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Can I Sell on Amazon From Kenya? Yes! And Here’s How

Amazon is a dependable provider of a wide range of items, and its platform is used by a significant number of merchants. These vendors are held to the same demanding standards as other commodities on the website, since they must adhere to Amazon’s requirements. 

Amazon, in addition to providing excellent customer service, usually has things for significantly less than what you would spend locally in Kenya. 

Although Amazon offers lightning-fast shipping within the United States, sending items to Kenya may be difficult. Because many vendors do not ship worldwide, you may find that some of the items you want are not available in Kenya.

Can I sell on Amazon from Kenya? Yes. How? Amazon allows individuals and businesses from all around the world to sell things on its marketplace.

We’ll walk you through several ways to make money on Amazon in Kenya without launching a business in this post.

First, we’ll guide you through each stage of launching your own Kenyan Amazon goods-selling company.

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Must Do Things to Start Selling on Amazon

Seller Central

You must first create an Amazon seller account before you can access your Seller Central account and start selling on Amazon.

This interface may be used to manage your Amazon company. It allows you to manage your selling account, update inventory, add product descriptions, handle payments, and much more.

It will depend on the volume of sales you expect when registering an account on Amazon Seller Central. As a result, select between the Individual and Professional packages. The Professional plan contains more tools and capabilities.

Fill out all account verification forms, including the one demanding the use of a valid bank account as a payment method.

Features of Seller Central

Inventory Tracking: Utilise the Inventory menu to monitor and update your product listings.

Custom Business Reports: Bookmark customized reports and download frequently used templates.

Customer Metrics Tools: Pay close attention to your sales performance.

Access to Support: Use the Case Log to open support tickets and contact Selling Partner Support.

Sales tracking: Keep track of your daily sales for each Amazon product you sell.

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Product Listing

The first step in selling is to create an Amazon product listing. If someone else is selling the same item, you may either match their ad or create a new one.

Make catchy product names, keyword-rich descriptions, and bullet points. Use relevant keywords to boost the visibility of your goods in Amazon’s search results.

Include clear photographs of your products from various perspectives.

Features of Product Listing

SKU: This is a unique identifier for the items in your inventory.

Product Name: Give your product a short, descriptive name.

Product Description and Bullet Points: a captivating overview of your product’s key features.

Product Images: Outstanding images of your goods. According to Amazon, these photographs must be at least 500 by 500 pixels in size.

Relevant Keywords and Search Terms: These help customers locate your products on Amazon.

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Product Delivery

After listing your products and generating consumer interest, you must consider fulfillment. Amazon’s key solutions are Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM) and Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).

While working with FBM, you are in charge of maintaining your inventory and completing client orders. On Amazon, shipping charges are determined by the product category and the delivery option chosen by the buyer.

Amazon manages product packing, shipping, and storage through the FBA programme. Refunds and customer support are also handled by them. 

This is an excellent option if you like to focus on the business side and leave logistics to Amazon.

Product Marketing

Amazon provides a variety of advertising options to help you increase sales and increase the exposure of your products. 

Sponsored branding, sponsored displays, and sponsored items are examples of this. To choose the ideal one for your organization, you must first understand how each one works since each offers a distinct set of benefits.

Monitor Performance

Amazon has performance standards that sellers must adhere to. Maintaining a strong selling experience requires keeping an eye on these metrics.

These measurements include the order failure rate, pre-fulfillment cancel rate, and late shipment rate, to name a few.

On a frequent basis, evaluate your sales numbers, customer feedback, and vendor input. Strive for continuous improvement and respond immediately to any unfavourable criticism.

Based on the data you acquire, make modifications to your pricing, keywords, and marketing methods.

Business Expansion

Consider increasing your product range within your chosen expertise and adding other categories as your company expands.

Seek consumer input on a regular basis to improve your offers and increase client satisfaction.

After you have mastered one marketplace, consider expanding into others. You may interact with billions of customers thanks to Amazon’s global presence in numerous industries.

Amazon provides services such as unified North America, Europe, and Japan accounts, which make it straightforward to sell items in many areas. 

These allow you to conduct your business from a single account throughout all of these markets. 

Amazon also provides the Global Selling program, which provides information and expertise to help you manage global sales, including import taxes and customs.

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Ways of making money from Amazon in Kenya

A man putting a coin into a tin

Publish on KDP

If you are an independent writer looking to publish an eBook and even paperback book through Amazon’s print-on-demand service while avoiding the hassles of the publishing business, Amazon self-publishing is a good option. 

Publishing using KDP is free at first, but if you sell paperback copies of your book, Amazon will deduct the cost of printing from your revenue.

However, if you merely follow the technical requirements to publish your book on Amazon without giving it your full attention, you will generate a book that you will be ashamed of.

Affiliate Program and Marketing

Amazon Affiliates is a type of affiliate marketing scheme. Bloggers and website owners can join up for free to become Amazon Associates. 

They promote Amazon merchandise on their websites by creating links. Customers who click on the links and make purchases from Amazon receive referral earnings.

An online business that uses affiliate marketing allows the proprietors of specialist websites to develop original product connections, often known as affiliate links. 

The website owners must promote the link to be paid automatically when a visitor clicks on the link and completes a transaction. You as an affiliate are only compensated when a purchase is made through the link.

Associates in the Amazon Affiliate program can earn revenue by creating original product links, promoting their websites, and referring visitors back to Amazon.

