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How to Find the Right Niche for Your WordPress Blog in Kenya

Last updated on January 15th, 2024 at 03:17 pm

What Is a Niche? 

A niche is a specialized market segment for a particular product or service type. A blog niche is therefore, a specific narrow topic or subject area that a blogger’s content focuses on.

Think of it as a topic that a blogger chooses to specialize on. For instance, when you are sick you go to the hospital but the health issue you have determines the medical specialist you will go to. 

If you have an issue with your teeth you will go to a dentist and the same applies to blogs. A niche blog only focuses on a specific subject.

Some of these niches include lifestyle, healthy food, traveling, celebrity gossip, fashion,  finance, and car reviews. A blogger can have the knowledge to write on many other topics, but they choose to limit their blog to a certain type of content.

This article will discuss how to find the right niche for your WordPress blog in Kenya. So if you are trying to find a niche for your WordPress blog in Kenya, you came to the right place.

Benefits of Having a Niche 

Your WordPress blog needs a niche not unless you have the capital to take on huge generic brands. Below are some of the benefits of having a Niche.

You get a well-defined target Audience

If you have a niche for your WordPress blog, your content will cater to a specific segment of the audience. Having a niche makes it easier for you to know your audience and easily target them on social media platforms too.

It becomes easier to set up and add content to your blog.

Having a niche makes topic selection easier since you know what type of content your audience will be expecting. This also makes the overall design of your website easier and more convenient for readers to go through your content.

Brainstorming is very easy when you have a niche since your prime focus is on a single topic. This makes it easier to cover all facets of that topic. You can write all types of information like pros and cons, product reviews and expert opinions, or any type of content surrounding your blog’s topic.

You get a reliable Audience

Let’s assume you are looking for the best cookware through the internet, and you come across a blog with that content but with other unrelated topics, will you subscribe to it?

I bet your answer is no. high chances are that you will just check for what you came there for and leave. Now, think of another article with the content you were looking for and more related content. would you consider coming back when in need of similar content? most probably yes. 

Take another scenario where you are looking for some travel ideas for the holidays then you happen to come across this blog that writes all about traveling ideas in different parts of the world or maybe just in Kenya. You will want to subscribe for future use right? 

This is exactly why having a niche gets you a reliable audience. The fact that you are providing them with valuable content on a particular topic they are interested in makes the difference. People who visit your blog are more likely to come back in the future for any information related to the topic.

Having a niche for your WordPress blog helps you gain the trust of your audience since they feel like you understand their needs well and produce content that is relevant to them.  Having a reliable audience leads to attracting more traffic to your blog.

Better SEO Ranking

Search engines love niche blogs because they are more authentic than lifestyle blogs. Niche blogs contain information on a specific topic that is valuable to the reader and a type of content that is searched often.

Finding the Right Niche for Your WordPress Blog in Kenya 

A. Consider Your Interests and Expertise 

Knowing your interests and your area of expertise is very crucial.  Analyze your interests by asking yourself questions like what you like doing in your free time, or what you enjoy learning about.

Working on something you enjoy is easier and more motivating than being stuck where you don’t have interests. Find that particular skill that makes you stand out and build your WordPress blog it.

This should be the very first step when finding the right niche for your WordPress blog in Kenya. Writing can get boring with time and the only thing that is going to keep you motivated and focus is your passion for that particular niche.

Without passion, it is so easy to lose interest and abandon your WordPress blog.

B. Analyze the Competition 

You don’t what to get into a certain niche blindly. Just like businesses have to check the competition in the market, you will also need to take notes on what else is out there to help with your strategies or branding and content.

The best way to analyze your competition is by searching for some of the keywords related to that niche to see which sites appear on the first page.

The search will tell you either of the three things below

  1. There are already several well-known sites ranking for that keyword. This might mean the niche is oversaturated and it may be better to find another niche that is unique and not so popular.
  2. No sites are ranking for that particular keyword. This can mean that there are many opportunities or that others have already discovered the niche has no market.
  3. There are some sites ranking for that keyword but they are smaller or low quality. This is a good sign that the niche is worth pursuing. This means the niche is marketable and the competition is not harsh.

As much as you have to check what your competitors are doing, you will also need to keep your work original and unique.

C. Identify the Potential Audience 

One important thing to understand is that not everyone will consume your content and that is very much ok. What matters is finding the right audience instead of trying to reach everyone.

You have to know who your audience is and where you are going to find them not forgetting what they are more likely to be searching for on their browsers. Always remember that most of the content you write should be guided by what your potential audience searches on their browser.

