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Forget Shopify In Kenya: 7 Replacements You Need to Jump On

When it comes to e-commerce platforms, Shopify is unquestionably one of the best. 

It has a large user base, plenty of features for both beginners and advanced users, and an extensive selection of themes. 

But what if you want something more? 

What if you need access to more payment gateways or require a White Label solution?

If that sounds like something you might be interested in, then read on! 

In this blog post, we will explore 7 Shopify alternatives that are just as good but offer no limits on what’s possible.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a hosted e-commerce platform in Kenya that allows you to easily start, run and scale your online store. 

Shopify offers an extensive amount of features out-of-the-box including product management tools, payment processing options via 80+ gateways worldwide, built-in SEO solutions for better organic search results and many more. 

In fact, there is nothing too difficult to do on a Shopify website in Kenya as long as you have the right theme installed. 

This makes it perfect for beginners who want to build their own online store without any coding knowledge or experience with web design because all they need to know can be learned from within the dashboard itself using help guides and documentation.

What does this mean? 

This means that if someone wanted access to more payment gateways or require a White Label solution, then they can simply choose not to use Shopify.

What are the alternatives? 

When it comes down to choosing which is the best e-commerce platform for you, here’s an overview of some alternative options: 

a). BigCommerce 

BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform in Kenya that is highly recommended for beginners. 

This comes with a large range of features and has the most user-friendly interface out there, just like Shopify.

b). Magento

A free open-source solution that allows you to create an online store without any restrictions or limits on what is possible. 

You can manage products, inventory, customers, and orders all from within this single dashboard.

This means that it is perfect for more advanced users who want complete control over their website at all times (which often means coding knowledge/experience is required). 

Although not as many payment gateways are supported compared to other alternatives such as BigCommerce and Shopify Plus*, support for PayPal Standard was recently added in August 2018 which covers 80%+ of global sales.

c). BigCommerce Enterprise

For those who require a White Label solution, then this is one of the best Shopify alternatives in Kenya that offers an excellent service. 

It runs on the same platform as your public store but you are able to edit and design it however you want (including custom domains) which makes it perfect for agencies or large-scale businesses with multiple stores acting under their brand name.

d). Shopify Plus 

The enterprise version of Shopify’s e-commerce plan meaning if someone wanted access to more payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, and Braintree and don’t mind paying $2000+ per month in addition to having all customers data completely hosted externally away from their own servers, then perhaps would be worth checking out.

e). Wix 

Primarily a website builder and not an e-commerce platform but it allows you to add products to your store without any coding knowledge which makes it perfect for beginners.

f). Volusion 

Haven’t heard of this company before? 

It is another hosted solution like Shopify that comes with some great features such as unlimited hosting, SSL certificates (i.e.: secure checkout) plus lots more! 

This also offers global shipping support meaning if someone wanted access to even more payment gateways then they can easily do so by activating their API key or using pre-built extensions/plugins from within the dashboard itself (same goes for BigCommerce & Shopify Plus). 

However, every transaction made is completely transparent unlike other alternatives above where only certain data is visible thus no customization is possible.

g). Woocommerce 

This is an open-source solution that was originally developed for WordPress but can be used on other websites too. 

You have full control over your store however you cannot alter or edit how it looks like when someone visits (which means basic HTML/CSS knowledge is required). 

It also requires the use of plugins in order to add certain features onto your website which makes it difficult for beginners who don’t understand what they are doing if something goes wrong with their installation process.


You may not have heard about OLITT, it is one of the best and most intuitive website builders out there.

With it, you can create any kind of website without worrying about money or coding skills.

Comes loaded with goodies perfect for starting an online store in Kenya fast.

For example;

  • Collect payments on your Landing Pages and Websites using ready-made Stripe and Paypal Payment Integrations.
  • Connect custom domain even if using the free plan
  • Manage your Domain Names Records from a secure DNS Management Platform for free.
  • Get access to SEO tools needed to put your new eCommerce website in Kenya on the web.
  • A ton of designer-made templates, making it easy to find the perfect one for your new project.

AND unlike most of these other Shopify alternatives in Kenya, OLITT has a team of experts on standby 24/7/365.

Final thoughts on the best Shopify alternatives in Kenya?

Shopify is certainly one of the best eCommerce platforms you can choose for hosting your store and if that sounds like something that might be right for you, then we highly recommend giving it a go. 

However, switching to any alternative will require some design changes which in most cases may not need to happen at all because Shopify really does give users access to everything they could possibly need out-of-the-box (so long as someone has purchased the right theme). 

If however there are specific features or services required by your business such as White Label branding capabilities or more payment gateways that aren’t currently supported on Shopify, then these alternatives will definitely meet everyone’s needs including yours!

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