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How Long Does Alibaba Take To Ship To Kenya?

Are you planning to import products from Alibaba to Kenya but are concerned about the shipping time? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. When it comes to importing items from China, Alibaba is a popular platform among Kenyan businesses. However, delivery time becomes a concern. In this post, we will cover everything you need to know before placing an order from Alibaba to Kenya. We cover the essentials, including how long it takes Alibaba to deliver to Kenya.

Alibaba’s Global Significance

With more than 20 years of existence, Alibaba is a well-known Chinese e-commerce powerhouse. With a big dedicated consumer base, the company’s reach extends far beyond China, and into places such as Africa. This opens up numerous possible clients to interact with.

Alibaba’s endeavor to bring a unique Chinese digital economic model to Africa illustrates its commitment to increasing its global reach and influence. This smart step not only expands access to China’s vast markets but also ushers in a new era of digital trade in Africa.

Alibaba, known for its high-quality items and excellent customer service, continues to uphold its reputation in the competitive e-commerce industry.

Shipping Options from Alibaba to Kenya 

When importing items from Alibaba to Kenya, understanding the various shipping options available as well as their normal shipment timeline is critical for effective planning and client expectation management. The following information describes the various shipping methods to Kenya, along with projected delivery times:

a). Air Freight From China to Kenya

Air freight from China to Kenya is gaining popularity due to its speed and ease. Air freight is more expensive than sea transportation, but it is a faster option for urgent deliveries. Businesses might benefit from a reputable goods forwarder in China to avoid delays and damage during delivery.

How long does air freight take from China to Kenya?

Standard air freight from China to Kenya normally takes 8-10 days to arrive. However, express delivery courier providers might have the goods delivered within a few days.

Key important things to consider when shipping air cargo 

When shipping air cargo from China to Kenya, it’s important to consider a few key things. 

After finalizing the air freight transport arrangements, you will be required to submit the cargo specifics such as weight and dimensions. Once the flight schedule is confirmed, the Chinese freight forwarder will furnish you with the departure time and essential details for your shipment.

The air freight cargo must be appropriately packed to comply with the airline’s regulations, with packing methods varying depending on the type of goods being shipped. 

For delicate items, ensure that a fragile label is securely attached to the outer packaging. Moreover, avoid adding any extraneous markings on the packaging, apart from the necessary address label.

b). Sea Freight 

Shipping goods from China to Kenya via sea freight is the most cost-effective method. Opting for sea freight is much more economical when transporting large or bulky items.

There are two main options for ocean freight: Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than a Container Load (LCL) shipping.

When choosing FCL shipping, you will need to reserve an entire container (either 20ft or 40ft) for your goods, which makes it the most budget-friendly choice for larger shipments. This option is particularly suitable for businesses looking to ship a considerable quantity of goods, benefitting from economies of scale.

On the other hand, LCL shipping allows you to pay only for the space your goods occupy within a container, making it a great option for small businesses and individuals with smaller quantities of goods to ship. A freight forwarder will consolidate multiple shipments into one container for LCL shipping, which is then sent to Kenya.

The approximate transit time for sea shipping from China to Kenya is around 22-24 days for port-to-port shipping and about 30 to 35 days for door-to-door shipping.

c). Express Shipping 

Express shipments mean using courier services to deliver your package. It is most commonly utilized from China to Kenya. It is faster, easier, and more cost-effective than air or sea freight. Express shipping eliminates the need to pay duty or clear customs.

International couriers, like DHL, UPS, or TNT, offer faster and more reliable service than mail. Express shipping is typically the most cost-effective choice for parcels or small shipments weighing up to 150 kg, at a cost of around $4.5 per kilogram. However, be wary because certain couriers may charge much higher prices to non-registered consumers.

The full operation takes three to five days. It is more speedier yet the most expensive method of shipping products. These organizations typically transport paperwork and small goods. 

Such parcels, which require little or no customs clearance, can arrive at their destination on the third day after dispatch. If the delivery contains things that require customs, 1-2 days may be added.

d). Delivery Service from China to Kenya to your Doorstep

When it comes to international shipments, whether it’s DAP or DDP, you can rely on door-to-door delivery services to get your goods safely to your destination in Kenya. There are typically two main types of door-to-door delivery: trucking delivery and express-door delivery.

Trucking delivery involves transporting your items by truck directly from the point of origin to your doorstep. This method is commonly used and usually takes around 1 to 2 days for the goods to reach you. While it may be more cost-effective than express services, it is still more expensive compared to ground services.

