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How To Make Shopify Stores Profitable in Kenya

Last updated on June 16th, 2023 at 11:53 am

In this blog post, we are going to discuss how to make shopify store profitable in Kenya, what it takes for an online retail store, whether that be on Shopify or not, to make a profit.

But before that, let us recap quickly on how to create a Shopify store in Kenya;

Follow these steps;

  1. Sign up for a Shopify account 
  2. Find products to sell in your store 
  3. Design your store’s look and feel 
  4. Add products to the store, including pictures, descriptions, and prices 
  5. Promote your store online through social media channels like Facebook or Pinterest 
  6. Collecting payments and shipping products to customers

Once you have followed these steps, use the following tips to make your Shopify store profitable in Kenya.

#1. Sell what people want

The first thing to note is the importance of having a product that people actually want. 

This may seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning up front because there are so many online stores out there with products no one wants or needs. 

And if this sounds like your store, then you need to re-evaluate what you offer and who your target audience is. 

Additionally, just because someone makes an order doesn’t mean that they will buy again in the future; make sure you have a system for retaining customers through email marketing and other means so they can continue buying from your store well into the future.

#2. Price

The second factor is price. 

This one might seem counterintuitive to some, but it’s true that you should charge a higher price for your products in order to make more profit and maintain healthy margins. 

Make sure there are benefits for the buyer as well; offer discounts on shipping or free gifts with purchase so they feel like they got something out of their purchase and will continue shopping from your store again in the future.

#3. Use efficient payment methods

Third, remember who your customer is going to be: an online shopper who wants convenience and low prices. 

If this sounds like them then think about whether you can deliver those things by using efficient payment methods such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, etc., staying open until late at night Eastern time if people want items delivered before bedtime, and not charging for shipping.

#4. Use social media ads

Consider using social media ads like Facebook ads in Kenya to drive more sales.

With these ads, you can laser target your potential customers and create a message that will resonate with them, increasing the chances of making a sale.

Better part?

You can employ retargeting to increase the number of those making orders, this ensures that your Shopify store is profitable.

#5. Upselling and cross-selling

Up-selling is suggesting a more expensive product or service to a buyer who has shown interest while cross-selling is selling additional products to customers.

By employing these sales strategies, you improve customer lifetime value (CLV), thus making your Shopify store profitable in Kenya.

#6. Build an email list

You can deploy email marketing in Kenya to increase your Shopify store sales in Kenya.

By having a list, you can easily reach out to your potential buyers whenever you have offers, discounts, and other deals.

This works because the list contains people who have shown interest in your products.

#7. Work with influencers

Influencers in Kenya are social celebs who command the attention of a huge number of people on social media.

If you can strike a deal with them to endorse your products, you will have a higher chance of reaching potential buyers.

The secret is to work with an influencer within your industry.

For example;

If you have a fashion Shopify store, work with fashion influencers in Kenya.

#8. Your costs

The fourth factor is your own costs. These are the things that you have to spend money on in order to run a store, from having an online presence and website up and running so people can find it all the way down to buying new products for it when necessary. This should be accounted for in any pricing strategy you have; if your costs are high then even a small margin might not be enough for there to be an overall profit.

Finally, when it comes to making money from online retail stores, the key is in understanding how all of these factors fit together and work with each other. No one factor can provide success on its own so make sure that you take into account all four elements we’ve discussed here today!

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