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Here is The Best And Free Website Builder in Kenya

Looking for a Website Builder in Kenya?

Did you know that it takes about 50 milliseconds (close to 0.05 seconds) for a visitor to determine whether they like your website or not? Yes, it sounds crazy but it is true. You need 0.05 seconds to convince a user to stay or leave or your website.

As much as we are being cautioned against ‘judging the book by its cover,’ websites today more than ever, are in the receiving end of a rather extreme level of snap judgments that instantly earns or denies them credibility based on perception.

What is the solution?

Your only hope is to create eye-catchy websites with clean and professional designs. The site should load faster and be secure if you are to survive in this jungle.

Presenting OLITT.com

This is a website builder designed with you in mind. It is true, having a clean and professional website is a luxury some of us cannot afford.

Considering you may have no choice but to dig into the code and start messing things up, or do you?

What happens if you have no idea what you are doing?

Could things go from good to worse, say you break your site?

That is where Olitt comes in.

You don’t need any prior web design skills, all you need is understand how to move your mouse around.

How does Olitt website builder in Kenya work?

Who knew designing a website would come down to only four simple steps.

  1. Give your new website a name
  2. Pick a template according to your industry (niche)
  3. Start editing (adding images, changing texts)
  4. Hit publish

That is it. Here is a demo website created Using Olitt https://mynewwebsite-1048.olitt.com/.

OLITT Features and Value

Olitt comes with the following features:

  • Custom domains – cheapest domain names in the market
  • Free SSL certificate for a secure site
  • Stunning website templates (hundreds of them)
  • Edge websites
  • Prebuilt integrations like payment gateways or use custom code
  • Free CDN
  • Free Web hosting
  • Drag and drop feature

These and much more.


They have three plans; one free and two premium plans.

a)   Free plan

Pay $0.00 per month and get access to pre-build websites. Also comes with a free SSL certificate, ability to connect a custom domain. Other features include:

  • Olitt branding
  • Free domain (.olitt.com)
  • SEO resources

Among others. It is possible to create a free website in Kenya.

b)   Professional Plan

For the cost of one cup of coffee, $5 billed monthly, remove Olitt branding, and gives you an option of free Olitt.com domain and connecting custom one.

Additionally, you have 1 GB disk space and the ability to integrate various tools like Google Analytics, HotJar, Tawk.to, among others.

c)     Business plan

With a small fee of $10 per month, you have a whopping 5 GB disk space, 1 domain yours for life, host up to 5 websites, and the ability to integrate tens of tools

For more information, check free Website Builder in Kenya Olitt.com 


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