This is how Affiliate Program works:

  • Website owners sign up for an Amazon Affiliate account on the platform.
  • Every website owner is assigned a unique Associate ID by Amazon.
  • As soon as the application is approved, associate links can be made on their Amazon site.
  • Affiliates then place the links in other areas of their website, such as blog posts.
  • When a customer makes a purchase, the associate earns a commission.

Selling on FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon is a scheme that enables Amazon merchants to contract out their fulfilling needs to Amazon. 

You may enlist inventory in FBA to store items in Amazon fulfillment centers. When customers place orders for FBA items, Amazon is able to package, ship, and provide customer service.

When you list things using FBA, the Prime logo may appear in product listings for eligible offers. This informs customers that they are eligible for free two-day delivery. 

To use FBA, choose a selling plan when creating an Amazon selling account. Following that, you can either create new listings or convert your existing listings to FBA by enabling FBA in your account.

Examine the requirements for FBA inventory uploading as well as the terms and conditions for becoming an Amazon seller.

Use the FBA revenue calculator to check that the program is a financially feasible option for your business.

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Using Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

MTurk is simply a job platform for freelancers. It connects independent contractors with businesses looking for workers for certain jobs.

By creating an MTurk account and using the site, you may access a wide choice of employment from a variety of companies.

Below is a list of how MTurk Works:

HITS (human intelligence tasks) are the jobs available on the MTurk platform.

Although HITS can take many various forms, they are frequently basic digital jobs that almost anybody can do.

These are jobs that a computer cannot execute, yet they are also vocations that do not require a specific set of skills.

Among the jobs accessible on Amazon MTurk include taking online surveys and giving your opinions on websites.

They occasionally need someone to provide transcription services. Data entry, picture and video audits, and selecting the best images to represent a product are all jobs that are periodically available.

Data verification and cleansing are two separate tasks performed by MTurk.

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AWS Service Offers

Through the Professional Services area of the AWS Marketplace, you can find and purchase assessments, installation, support, managed services, and training for third-party software and applications. 

The AWS Marketplace simplifies the procurement process by allowing you to find all of the software and related services you’ll need to innovate in one place.

Comprehensive business solutions, carefully selected service offerings, and flexible payment and contract periods are available from independent software providers and consulting partners. All prices on your AWS bill have been decreased.

Here is a well detailed list of how AWS Works: 

  • AWS Marketplace: Customers using the AWS Marketplace may find and buy services such as evaluations, installation, managed services, premium support, assessments, and training for native AWS services or third-party apps. 
  • AWS IQ: Customers may use AWS IQ to get on-demand project support from third-party AWS Certified specialists. 

You may use AWS IQ to express a specific question or request assistance with a project, obtain expert responses, and choose the expert who best meets your needs based on project pricing, AWS certifications, and experience. Following that, you and the expert will agree on a formal plan with a spending limit. 

After the assignment is finished, your expert will send you payment requests in the manner stated in the proposal. As soon as you authorize these payment requests, they will appear on your AWS statement.

AWS Professional Services: Their offerings can help you achieve specific goals for corporate cloud implementation. 

They provide a set of activities, instructions, and documentation with each service that is based on our expertise aiding hundreds of clients with their transfer to the AWS Cloud. 

When using the AWS Cloud, the global team of professionals at AWS Professional Services can help you achieve your business goals. 

You may add specific knowledge and skills to your team to help you achieve your goals. AWS Professional Services also provides global specialist practises in a variety of industry, technology, and solution areas, including as financial services, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and application migration. 

Their comprehensive understanding helps you to capitalise on the business benefits of the AWS Cloud.

Customers may find and acquire professional services from independent vendors in the AWS Marketplace, which can help with assessing, implementing, administering, supporting, and training third-party software that runs on AWS or native AWS services. 

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Amazon Influencer Program

Amazon Influencer Program gives you the materials you need to identify the best Amazon products and services. 

They can easily recommend them to your followers, and earn money when people make qualifying purchases as an Amazon Influencer. 

You can also entice consumers to browse Amazon’s millions of goods by curating your page on the platform, where you may publish videos, photographs, and livestreams.

If you are selected for the scheme, you may also be eligible for features on the Amazon website.

Utilizing these options to communicate with Amazon customers and monetize your content is now easier than ever.

Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising, like Google’s pay-per-click adverts, rewards merchants only when users click on their advertisements (regardless of whether or not the item sells).

Amazon’s advertising section is rapidly increasing, particularly as the company’s product offerings extend across its ecosystem. 

Thanks to Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform), sellers can now target audiences and buy display and video advertising at scale programmatically on, Fire TV Sticks,, Kindles, Freedive, applications, and third-party websites, apps, and platforms.


To launch a prosperous Amazon good-selling business in Kenya, much study, strategic planning, and perseverance are necessary. 

With the appropriate strategy in place, you can capitalize on e-commerce’s enormous potential and establish a lucrative firm that serves clients not only in Kenya but all over the world.

Especially now that Kenya is being pressed to expand exports to bolster its economy. We can export a wide range of items as a country, and individual exporters may benefit handsomely from them.

Additionally, be persistent and patient as you negotiate Amazon’s ever-changing online entrepreneurial marketplace. 

It’s also a good idea to get extra information from financial and business consultants, as well as to perform further in-depth research. People must visit the Amazon Seller Centre for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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