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Here Are Web Hosting Prices in Kenya (Table)

Are you looking for web hosting prices in Kenya?

In this article, I will walk you through the costs of hosting a website in Kenya, using Truehost as an example. 

Towards the end, I will sample other providers in the industry so you can have a better view of the matter.

First, what do you need to host a website?

Web hosting requirements

1) Domain name – without a domain name, you do not have a website. It is that simple. A domain name is a web address people will use to access your website

2) Hosting account – once you have a domain, you need a place to store the files (articles, images, and other media), that’s where a hosting account comes in. Often, it has storage space which can be higher or lower depending on the package.

With that said, let’s look at the price of a domain name in Kenya.

Domain name prices in Kenya

The price of a domain name in Kenya is affected by a number of factors such as the registrar where some companies charge more or less than others. Also, the type of extension matters (some costs more than others).

For example:

A .com domain costs more than a co.ke extension.

Here are the prices of the top 5 popular domain name in Kenya:

  • .com domain – KES 850
  • .co.ke domain – KES 499
  • .net domain – KES 1200 
  • .org domain – KES 899
  • .info domain – KES 300

Among the cheapest domain names is .xyz going for KES 100. Others include .icu, .buzz, and .monster.

As you can see, with just KES 1K, you can have a website name in no time. And remember, all these examples are based on Truehost’s domain name prices. Also, there is no guarantee that this pricing will remain the same.

With that said, let’s look at the cost of hosting a website in Kenya.

Web hosting prices in Kenya

The cost of hosting a website in Kenya varies from one provider to the other. On average, expect to pay between KES 1500 and 2K to host up to 3 websites, with storage of between 30 GB to 40 GB.


Because of competition of course. Due to the number of hosting companies in the market, the race of winning the client begins with who offers the cheapest services.

While this may sound like an effective strategy, it is shortlived. Soon, it will come back to bite. As such, I’d recommend you avoid making purchase decisions based on pricing exclusively.


As they say, cheap is expensive. First, consider the value you are getting. The last thing you want is paying a fraction of the costs and never using the service due to technical hitches gripping the systems.

Free web hosting in Kenya

Truehost has one of the most affordable web hosting packages in Kenya. With 5 packages to choose from, we even have a free hosting option that supports only one website.


Free web hosting in Kenya is available. You don’t have to pay anything.

Also, free packages come with:

  • 1 GB storage 
  • 1 GB bandwidth per month
  • 1 email account among other goodies.

Now, looking at it, you can instantly conclude that this package is perfect for those just starting their online journey. And to get it, all you have to do is buy a domain name.

You can also learn how to create a free website in Kenya.

Premium hosting packages in Kenya

Here is a table showing the prices of web hosting packages in Kenya.


Silver Hosting Gold Hosting Platinum Hosting Unlimited Hosting
Prices per year (KES) 1499 3499 9499 14,499
Features Host up to 3 websites, unlimited email accounts, and 30 GB SSD storage. Hosts up to 30 websites with unlimited email accounts. 50 GB SSD storage. Unlimited websites and unlimited email accounts with 90GB SSD storage Everything unlimited


As promised, here are what other web hosting providers offer.

What others offer

Kenya Web Experts – cheapest one going for KES 2100 per year. Comes with 30 GB disk space, and throttled the bandwidth of up to 300GB


Hostpinnacle: Cheapest plan at KES 1500 featuring 35GB disk space, unlimited email accounts, etc.


WebHostsKenya: cheapest package at KES 2100. Comes with 30GB disk space and 300GB bandwidth per month.


What to do next

Now that you understand the prices of web hosting in Kenya, how about we get you started ASAP?

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