why you need the servers and how to get it. The major benefit of cloud storage over the typical standard data storage system, like if you store your data on a cloud storage system in Kenya, you’ll be able to get to that …

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Cloud Storage in Kenya

Cloud Storage In Kenya Cloud computing is a web-service that involves provision of storage capacity and virtualized computing resources. The virtual computing resource(email, software,data storage)s are managed through remote servers by cloud providers. The cloud provider manages the cloud platform to offer Software as a service(Saas), Infrastructure as a service(Iaas) or Platform as a service(Paas). …

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How To Get Managed Dedicated Servers in Kenya

Managed dedicated servers in Kenya is one of the best ways to create an outstanding online business without the need to know all the technical nitty-gritty. Well, you can rely on technology blogs in Kenya to get an understanding of how to manage a server.  Alternatively, you can go for managed servers. Managed dedicated servers …

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cloud FAQs

FAQs Can install any OS on my Server Yes. There are several linux distro and even windows operating system available for you to deploy to your server. Who Can Access my data No one, root access means you are administrator of your data and no one can access it without your authorization. Are the servers …

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