Attracting people who love and appreciate your content can help you build brand loyalty and a profitable WordPress blog in Kenya.

D. Make Sure It’s Profitable.

Only a small number of Kenyan bloggers do it for fun. Most bloggers do it for money. Finding the right niche for your WordPress blog in Kenya can be tricky especially when it comes to how profitable a certain niche is.

To avoid being frustrated, it is important to dig deep and know how profitable a certain niche is before making any decision. Search for the same keywords you used when analyzing your competition and see if any of them shows at least 10,00 searches per month.

If some of the keywords have a good number of searches per month, then that indicates that the niche is profitable. Google trends can also help you see trending topics.

Here is a list of some of the most profitable niches in Kenya

  • Health and Fitness
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Technology
  • Internet Marketing
  • Travel 
  • Cooking and recipes
  • Personal Finance

Researching and Validating the Niche 

A. Gather Information About the Niche 

After identifying a certain niche, you will need to gather more information about it. One of the best ways to get the information you need is by attending forums related to that niche, and joining Facebook groups and also subreddits.

You can use tools like Redditlist to check which sub-niches are in that niche and what you might want to pursue on your WordPress blog. You can dip deeper by visiting these subreddits, niche groups, and forums to see which topics or questions come up regularly.

Gathering all this information can help you define your niche further. For instance, if you have selected a freelance writing niche, you can define it further by choosing a freelance digital marketing writer. 

This can also help you develop additional blog topic ideas for the future.

B. Validate the Potential Audience 

The research on your potential audience is not enough to prove that you chose the right niche for your WordPress Blog in Kenya. Therefore testing it in real-time can help validate your potential audience and whether that is the right niche.

This can be done by creating a landing page promoting a free info product related to your niche. This can be done through the use of a tool like Leadpages. The next step would be driving traffic to the landing page using AdWords.

This will help tell how much interest there is in that particular niche in traffic and downloads. However, if you get more traffic through AdWords but fewer conversions, there is a possibility that your landing page copy has an issue and not the niche.

Preparing Your Niche 

A. Choose Your Niche’s Focus 

Choosing your niche focus is not like closing your eyes and picking a paper from a box. You must carefully analyze your options using the steps we discussed in section II and section III of this article.

By the end of the process, you should have a clear indication of the scope, competition, and profitability for each niche on your list. You will have a winning niche from your options which should be the right niche for your WordPress blog in Kenya. 

Lastly, to succeed in your niche and be sure you chose the right niche, it should be in line with the following. 

  1. The niche is profitable – if the niche you choose does not have many searches then you might not be able to make good money from it.
  1. You can enjoy writing on that topic year after year– blogging is a daily thing and if you cannot motivate yourself then you might end up doing nothing at the end of the day.
  1. You have more than enough topics to write about–  your blog needs to have a lot of content so you have to make sure you choose a niche with enough topics.
  2. The niche is not too narrow– it makes it hard to generate enough blog traffic or even build enough target audiences.
  3. The niche is not based on trendy topics which die out fast.
  4. It’s a niche you can be proud of and talk about freely without feeling embarrassed.

B. Set Up Your WordPress Blog in Kenya

After you have chosen your niche focus, the last step will be setting up your WordPress blog.

There are three things you will need to create a WordPress blog in Kenya.

The first one is a domain name idea which will be the name of your blog.

Then a web hosting account where your website will live on the internet, and lastly, 30 minutes to start your WordPress Blog.

Now that you have found the right niche for your WordPress blog in Kenya, let’s talk briefly about how to set up your WordPress Blog.

How to create your WordPress Blog

  • Sign up for web hosting in Kenya (go here to get hosting.)
  • Pick a domain name for your blog
  • Install free WordPress blog software
  • Do keyword research to find topics within your niche
  • Log in and write your first blog post.
  • Change the design of your blog by picking a theme
  • Install some of the essential plugins.
  • Add Google Analytics.

Don’t forget to market your blog.

WordPress is an excellent solution for how to start a blog in Kenya. Read more on how to set up your WordPress Blog here.


As much as finding the right niche for your WordPress Blog is important, there is no perfect process for finding the right niche. Focusing too much on getting everything right might keep you stuck and you won’t be able to get started with your WordPress blog. 

Just pick the best option (according to the analysis you did above) from your list, narrow it down and combine it with something related to it, and just get started. Remember that your WordPress blog should not be too narrow and neither should it be too wide.

At this point, I hope the article has helped you decide on the right niche for your WordPress blog in Kenya. Good luck as you start your Journey as a blogger in Kenya.


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