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18 Best Shipping Companies in Kenya From the UK

Last updated on May 7th, 2024 at 10:37 am

One of the biggest investors in Kenya comes from the UK. Trading between the UK and Kenya has contributed to the growth of the country. Kenyan entrepreneurs have seized an opportunity to start importing products from the UK to sell.

Shipping companies in Kenya make sure shipping of goods from the UK to Kenya is feasible. 

The following is a list of reliable companies that offer quick air and sea shipping services for all kinds of packages from the UK to Kenya.


Aquantuo Kenya is one of the leading shipping firms in Kenya that takes pleasure in offering quick, secure, and dependable freight services from the UK. The company is a complete freight service that ensures all of your cargo will be delivered to predetermined locations.

Their freight services along with purchase guidance are offered to individuals and small and large businesses. The company has a diligent and highly skilled crew that can provide you with all freight services. Also, they validate every package that is delivered or picked up, checks to make sure it is in a good condition, and repackage it if necessary before shipment. 

This company also updates you regularly on the progress of the cargo using its tracking system. Since all your items must be cleared through customs, the company owns up to that responsibility. Aquantuo makes certain that you receive the best shipping services for a reasonable price.

Email: [email protected]


Auto Kenya is a leading provider of containerized vehicle shipping to Mombasa, Kenya from the UK. They offer reliable, timely, friendly, and honest service and provide affordable container rates to Kenya.

In case car clearance in Mombasa is needed, Auto Kenya has partner companies there to provide you with excellent services.

Email: [email protected]


Horizon world cargo is a reputable, leading international shipping firm that guarantees timely and cost-effective outcomes for its clients. they provide organizations and individuals with the most adaptable and customer focussed shipping services from the UK and Europe to Kenya.

Its management team has over decades of experience in the freight forwarding and logistics industries. They provide customers with round-the-clock help to make sure they satisfy you.


Pallet shipping is a low-cost method of sending your goods safely around the world and within the UK. Pallet2ship has its port in Mombasa. The sea freight delivers goods from door to port. However, in the case of business addresses, they deliver door to door. Air freight delivers door to door.

Throughout the UK and the rest of the world, Pallet2ship has successfully worked with companies and individuals for more than ten years. The is known to offer the following services

  • Door-to-door monitoring
  • Affordable pallet delivery
  • Quick and effective service with trustworthy carriers
  • A free estimate and immediate booking online
  • All delivery sizes, including containers and non-palletized goods, are shipped
  • Deliveries of engines and gearboxes at no additional cost shipping of personal items
  • Advice on shipping freights, by air, land, or sea for international trade and exports and imports


Jambo cargo is one of the most prosperous independent shipping agencies that provide comprehensive end-to-end logistics services. The company was established to manage and assist the growing trade between east Africa and UK.

They offer highly competitive air freights to all destinations. In addition, they provide a website through which Kenyan customers can ship from a UK website and have their purchases delivered right to their door.

Email: [email protected]


This shipping company is the finest option for quick and secure transportation of your products and cargo from the UK to Kenya. They help you ship any size of parcel or package.

Their services include customs for duties clearance in Kenya, free warehousing, provides weekly express and reliable air service to Kenya, and also provides proof of export to your supplier for VAT purposes

Email: [email protected]


Eon logistics is an international freight forwarder in Kenya from the UK. This company can ship oversized cargo or difficult-to-handle cargos to places many freight forwarders may not be able to handle


Simba freight limited is a freight forwarding specialist operating from the UK to the entire east Africa region. They provide a platform online that enables customers in Kenya to ship to any website in the UK and have their purchases delivered to their door.

The company offers the greatest and most secure shopping services, you can shop from well-known online retailers like Amazon and eBay, pay with MPESA, and have the items delivered right to your home.

Email: [email protected]


Sheffield cargo logistics is one of the top companies that offer supply chain management and freight forwarding services in Kenya. They have been offering their clients logistics solutions that support their trade and favorably impact the way they conduct business regardless of where they are located in the world.

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Sheffield cargo logistics offers complete end-to-end maritime logistics and air cargo solutions. The company does shipping from the UK, China, Turkey, India, Thailand, the U.S.A, Somalia, and Hong Kong.

Email:[email protected]


Morgan cargo logistics offers logistics solutions to a wide variety of internationally based clients. The company has earned a reputation as an effective supplier of cargo space, providing goods and services to exporters and agencies.  They handle all aspects of air, sea, and road logistics.

Morgan cargo target specific niches and provide comprehensive logistical solutions for perishable, general, and live animal cargo.

Email: [email protected]


Air cargo global Kenya provides leading freight services to Kenya from the UK which is cost-effective and secure. It offers door-to-door shipping to Kenya from the UK whether you need air cargo or sea cargo for your goods, online purchases, extra baggage, or commercial cargo.

They have a team of experts who are committed to offering you a first-rate freight service to any location in Kenya.

Email: [email protected]


This company delivers secure, hassle-free, practical, cost-effective cargo to Kenya from the UK and logistics solutions from every location in the world to your door. 

They offer air freight from the UK, China, Dubai, Turkey, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Europe.

Email: [email protected]


Tudor freight is a shipping company that the most prominent corporations depend on to carry their cargo across international borders in a secure, timely, and safe manner. It provides cost-effective freight services shipping to Kenya from the UK.

It also has an experienced team that collaborates with companies of all sizes to provide customized, affordable solutions to maintain the flow of global supply chains.

Email: [email protected]


Globeflight Kenya is an international courier and logistics company that was founded in 2004. The sister business of Globeflight Kenya, Union Green Logistics  Limited, is now authorized as an authorized economic operator and manages all of its customs brokerages.

Email: [email protected]


Anja express cargo is a shopping and shipping company that provides weekly air freight from the UK to Kenya. They transport merchandise for a cost of 6.65 pounds per kilogram plus a 20-pound handling fee for every shipment (all inclusive)

Contact: +254789700162


The idea of FGC services was born in the 1990s when the current managing director traveled between Kenya and Dubai carrying imported goods in a briefcase that he would subsequently sell to a select group of customers. He then understood there was a void in the logistics sector.

The company offers people and businesses of any size a consistent, high-quality logistics solution at an affordable price.

Email: [email protected]


Parcel2kenya provide the most reliable, quality, and affordable shipping of parcels and pallet to Kenya from the UK. 

Email: [email protected]


Rolling cargo is a logistics company that assists you with purchasing, shopping, and delivering goods to Kenya from the UK and other countries. They deliver using the quickest transit times with the most advantageous routes that are economical.

It also offers the following services, handling, packing, customs clearance, imports and exports, and cargo consolidation. 

Email: [email protected]

Cheapest way to ship from UK to Kenya

There are several options for shipping from the UK to Kenya.

Some of the cheapest ways to send a parcel to Kenya include using Parcel Monkey, Easyship, Transglobal Express, ParcelCompare, and Parcel2Go.

These companies offer price comparison services that allow you to find the cheapest courier to send your parcel to Kenya.

Additionally, some companies like Aquantuo and Worldwide Parcel Services offer air freight services that can be more affordable for larger shipments.

Compare prices and services from different companies to find the best option.


Having various shipping companies, you might be wondering which is the best shipping company in Kenya from the UK. The type of product, shipping charges, and delivery speed are the main factors that will help you choose the right shipping company. 


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