For DDP shipping from China to Kenya, you have various options such as sea freight, road freight, rail freight, or air freight. To facilitate the process, you will need to provide specific documents to your Chinese supplier for customs purposes.

With DDP Shipping, the recipient can expect the goods to be delivered directly to their doorstep without incurring any additional fees. The recipient must be available at the designated address to receive and sign for the delivery. The shipping company assumes responsibility for any damages or losses that may occur during transportation. DDP Shipping is a secure and hassle-free way to ensure your goods reach their destination in Kenya without the need for third-party involvement.

e). Shipping from China to Kenya via Ali Express

Ali Express is a division of Ali Express is the retail trading arm of It has quickly established itself. Ali Express sells practically everything at low prices. 

They deliver anywhere in the world, and your package will normally arrive in two weeks. They accept credit cards and other forms of digital payment. Ali Express also delivers to Kenya, and the African nation uses the service to purchase a variety of things.

Choosing the Right Shipping Method

Choosing the appropriate shipping method is essential when managing the shipment of goods from Alibaba. The shipping method you opt for will have an impact on the overall expenses, delivery speed, and protection of your items. Below are some key aspects to take into account while deciding on the suitable shipping method:

✔Product Details

The specifics of your item, including its dimensions, weight, and fragility, will determine the most suitable shipping method for you. For instance, if you are dealing with small, lightweight goods that require swift delivery, air freight would be the preferred choice. Conversely, sea freight is more appropriate for larger, heavier products that do not have strict time constraints.

✔Financial Plan

Shipping expenses can fluctuate significantly based on the shipping method you select. If you are working within a limited budget, opting for the most economical shipping method available would be advisable. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the least expensive option might not always guarantee the most dependable or secure delivery.


The proximity between the supplier and your location will also influence your decision on the suitable shipping method. For shorter distances, ground shipping could be the most cost-efficient solution, whereas air or sea freight might be more suitable for longer distances.

✔Transportation Expenses

The costs associated with shipping are a substantial part of the overall expenditure when bringing in products from Alibaba. Conducting a thorough comparison of shipping fees across various methods and carriers is crucial in securing the most favorable deal. Remember that shipping expenses might vary depending on both the actual weight and the dimensional weight of your items.

Factors impacting shipment duration to Kenya.

When shipping from Alibaba to Kenya, a variety of factors can influence how long it takes for your items to arrive. Understanding these aspects is critical for good expectation management and logistics planning.

#1. Shipping method selected. 

Alibaba has a variety of shipping choices, including express delivery services such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS, which are speedier but more expensive. Sea freight is a more cost-effective option, although it may take longer due to transit time and customs clearance procedures.

#2: Unexpected incidents. 

Weather and external factors, such as natural catastrophes or instability in politics, can both disrupt and cause delays in shipping timetables. While some elements may be beyond your control, remaining aware and collaborating with your logistics provider can help you avoid potential problems.

#3. The shipment’s origin and specific route. 

Distance, transportation infrastructure, and probable layovers or transshipments all have an impact on overall transit time.

#4. Customs processes and regulations.

Delays may occur if your package is held up at customs for inspection or if there are issues with the documentation. Making sure all necessary paperwork is in place and following import restrictions might assist speed up the customs clearance procedure.

Customs Clearance and Regulations

When importing goods from China to Kenya, it is critical to follow customs regulations and procedures. Importers must ensure that their items comply with all applicable rules and regulations, as well as provide the necessary documentation for customs clearance.

Some of the important documents needed for customs clearance are:

✔Bill of lading.

✔Commercial Invoice

✔Packing list

✔Declaration of Single Goods and Services Certificate

✔combined certificate of value and origin.

✔Proof of payment from Kenya’s central bank

Failure to follow customs procedures or produce required documentation may result in delays, fines, or the confiscation of goods.

In Conclusion 

We’ve looked at Alibaba’s shipping method and how long it takes for goods to arrive in Kenya. Understanding the numerous aspects that determine shipment times, such as shipping method, customs clearance, and transportation logistics, will help you plan and manage your orders more efficiently. 

Remember to communicate efficiently with your supplier, track your shipments carefully, and account for any potential delays to guarantee a smooth and timely delivery process. We hope this post has provided useful information and direction for your future Alibaba shipping to Kenya.

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